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Marvin Otsuji

Sport: Outrigger Canoe/Deepwater
Hometown: Ho'oleihua, Moloka'I, Hawaii
Currently: Kalaheo, Hawaii

Having spent his entire life on the water, Marvin Otsuji possesses a wealth of ocean experience that has made him the winningest captain in the history of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association (HSCA). A dedicated coach and a natural athlete, Marvin is the only sailing captain to have participated in all 26 years of HSCA’s existence. Recently, Marvin and his crew won the HSCA Sailing Series for the 16th year in a row.

Marvin Otsuji - Outrigger Canoe/DeepwaterMarvin Otsuji was born on Moloka'i and grew up on O'ahu, always with the ocean as an integral force in his life. He is a natural athlete— he went to college at UCSB on a baseball scholarship and returned to Hawai'i to be the tennis pro at Kaua'i’s Island Holidays Waiohae Resort. Besides surfing and windsurfing, he was also an avid motorbike and car racer.

It was 1983 when he first attached a mast to his twenty-two-foot surfing canoe. Marvin continues to appreciate the peace and balance he unfailingly finds at the wind line. He describes a kind of immeasurable satisfaction that comes from jumping in a canoe and sailing out to sea, destined for another island. “When I get in the canoe,” he says, “I leave land stuff behind.”

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Career Highlights:

  • Captain of sailing canoe Kamakakoa and Kamakani Eleu, 1987-present
  • Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association (HSCA) Hawaiian Sailing Series champion, 1997-present
  • Only sailing captain that has participated in all 26 years of HSCA existence
  • Winner of Mark Brewer Waterman Award 2009
  • Won 2010 Ka'anapali-to-Hale o Lono run
  • Won over 100 different sailing canoe events
  • Current sponsors: Olukai, Maui Jim, Hydro Flask, GoPro
  • Currently executive board member of the Poipu Beach Resort Association, Hawaiian Island Recreation Scuba Association, Lawai Kai Advisory Committee, Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Advisory Board, Kukuiula Canoe Club Advisory Board

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