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Ryan Palo

Sport: Rock Climbing
Hometown: West Linn, OR
Currently: Bend, OR

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Oregon native Ryan Palo feels at home on the microscopic crimpers of his home crag, Smith Rock, where in May 2012, he became the first local to redpoint America’s first 5.14c route, Just Do It. Beyond Smith Rock, Ryan is a well-rounded climber who has consistently climbed 5.14 routes across the U.S at places like Rifle Mountain Park, CO, Red River Gorge, KY, and Maple Canyon, UT.

Ryan started climbing as a college student at Oregon State University and now has 10 years of experience and over 50 first ascents to his name, most of which are rated at 5.12 or greater. Predominantly a sport climber, Ryan is no stranger to long routes and short, savage boulder problems. When he’s not training for a trip or an objective, Ryan enjoys developing new routes & exploring new climbing areas.

Ryan Palo - Climbing AmbassadorIn addition to climbing, Ryan loves to shred single-track on his mountain bike around Bend, snowboard at Mt. Bachelor and watch cat videos on YouTube. He loves cats!

Notable Ascents:

  • Starvation Fruit, 5.14b  (Smith Rock, October 2013)
  • Just Do It, 5.14c  (Smith Rock, May 2012)
  • Transworld Depravity, 5.14a  (Red River Gorge, KY, Nov 2011)
  • Sure Shot, 5.14b  (Smith Rock, Oct 2011) (First Ascent)
  • Shoot'em Up, 5.14b  (Smith Rock, June 2011)
  • The Big R, 5.14a  (Smith Rock, March 2011)
  • To Bolt or Not to Be, 5.14a  (Smith Rock, Jan 2011)
  • T-Rex, 5.14b  (Maple Canyon, UT, Aug 2010)
  • Living The Dream, 5.14a  (Rifle, CO, July 2010)
  • Chemical Ali, 5.14a  (Smith Rock, May 2010)

Notable Onsights:

  • Angry Birds, 5.13c  (Red River Gorge, KY)
  • Pushing Up Daisies, 5.13c  (Red River Gorge, KY)
  • Spray-a-thon, 5.13c  (Rifle, CO)
  • Blue Light Special, 5.13b  (Ten Sleep, WY)
  • Dances with Cows, 5.13b  (Ten Sleep, WY)
  • Time's Up 5.13a/b  (Smith Rock, OR)
  • Dirty Smelly Hippy, 5.13b  (Red River Gorge, KY)

Ryan's Top 5:

  • My trusty 40oz water bottle.
  • Great temps! That Goldilocks range from 45 - 55 degrees where you'd do anything to get to your project & send!
  • Kitties. They're awesome. Go watch a cat video or two.
  • Chalk. It keeps my hands dry. You can stop a finger from bleeding with it. You can use it to find a hidden/hard to see foot hold.
  • Road trips to new areas. Pouring over the guide book, picking out all the new routes I'd like to try. Putting together that perfect playlist of 1990s rap & one hit wonders. That moment you pull around the corner and finally see area. Meeting new & interesting climbers from across the globe. When that's not the case, enjoying the solitude. Punting, almost getting killed, and of course SENDING!

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