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5% Back - The Charitable Arm of Hydro Flask

We hydrate you with your favorite beverage, you hydrate us with a few of your hard earned dollars. Together we enhance life and earth.

Five Percent Back
Two young children hold a sign at a charity event.

Your Values. Your Choice. Our Commitment.

5% Back (formerly was created by Hydro Flask in 2009. Hydro Flask stands apart in their belief that great flasks and great causes can go hand-in-hand. They are strong believers in taking care of each other and the environment in which we live. Therefore, when Hydro Flask began in 2009, 5% Back started as well. Through 5% Back, Hydro Flask offers you an opportunity to give back to the greater community by choosing a charity to donate five percent of the net profit of your Hydro Flask purchase.

In preparation for donating, you will need to know the charity you would like to donate to as well as the serial number for your flask. You can find the serial number on the back side of the informational sleeve wrapped around your Hydro Flask. As for figuring out which charity you would like your donation to benefit, check out our charities in the righthand column.