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The Story Behind the Hydro Flask Logo

Performance for your everyday adventure.

What’s the personality behind the Hydro Flask logo? For us at Hydro Flask, our logo represents the happiness of life, a feeling of fun and a sense of adventure – whatever that adventure may be. From a trek in the Himalayas to an afternoon picnic under the sun in a downtown park, the Hydro Flask brand is about experiencing life and bringing out happiness in those around you.

Behind this freedom of exploration and enjoyment is also a deep focus on performance and quality hydration products.  When you see the Hydro Flask logo, you know that you’re coming across a premium product that’s built to be durable, meet – or exceed – expectations, and become that piece of gear that just isn’t a piece of gear anymore. It’s a beloved item that’s carried to work, to school, to the gym, to soccer practice, to the trails, golf course, yoga studio, beach and everywhere else you go. It quickly becomes the constant, dependable companion by your side. And the smile on the Hydro Flask logo’s face? Well, there’s little doubt that your side is where a Hydro Flask is happiest.

So grab your Hydro Flask and experience life through whatever your adventure may be. And be sure to share your story on the Hydro Flask community page!