Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle & Beer Growler - 64 oz

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Some products were simply destined for greatness. The 64 oz Hydro Flask Growler, the world's first vacuum insulated beer growler, is 64 ounces of pure, insulated joy.

Though designed principally to keep beer chilled, carbonated and optimally contained between destinations, the Hydro Flask Growler also doubles as a coffee carafe, lemonade stand and whatever else you may dream up along the way. The double wall vacuum insulation will keep liquids icy cold for up to 24 hours while hot liquids remain steaming hot for up to 12.

Double wall also means no condensation, so your Hydro Flask bottle will never sweat or perspire. Hydro Flask's 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous and rounded corners help eliminate bacteria buildup, as well as unwanted odors and flavors. The wide mouth is as easy to pour out as it is to pour in, and the BPA-free PP#5 flat cap is insulated to further protect your beverage from outside temperatures.

Hydro Flasks are made from recyclable materials and are backed by our lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you're getting the market's premium insulating beverage bottle.


  • Large (Wide Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Jack McCabe on 02/10/2015

5 Star Rating

Home Builder

64 oz. Hydro Flask is the best tool i have. Cold water all day. I have tried them all this is the best ever.

Posted by Julian Greig on 01/28/2015

5 Star Rating

10/10 Would buy again!

I have the 32oz. Wide worth and it's awesome! About to get more for just tea, and one for my girlfriend as well. I highly recommend this product for anyone whom likes to stay well hydrate throughout the day.

Posted by Erik on 01/26/2015

4 Star Rating

Works well

Pro tip: The first thing you should do is fill it with boiling water, wait a bit, and see if the outside is hot. If It is, it's defective and should be exchanged. If it's not hot on the outside, you know the vacuum is working. After verifying mine was functioning, I've found it works well! It's not magic, but it's way better than glass growlers. It's not as fragile as glass, no light gets in, and it doesn't need to be in a cooler to stay cold on the way home.

Posted by Douglas H on 01/06/2015

5 Star Rating

Best Flask Ever

I bought the 64oz Hydro Flask a couple of days ago, because I like to keep a cool drink beside my bed at night. Reading the specs on this flask, I knew I would like it, but I was blown away at the results when I used it. I put some cubed ice and water in it, and I knew it would last a while, but to my amazement, there was still ice in the flask 30-hours later. I would recommend this to travelers, construction workers, athletes, etc. Now that I've seen the results of the Hydro Flask, I cannot see myself buying any other flask if its not manufactured by Hydro Flask

Posted by Mav on 12/28/2014

1 Star Rating

Don't buy this for beer LEAKS

This flask may be great for regular liquid but DOES NOT WORK for carbonated drinks such as BEER. Hydro Flask should not be advertising this as a growler. Everyone who bought this for beer should be able to return it for a FULL REFUND.

Posted by Tim M. on 12/11/2014

5 Star Rating

Got mine on Amazon for only$35 Dollars

One day - three hr sale on Amazon's Daily deal. I didn't want to buy one - but @ $35 dollars I had no choice. I bought 10 for Christmas gifts.

Posted by ohoeylfs on 11/12/2014

1 Star Rating



Posted by steve on 11/06/2014

1 Star Rating

lost it's vacuum

I bought one 9 months ago..loved it kept water ice cold for almost two days...then this week it will not keep water cold 8 hours..I suspect it lost it's vacuum

Posted by Mike on 10/29/2014

5 Star Rating

Great product

I read all of the reviews on here and yes, there were some bad ones but I wasn't that worried about it. I have had my growler for 2 weeks now with the straw lid and I have had zero problems. I only use it for water so I can't say if it leaks or not with beer but it has fallen over, ridden with me in the bags of my motorcycle and tumbled off the couch a few times and it holds true. Keeps water cold all day long. I guess that the only problem I have is keeping it full throughout the day because i take it with me everywhere. I would recommend this product to anybody. Going to buy another one for my wife tomorrow

Posted by TESTER on 10/27/2014

4 Star Rating


We take ours on every trip

Posted by Jordan on 10/11/2014

5 Star Rating

I Love It!

I bought this and I love it! It keeps my water really cold all day long> I bought a straw lid for it and it works great! Couldn't be any happier with this product

Posted by Ron on 10/04/2014

3 Star Rating

Leaks! Not good for beer

I wanted to give this product one star but they have cleverly placed the picture of the flask over the rating choices so you can't choose less than three. After having to clean up the beer from the carpet of my car (not to mention it now smells like a brewery) I realized the growler is NOT GOOD FOR BEER! Carbonation and elevation change will cause it to leak, even with cranking the lid down extremely tight. Being based in Bend OR, home of many fantastic breweries, I expected better, especially considering the cost. Definitely do not recommend this overpriced made in China growler that doesn't even hold beer.

Posted by Micah on 10/01/2014

5 Star Rating


I have been searching for the last year trying to find a product that allows my drink to stay cold all day. Stumbled upon the HydroFlask and reluctantly spent the money for the 64 0z. I figured I would gamble one last time after having multiple other generic failures. One word… Obsessed! Filled half way with ice and water at 630am Monday, on Tuesday at 5pm I still had a little ice left. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it. Thanks for making such a rockin product!

Posted by Drew P. on 09/20/2014

4 Star Rating

Amazing Flask (Canteen, Bottle, etc)

On a recent military trip I came to know a lot of co-workers were using a hydro-flask. Not knowing what they were talking about I inquired and there were NO negative opinions about this thing. Went to base store and there was an extensive display setup along with cases sitting on the floor. I decided on the growler and have no negative opinions either. Maintains whatever liquid cold or hot for multiple hours. Some people are just negative, this thing works and works very well. Get yours today! I got mine!!

Posted by KENNEY NUCKOLS on 09/13/2014

5 Star Rating



Posted by Beast on 09/09/2014

5 Star Rating


It's da beast bottle. No can compare to other ones.

Posted by Steve on 09/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Unbeatable Ice!

I work as a motorcycle cop in Arizona. I have owned this 64 ounce monster for the last week and a half. Having this flask in my thin walled saddle bag of my Honda St1300 with the exhaust directly below,I was amazed. After a 116 degree day and direct sunlight on my saddle bag, for 15 hours, there was still ICE inside! I highly recommend Hydro Flask for anybody who needs to keep water cold in the worst, hot as hell, weather!

Posted by Joycelyn on 09/05/2014

1 Star Rating

doesn't hold its coldness

When I first starting using the hydroflask, it worked really well. The coldness held up for within the 24 hr. period, but now it doesn't keep it cold within the 24 hr. period. One day, I filled my hydroflask with some ice and water and within an hour time the ice was melted. I wouldn't pay the money to buy another one. They are so expensive.Lucky for me it was gift.

Posted by Steve on 09/04/2014

4 Star Rating

Great but no handle

The Hydroflask works amazing at keeping my beer cold but how the heck did they design this thing without a handle? You need 2 hands to pour this thing and a third hand to tilt the glass while pouring carbonated beverages. There is no neck to grip while trying to pour out the contents. I have fairly large hands and I still feel that I am going to drop the growler while trying to pour the liquid especially when full. I've had a few close calls with disaster trying to pour beer out of this. I would give this product 5 stars but it only receives 4 because the designers overlooked this blatantly obvious flaw. Start selling a pop on handle for this thing and I will buy it.

Posted by Inna on 09/01/2014

5 Star Rating

Love my flask!

I rarely write reviews, but it was stunning to see a large piece of ice still floating on the bottom of the flask (I wish I can post a picture of it) after the flask was seating on the counter overnight with the lid opened in the 100 degree room (AC was broken for two days in AZ). I purchased my 64oz flask about two years ago and it still looks like new. I absolutely love my 64oz flask and never leave the house without it. It is my best friend at my Bikram Yoga class. I use it with the flat cap as a thermos for my hot herbal tea and with the straw lid for cold coconut water/water.

Posted by Glenn Sveum on 08/22/2014

5 Star Rating

I use this every day.

This is the best growler on the market. Not only is it great for beer ;) but I use it to take my delicious well water from home to work. The city water where I work , well, tastes like chlorinated city water. Gross. This will last an entire shift. I love it. The new caps are great and finally never leak! It also has a heavy duty strap which will last a long time. You can leave this in a hot car all day and it will still be cold when you are done with a hike or bike ride. Great product.

Posted by FGJolly on 08/22/2014

2 Star Rating

Not rugged enough :(

Just purchased this at REI. Sadly, I will have to return it. It worked great for the first few days until....it fell on the ground! As soon as it fell on the ground, the cap popped off and spilled the contents everywhere. I examined the cap and a piece of the cap had broken off. I specifically purchased this for my daughter the soccer player. I was attracted to this flask because of its ability to keep liquids cold. However, I wish the lid was sturdier to withstand the occasional fall from a soccer player's backpack.

Posted by Mark Weaver on 08/11/2014

5 Star Rating

Outstanding, you couldnt getvthem any better.

I ordered 2 of the 40ozers, and God are they Great! They have been discribed to me, but until I got them and used them I was a little scepticle. But I give them 2 thumbs up all the way!

Posted by Marni on 08/08/2014

5 Star Rating

Great for Beer!

Not sure why people are saying this doesn't work for beer. I don't know if they didn't get the lid on well, or if maybe they got a defective one. Either way, it absolutely works for beer. I used this to bring my boyfriend beer from a microbrewery when I was on vacation. I had it filled on a Sunday and put it in the fridge where I was staying. I didn't leave until Tuesday morning. The flask survived a 16 hour travel day in a car, as well as in checked luggage on a plane. There was absolutely no leaking and when we opened it, the beer was ice cold and not flat at all! This is amazing.

Posted by Thomas Hall on 08/06/2014

1 Star Rating

leaks all over the place

I would love this flask but it sucks. Leaks all all over the place. Do not turn on the side b/c it will shit beer all over your car, back pack, Tumi briefcase, etc...................... I have tried multiple times, and all it does is leak. maybe a upgraded cap will work better then the crappy cap they give out free, but I am not stupid, the cap is tight, and it still shits beer all over the place. Done with this cap, and bottle combo, they have lost my confidence. I am pissed off. Thomas

Posted by Rick Freyre on 07/29/2014

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask - Excellent

By far the best be beverage container I have ever owned! Put ice in my water at 5:30 a.m. and there was still ice at 6:30 p.m. Impressed with the fact that it is water tight. Well worth the money.

Posted by John on 07/23/2014

5 Star Rating


I love my Beer Growler. I do not use it for beer, but it is a miracle after a long hike to open a water bottle and have ice still inside!! I would recommend a HydroFlask to absolutely anyone. I have had mine for a few months now and no problems whatsoever. Now instead of warm plastic bottles for hikes I have most of my ice along with cold refreshing water after 2 days since being filled up!!!

Posted by e fancher on 07/22/2014

5 Star Rating

truck driver

If I use three 3 oz Dixie cup frozen it last for almost 30 hours. The only thing that would make it better is a handle

Posted by Dave M on 07/18/2014

1 Star Rating

Hydro flask Deletes Reviews

Have written numerous reviews about the horror stories with these overpriced Chinese piece of junks...they all seems to be deleted by company within hours. I had to replace my last 3 bottles, numerous caps, and family members echo the same faults. Save money and headaches...go glass or do some research. Support products made in USA.

Posted by Tom on 07/05/2014

5 Star Rating


Purchased a branded Hydroflask from the Ouray Brewery and it is awesome!! Growler was filled and stayed in the car for 2 days because of travel. Opened it up expecting to pour the beer out as warm and flat but it was still cold and carbonated!! Exceeded expectations by far!

Posted by Ed on 06/28/2014

4 Star Rating

Good but missing something.

Great growler, period. Problem is that there is no handle so it is impossible to pour a good pint since just holding the growler takes two hands. Foam foam foam. Please create and sell add-on handles!!!

Posted by Chris on 06/20/2014

5 Star Rating

Takes a beating and keeps everything cold.

I spend a lot of time outdoors and was trying to get away from plastic water bottles. My girl friend bumped into a friend at hot yoga who had had one of the smaller hydro flasks. Much to her surprise the water was still cold after their yoga session in a room that's over a 100 degrees F. So we bought both the 18oz (for her)and this bad boy (for myself). I was a little reserved about the durability because I tend to be very hard on equipment, but this thing has fallen out of the truck, bounced off of rocks and it still keeps my water cold with out any leaks. Thank you Hydro Flask for making a product that is everything promised with a lifetime warranty to boot.

Posted by Laura on 06/16/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle you can buy!

Hydro Flask you are missing a huge marketing opportunity here... you need to market these to youth sports teams. My boys have had these water bottles for both football and lacrosse for the past year. They swear by them. You can fill the bottles with water and ice and after sitting on the hot turf (in the south) for most of the day, you will still have ice cubes when you empty them. Amazing. They only suggestion is to add a handle. The kids have a hard time carrying them and use the cap loop. After a few weeks the loop breaks. Also an area to write their names on them would be great. Thanks again for such a great product!

Posted by tina on 06/13/2014

5 Star Rating

Spoiled for All Others

This water bottle has ruined me. I can never buy another and be happy. We started with the 12 and 21 oz water bottles, but we drink a LOT of water. I took the chance and bought this big guy, (we call him BAWB- Big @$$ Water Bottle). Like many others, trying to chug water from this thing was a challenge, so we just stuck a long straw from those old-school water bottles into it. I have had the strap from cap to bottle break, then managed to drop the thing and the cap cracked. I brought it back to the store, they called Hydro Flask and I got a new cap no worries. Best. Investment. Ever. Oh, and in case anyone is curious, my 8 year old weighed this full of water and ice and it weighs about 5 lbs.

Posted by NW Mtn Biker on 06/02/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Beer Growler There Is!

For those who are saying that this doesn't work for beer, they need to man up and screw the lid on tighter. Yea, it'll leak a little due to the carbonation IF the lid isn't on tight. Don't be a whiny little man, tighten your lid. I own three of these and they fit great in a medium Timbuk2 messenger bag. Beer stays cold for 24hrs left outside and unopened. It'll keep beer fresh for days if left unopened in the fridge. And if you get the growler cage you can carry it on your bike to the local brew-pub.

Posted by Kirk on 05/29/2014

4 Star Rating

Awesome but,

This thing is pretty sweet. It's functionality is perfect in my experience. The only thing is, I really would like a handle. Possibly a sleeve that slips around it tightly and has (of course) a handle. I drink water while I drive a lot and I can't hold it with two hands because car crash explosion casualties shame.

Posted by Will on 05/27/2014

5 Star Rating

Solar Installer

I work as a Solar Installer and I own the 64 oz growler as well as the 21 oz and 40 oz flasks. These are by far the best insulated bottles ever. They are all black and I they sit in the sun for 10-12 hours a day. I generally fill them the day before around dinner time and they maintain enough ice that I can drink and then refill them with warm/hot water from my car and still have cold water. If you work anywhere where you're outside in the extreme heat or cold there is nothing better than a hydro flask.

Posted by best growler in the world on 05/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Large Beer Growler

Just the right size for my thirst

Posted by Billy on 04/26/2014

5 Star Rating

Works great for Beer

I'm not sure why some are saying this product does not work for beer. This is perfect for beer. I home brew and now I have a way of transporting ice cold beer and cider to friends without the need of a cooler or refrigerator when I arrive. I tested it a few times by filling up and letting it sit out on the counter for a maximum 24 hours. I would check the temperature and it maintained as advertised. I then put it to the test by leaving it out in a parked car on an 80+ degree day. A few hours later I was pouring ice cold beer. Any beverage still or carbonated will work with this product - I plan on purchasing more in the near future as I always have at least four beers on tap.

Posted by Brad on 04/25/2014

5 Star Rating

Best beer growler period!

So much lighter than a traditional glass growler. Also keeps the beer perfectly chilled until ready to drink. I've never had an issue with leaks, and most times I transport the full growler on its side.

Posted by Cannon on 04/19/2014

5 Star Rating

Best purchase I have ever made.

This bottle is great, it keeps my water cold for days and works great for when I make tea. The only issues I have run into are the size, the cap and the color. It is just a little too big to lug for daily use without a holder. I made one out of 550 chord. I wish the cap was also insulated it seems that it looses a lot of its insulating properties via the cap. Unfortunately, when I bought mine the only one in stock was brown. Lets just say that dirty brown doesn't hold up well.

Posted by Bron on 04/10/2014

5 Star Rating


Do not listen to previous reviews about this not working with beer. I have owned this for several months and use it for beer once a week and have had ZERO leak issues.

Posted by Randy on 03/17/2014

5 Star Rating

Works beyond expectations

When the 64 oz arrived I cleaned it and filled it with ice and then filled the rest with water. Took it to work 100+ degree heat and humid. When I got to work it was to cold to drink more than a sip at a time. At lunch ice was still there and still to cold to guzzle. At the end of my shift 8.5 hours later there was still one ice cube and still to cold to guzzle. Seriously works VERY well!!

Posted by Jerry on 03/10/2014

1 Star Rating

Does not work for beer

Leaks, Leaks, Leaks.. Does not appear to work for beer!! Should not be advertised or marketed to consumers or wholesalers for the storage of carbonated beverages! I'd love to see the test data reports for storage of carbonated beverages, if they even exist.

Posted by Matt on 03/09/2014

2 Star Rating

Great for water, tea, coffee, etc...BUT NOT BEER

I wanted to love this badly. However, whenever it gets filled with beer, the added carbonation causes leaks from the lid. Only happens with brew, so it must be the pressure build up inside. Perhaps a lid redesign could solve the problem. Does great with hot coffee or cold water.

Posted by eduyi on 03/02/2014

3 Star Rating



Posted by Dover on 02/23/2014

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle I have ever owned.

Will keep it short and sweet. This has been the best water bottle I have ever owned. It carries plenty of water and will keep it cold all day. Only downside is I have now had two caps break on me (two on my 40 oz flask as well) but the Hydro Flask warranty makes up for that annoyance. Highly recommend.

Posted by Kimberly on 02/16/2014

5 Star Rating

Finally the perfect water bottle!

My husband is a law enforcement officer and works out in the hot desert. It has been a huge challenge to find a water bottle that keeps water cold and ice frozen for 18+ hours and does not leak on top that. After trying many different thermoses we finally stumbled upon the 64 oz growler/water bottle. We did the research and read all the reviews we could find and decided that we HAD to try it. My husband couldn't believe how cold his water was after working long shifts in 100ºF+ temperatures. Since he off roads on rugged terrain he needs something that can take a beating! Following every shift the Hydro flask comes back covered in dirt. Despite some minor scratches I wash it off and it's good as new. I am now going to purchase the flip straw top so it's easier and quicker to drink out of. Look for my review on that in a few weeks. To wrap it up it's WELL worth the money and works great! We are so pleased. My husband has recommended it to all of his co-workers. Thanks you for making a wonderful product and standing by it with the fantastic warranty.

Posted by Beerthusiast on 01/28/2014

5 Star Rating

As good as everybody says it is!

Picked one up in Maui a few days ago and took it full of beer to the beach. 5 hours later, ice cold beer still. Next day filled it up at the Maui Brewing Co. and took it home. No room in the fridge so left it on the counter until the next evening when I cracked it open to pour myself a still ice cold pint. I never review stuff but this thing really is that good!

Posted by JR Mead on 01/23/2014

5 Star Rating


Bought this a few days ago for Bikram Class. I used to use an old left over 1.5 l water bottle, but my wife told me that these contain BPA and ore only meant to be used once. We needed something a little more that one litre and this comes out to almost 2 litres, so its perfect for those ultra hot classes. The comment about the lid in one of the reviews is silly, it would mean that you would have to be hanging this on your belt, 4 lbs!! Right!!! The lid is excellent quality and of course if your doing your Airborne training with this hanging from your belt of course the strap will break, otherwise for my use , perfect and BPA free, yay!! Superb product and I would gladly recommend this to all my Bikram friends and fellow sports enthusiasts.

Posted by WOW on 01/06/2014

4 Star Rating


Bottle is fantastic! Big, but lighter than expected in a pack even when filled with liquid. The cap does seal solid and keeps liquids at temp, although, the strap is very bad. About a week in my cap's strap broke while I was simply carrying it. Although, the lifetime warranty offsets this in most aspects. Also, on many other bottles the cap kind of stick when tightening, with this bottle that is not an issue at all. Overall AMAZING (other then the cap).

Posted by Brooke Imiloa on 01/02/2014

5 Star Rating


I have many different size Hydro flasks and love all of them! They are amazing and work well for long days outside or away from home! They make wonderful gifts!!

Posted by Ty on 12/04/2013

5 Star Rating

Truly Among The Best

This is easily the best insulated bottle I own. I started with the 40 oz though it was accidentally run over (it still holds water and is now used as a 30 oz cup). After that I decided to go big. So far I am loving my Growler as much, if not more, than my old 40 ouncer. I had some trouble with the neck breaking on my old bottle (a problem easily remedied with some 550 cord) and I am guessing I will have the same problem with this one. Even with the flaw these bottles are awesome and as close as you can get to perfection.

Posted by Ellie on 10/13/2013

5 Star Rating

Growlers rock!

This is the best thing i have ever purchased! Took it to the beach, had a cold margarita in the afternoon (4 hours after we got there) and it didn't collect sand. Awesome!

Posted by Alli on 10/10/2013

5 Star Rating

Great gift or for parties

I love my Hydro Flask Growler!It's my go-to birthday gift for friends and family (filled with beer of course), and it's great to take to barbeques and potluck dinners....or anywhere!

Posted by Topher on 02/15/2013

5 Star Rating

Awesome Growler For Beer and Tea

I bought this Growler to hold tea in for long hikes. I am not a big fan of plain water and in turn like to drink a lot of iced herbal tea. This Growler holds my tea, keeps it cold, and doesn't weight much more than 2 full 32oz bottles.

Posted by paul on 10/17/2012

5 Star Rating

Hot Yoga in the Desert

after buying several bottles for my hot yoga class this is the only one that works! doesnt sweat, keeps it cold (even in temperatures around 115-120!) and holds enough water to get through a class or hike! everywhere i go my growler goes with me!

Posted by Will on 02/14/2012

4 Star Rating

The Growler that gets people talking...

Picked up my Hydro Flask Growler - 10 Barrel edition last summer and have filled it up all over the Northwest. I live in Seattle and no matter where I take this bottle in to be filled, people are totally fascinated with it, pass it around to their coworkers, and demand details! Keeps my beer fresh longer and colder then my other growlers. Look forward to adding another one to my arsenal!

Posted by Matt on 02/14/2012

5 Star Rating

So worth the $50

Hot chocolate at the hill by day, cold beer by night! I use this way more than I thought I would at first. Take it to the beach and it will keep your fam hydrated with ice cold water all day. Take it to the hill and and hook the kids up with some steamy hot cocoa after a day of skiing. Bring it to the brewery and, well, you get it.... Pretty much the coolest invention ever,

Posted by Dan on 02/06/2012

5 Star Rating

Mmmm Beer

I got the fathers day edition growler and have so far been very impressed except that it has a leaky cap so when the flask tips over because I am four wheeling most of the beer is just picked up from the brewery spills on the floor of my truck. But all around its a beer growler and I think the insulated cap would fix the problem.

Posted by Jeff on 12/31/2011

4 Star Rating

Beer Growler!

Yes, this is the perfect beer growler. Setup my bike with a Salsa Anything Cage so I can bike to the breweries! The Hydroflask is durable. And easy to clean. Don't have to worry about breaking it either (i.e like a glass growler). No problems with it after using many times in the last 4 months. Keeps stuff cold or warm, but does make pinging noises with temperature changes (hot liquids outside in cold temps, or vice versa). No worries though, since it's stainless steel. Top cap seals well. The bartenders like to overfill growlers, but no leakage after getting filled and biking home. Overall, this thing is awesome. Price is a little steep, considering that you can get glass growlers for a few bucks. I'm hoping the top cap doesn't fail in the future though, because it is just plastic with a rubber seal. I even made a koozie for it... http://jnsadventures.com/2011/12/growler-koozie/

Posted by Amberly on 12/13/2011

5 Star Rating

Excellent Gift!

The 64 oz Growler will hold a large bottle of wine and keep it chilled -- perfect for overnight backpacking trips, even in the heat! This growler is a perfect gift for someone special that they will use again and again for years to come!

Posted by Blake on 11/27/2011

5 Star Rating

Best growlers in my collection.

I have three of these now and have picked up three more for friends. I'm a beer tourist and will take my motorcycle interstate to hit various breweries. The double-walled stainless makes transport much less of a pain, particularly on the bike. Two of mine were ordered online and came without the insulated cap. Hydroflask sent me two of the insulated lids. Great service.

Posted by Craig on 10/16/2011

4 Star Rating

Keeping it ice cold in Death Valley!!

Filled with ice at 4 am 24 hours later it still had ice in it outside temp. was 118 it sitting in the car was about 159. the one problem don't leave in the sun gets to hot to handle but it was still cold inside

Posted by Andrew on 09/23/2011

4 Star Rating

-1 for Mediocre Cap/Thread Design; Everything Else is Great!

As established, the vacuum insulation is fantastic. Haven't tried keeping anything hot, but not that interested in 64oz of tea or hot chocolate. The cap, on the other hand...not too thrilled. Naturally, the growler's got some weight (what would you expect from 64oz of liquid encased in a dual layer of stainless?) so you wouldn't want to grab it by the cap. However, I've experienced a few instances where the cap popped off after the growler either rolled into something or tipped onto it's side (while on the passenger side floor of my car). No extreme/unusual circumstances, and yes...the cap was properly seated. The plastic cap and modest threads are simply not as well engineered as I'd hoped.

Posted by Misty J. on 09/18/2011

5 Star Rating

Excellent Product!!

I just happened to run across this product at a fair this summer. I bought two of the 24oz ones, one for me and my daughter, which I thought would be great because she plays college sports. I fell in love with them, and now we own 4 and I'm going for the GROWLER!!!! They stay cold forever and the ice never melts in them. Best of all.....they don't sweat!!!!

Posted by Misty J. on 09/18/2011

5 Star Rating

Excellent Product!!

I just happened to run across this product at a fair this summer. I bought two of the 24oz ones, one for me and my daughter, which I thought would be great because she plays college sports. I fell in love with them, and now we own 4 and I'm going for the GROWLER!!!! They stay cold forever and the ice never melts in them. Best of all.....they don't sweat!!!!

Posted by Marshall on 09/07/2011

4 Star Rating

Excellent Thermal Properties

I filled my Growler with Ice and Water 2 days ago. Its been sitting in my car the whole time and its been over 90 degrees outside (much hotter in the car). Even after sitting in that heat for 2 days, a ton of ice is still in there and the water is still iced cold. Amazing!

Posted by Heidi on 08/24/2011

5 Star Rating


This can survive Texas heat. If you fill it with refrigerator ice, it will last 24 hours. It is great for the gym and when you are waiting in 100 degree heat for the bus!!!!

Posted by Jim on 05/06/2011

5 Star Rating

Cold Beer All Day

I picked up my growler last Thursday at the Hydroflask office in Bend. I have used it several times over the last week for a post spring skiing beer up at Bachelor. Really works well - the beer stayed cold all day in the back of my SUV and kept all of its carbonation. Plus it looks really cool.