Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 21 oz

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The 21 oz vacuum insulated Hydro Flask is our most versatile medium-sized water bottle and one of our most popular. With a convenient 21 oz capacity and a moderately wide mouth opening, it's great for sports drinks, juice, smoothies or water. It fits nearly any size ice cube and is easy to drink from on the go. This flask as diverse as you!

The 21 oz insulated Hydro Flask is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and the double wall vacuum insulation provides top notch insulation power, keeping cold liquids icy cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids steaming hot for up to 12 hours.

Hydro Flask is proud that all our products are BPA-free, recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you’re getting the market’s premium insulating beverage bottle.


  • Medium (Standard Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Alyssa on 03/01/2015

5 Star Rating

Obsession with hydroflask.

My roommate and I collectively own 7 of these bottles. They are perfect for every occasion and work flawlessly. Our only complaint is that the liquids inside are too hot or too cold, which mean the product is exceeding at its job!

Posted by kathy medeiros on 02/04/2015

2 Star Rating

21oz pink hydroflask is defective

Hi, i purchased this 21oz a few tears ago from my chiropracter in ewa beach. . .I do not have receipt or bill of sale, what can i do to have this replaced?

Posted by Chelsey on 01/27/2015

4 Star Rating


I have this bottle in a lovely pink. I would absolutely love to see a standard mouth straw top. I have sensitive teeth so drinking super cold beverages is difficult without a straw. My husband has a widemouth with the straw top and I love it, but he takes his EVERYWHERE with him, so I can't use it often! I also workout and cannot easily drink from this during a bike ride or run or elliptical workout. PLEASE, PLEASE make a straw top. Other than that I LOVE my HydroFlask. I put water in it at night next to my bed and it is still cold (albeit painful to drink) the next morning. I have told many of my friends about it and my husband tells his shipmates about his all the time.

Posted by Rob on 01/11/2015

2 Star Rating

Not a serious thermos.

What I like: it fits in a standard bicycle water bottle cage. It comes in black. Available at REI so returns are easy. What I don't like: It doesn't work very well. Even when preheated with boiling water, my once hot coffee is lukewarm after 5 hours at room temperature. The bottle looses a great deal of heat at the neck. For a product presented as "the best" it falls woefully short. It's going getting returned.

Posted by Lori on 01/09/2015

4 Star Rating

Works great but needs different lid!

I love being able to put hot drinks in it but I can't drink them on my way to work becuase the mouth is too wide for a bumpy ride! It's not a wide-mouth, it's the 21 oz. standard mouth, but I'm not able to take a drink without spilling while driving. I would LOVE the straw top option for this size bottle, or the flip cap. Maybe I'm blind, but it looks like the ones available to buy are for the other sizes? If that's so, Please make some for this size!!

Posted by Taylor on 12/23/2014

5 Star Rating

Love this!

This water bottle is the best water bottle I have ever had! It keeps it cold for hours and it doesn't sweat. I highly recommend this product and I have no issues with it.

Posted by Greg on 12/17/2014

5 Star Rating

Best bottle I own

This bottle keeps cold drinks cold, and warm drinks warm. It even fits a standard car cup holder, something that a lot of bottles won't do. Another nice feature is that it doesn't sweat condensation when you put ice water in it during warm summer days. These are a must have in our house.

Posted by Jenerator on 11/28/2014

5 Star Rating

Should have bought this one first

So I wasted another $15 on two cheap water bottles at the start of summer this year. One was stainless steel, the other one plastic. After three months the lid on the stainless bottle was leaking and the straw sipper on the plastic bottle stopped working. I have long made due with leaky and frustratingly fragile water bottles over the years. But after tossing two more cheapies into the garbage at the end of this summer, I started looking for a truly durable no-frills stainless steel water bottle. Recently my husband and I had dinner at Deschutes Brew Pub in Bend, Oregon, where *surprise!* they had the 21-ounce Hydro Flasks for sale. So I spent $28 on exactly what I was looking for: - Simple screw-on lid that sits deeply enough in the neck to prevent leaks. - Glassy smooth, polished steel rim. - Durable, double-wall stainless steel construction. - Powder coated exterior that is subtly textured to provide extra "grip" when my hands are sweaty. - And the loop style lid makes it easy to carry the bottle with a single finger when my hands are full. I wish I'd found this bottle 10 years ago! Thank you, Hydro Flask!

Posted by Naidu on 11/26/2014

1 Star Rating

I want

Hi, I am from INDIA I want this Hydro Flask. How can I book this, while I'm entering PIN code, there is no option for India country Please suggest me how to get this.

Posted by Naidu on 11/26/2014

1 Star Rating

I want

Hi, I am from INDIA I want this Hydro Flask. How can I book this, while I'm entering PIN code, there is no option for India country Please suggest me how to get this.

Posted by hgm on 11/24/2014

1 Star Rating



Posted by Danica on 11/23/2014

5 Star Rating


I bought this water bottle when I was in Hawaii. I saw in a lot of shops so I thought maybe there was something special about it. I ended up buying and it it's now my favorite water bottle. -Keeps drinks really cold, you can wake up the next morning and still have ice cubes in it! -Also keeps drinks really hot. Occasionally put coffee or tea in this and it keeps it hot forever! Best water bottle ever!

Posted by Deseret on 11/12/2014

5 Star Rating


This is the best water/ coffee/ Tea thermos I've ever had. Once, I left my blended snickers coffee in my blazing hot at during work, completely forgot. It was still ice ice cold when I got off ten hours later. It was like I just had it made and freshly poured in! Another time when I had hot tea and put it in the fridge with the rest of my lunch, but when I took it out 4 hours later, it was almost too hot to drink. And cleaning it!? So simple! Hot water a little drop of dish soap and I let it sit to dry upside down overnight and then when I wake up it's ready again. After trying the cheap ones I really grasped the concept of you get what you pay for! I am buying these for Christmas gifts and birthdays this year! Love love love them! Thank you for making them and selling to my fav coffee place! 'Dutch bros'

Posted by Lisa on 11/05/2014

5 Star Rating

Love my flask

Keeps my lavender water very cold through my 90 minute, very hot Bikram yoga class. The bottle is durable and cleans up really nice. Love it. Just waiting for a good straw top to be designed for this size flask.

Posted by Liz Sanders on 10/23/2014

5 Star Rating

21oz Hydro Flask

I purchased on for my self. Loved it so much went back. Purchased 2-64oz , 3-21 oz, 2-32oz' 2-18 oz. All for Christmas gifts..

Posted by Kelly on 10/21/2014

4 Star Rating

New top

Keeps cold but not a very good top!! Please make a new top.....Quickly!!

Posted by akgoddess on 10/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Customer Service, Great Product!

Hydro Flask's customer service is absolutely wonderful! I made a mistake on my order (I used the wrong ZIP code) and the USPS actually sent my order back. I did not want to wait for the bottles to be sent back to the company and then be sent back to me, so I called Customer Service. I spoke with Helena who offered to send me brand new bottles through an expedited shipping service. I got my brand new bottles three days later and I LOVE them! The bottles do not get all icky and sweaty and they keep the contents ice cold for an insanely long time. Plus, the kind of gritty finish on the bottle helps keep those of us who are more accident prone from dropping our bottles.

Posted by Naoto Honda on 10/02/2014

5 Star Rating

Awesome for outdoor use!

AWESOME. I work on the ranch and I have been using KleanKanteen (27oz/800ml), however as it seems kinda trendy thing in here (Hawaii), I thought I could give it a try. - I purchased the bottle (21oz). almost same size compare to my kleankanteen. and it's awesome. I put water and some ice and left it in the sun... after few hrs, ice was still in it! I was thinking of buying 40oz one, but I wanted to carry it with biner and put it on my Jeans or saddle, so I decided to buy this one. while its hard to put ice in waterbottle with small mouth (24oz hydroflask, Sigg bottles etc), this product came with middle mouth and it's easy to put some ice from the freezer. so far this is the best water bottle for me :)

Posted by David on 09/30/2014

5 Star Rating


I work on ships and have dropped this water bottle on the metal deck countless times. The only evidence is a small dent and a few scratches but nothing that really affected it’s properties. Would buy this flask 100x over.

Posted by Katrina on 09/22/2014

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle ever!

We now own 5 of these bottles in various sizes and we have all our friends hooked on them. Our kids play competitive soccer and they like their water ice cold during the games. Sometimes they will have some water left with ice cubes in them and when we have opened them on the 3rd day, the ice cubes are still frozen. Amazing! The bottle doesn't sweat too so their soccer bags don't get damp. LOVE, LOVE these bottles!

Posted by Brian Siciliano on 09/19/2014

5 Star Rating

Great water bottle

I own an orange Summit Bechtel Reserve Hydro Flask and really love it! I needed something to replace the disposable plastic bottles I was using every day because I wanted to save money. I love the wide mouth opening too because I can add ice cubes into flask very easily. My son has a Hydro flask with the smaller opening and it is difficult to add ice. I live in Lancaster, CA (Part of the Mojave desert) and even if I leave my bottle in the hot car, my water stays cold. The water in plastic bottles get hot fast.

Posted by Kim David Carpenter on 08/31/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle

I received a Hydro Flask while playing in the Kapalua Clambake and love it. Way to go! We tell all of our friends about it.

Posted by malchus on 08/25/2014

5 Star Rating

Sturdy, Tough, COLD!!!

I have 3 of these water bottles and one wide mouth bottle (for coffee). Word of warning, the coffee stays MOLTEN LAVA HOT for hours and the water stays ICEBERG COLD for days! If this is what you are after (which is why we all buy these) then the Hydro Flask products are for you! I'm sure you probably think I'm an employee or friend of an employee, but I'm not. I'm just a very satisfied customer who likes to keep his liquids cold/hot and can't bear to pay the same price for a plastic product from brand X. I've taken these flasks on short hikes, long backpack trips, motorcycle rides (including through 110 degree deserts) and riding along in my Jeep, providing cold water for me to drink when I'm parched! Oh yeah, I've also dropped two of my flasks many times on to rocks and pavement, including a 6' drop off the back of my Jeep as I started to drive away, and haven't had an issue other than dents, dings and paint removal to show for it. Love these products!! To be fair, I haven't used the wide mouth standard lid so I can't attest to the strength of that product. My flip up coffee lid seems to be chugging along (pun intended) just fine!

Posted by Shaq on 08/19/2014

5 Star Rating

Love it!

This is the best water bottle that you can find out there!

Posted by Charley on 08/18/2014

5 Star Rating

best bottle i ever had...

i loved my bottle and traveled everywhere with it. kept my morning coffee so hot and my afternoon water so cold. then it "disappeared" one night this summer while i was sleeping in a cape town hostel. i guess it is now serving as the best bottle someone else has ever used...

Posted by Hal on 08/16/2014

5 Star Rating

As Advertised....

After hours in a hot car, still had ice. Like others I did not like the lid. Figured out the Klean Kanteen lid with pull up spout & cap fits perfectly. Salesman let me swap lid from dented KK bottle. Plus got 20% off my Hydro Flask due to a small inconspicuous dent!!! WIN-WIN for me.... Looking to use these for Christmas presents this year. GREAT PRODUCT.

Posted by Susan on 08/15/2014

5 Star Rating

Stays cool add day in the hot sun

These are by far the best water bottles I've ever found, with one caveat. It really needs a better sports lid with a flip up sip nozzle. I use these for horseback riding for hours in the sun and the water stays wonderfully cool, but it is awkward to have to remove the lid to drink.

Posted by Aj on 08/05/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Vesatility

Love this bottle! I agree it did need a different lid so i opted to buy a Klean Kanteen full stainless steel with a big handle loop on top, even has wood grained accent. i don't mean to plug another brand but it was a worthwhile upgrade for $7. With that said i love this bottle for my protein drinks, small bottle for a bike ride or anything else i may need that's small and convenient. :-)

Posted by Marty Carl on 07/28/2014

5 Star Rating

Another lid

I too need a better top. I love my bottle but what a pain to have to unscrew it every time I want a drink. Please come up with another option.

Posted by cassy on 07/18/2014

4 Star Rating

Reviews are deceiving.

I noticed you can only look at 4 to 5 star ratings. There is a box that says look at all reviews but it will not show anything under 4. Please be aware, that it will not keep your water cold all day if you open it and drink from it more than 3 times. It is also very small. This causes issues immediately. I did try to keep water cold in it, but believe due to our country's temperature, it would not do a sufficient job, it did stay cool but not cold as it promises. It is fine for a few hours. I give it 3 out of 5.

Posted by Paul G on 07/02/2014

4 Star Rating

Great Bottle, Needs Lid Choices

This bottle is great... keeping ice water cold (and ice unmelted) for even longer than advertised... I just wish lids other than the flat top one were available for the 21 oz model!

Posted by Paolo on 07/01/2014

5 Star Rating

Best bottle built!

Hydro Flask is best bottle I had ever purchased! It's a bit pricey here in the Philippines, but totally worth it! Hope you can officially have a store here.

Posted by JL on 06/17/2014

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle ever!!!

I filled this three-quarters water and the rest ice at 8am and left it in my car in the sun for 8 hours on a 90 degree day... The water was still ice cold at 5pm, 10pm, and the next morning. Thanks for making this! I am buying a few as gifts for my friends.

Posted by Cecile on 06/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Worth every penny

Best water bottle I have ever had. Can sit open in a 75 minute hot yoga class and the contents stays cold.

Posted by Jan on 06/04/2014

5 Star Rating

A Gift of LIfe

Living in the desert, we've found our Hydro Flasks to be a gift of life as we can keep our water cold at all times in all places. We've been so impressed with the ones we bought for ourselves that we purchase an additional 15 for other family members who all love them. No matter where we go, people ask about and are interested in this amazing "bottle" that is able to keep our water cold even in the car when the temps reach 120 degrees. The water is always cold and refreshing which continues to be a "gift of life". We definitely need the SPORTS CAPS - we originally bought just a couple but everyone who sees ours wants one. PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring back the sports cap. Also, how about more colors? Navy blue!!! Oregon Duck Green!!! More masculine colors are needed.

Posted by CGodeski on 06/01/2014

5 Star Rating

Love it.

We have one Hydro Flask and just ordered 3 more. We have a hard time keeping drinks cold in our boat, but the Hydro Flask works great. Drink stays cold all day.

Posted by Scarlett DB on 05/31/2014

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle I've ever owned

This bottle is amazing! It delivers everything it promises. Keeps water cold for a whole day without condensation and is extremely sturdy. The only problem I have had with it is the black coating heats up in the sign and becomes painful to touch.

Posted by Daniel Mann on 05/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Icy test

Upon purchasing my 21 oz 'Foliage Green' Hydro Flask, I got home and immediately filled it up with ice. Closed the lid and then left it there for over 12 hours (with no water, just ice). When I woke up the next morning, I opened it up and turned it upside-down over the sink to see how much ice had melted overnight... AND NOT ONE DROP OF WATER FELL FROM THE BOTTLE! I was a little skeptical of the product and the pricing, but now am sold 100%. Even got one in 'Everest Blue' for my wife and we never leave home without our Hydro Flasks!

Posted by Chuck Frazier on 05/03/2014

5 Star Rating

Excellent but could improve

Great product but need a straw top for the standard top bottle.

Posted by Sam on 05/02/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Purchase

Probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's worth the price. I use the flask everyday with water. I'm a bit sick today so I put some tea inside. The tea has been in there for 4 hours now and is still very hot. Quite amazing. I highly recommend purchasing one. The 21oz is a very good size for everyday use.

Posted by Kristina on 04/29/2014

5 Star Rating

I don't know how this works but it works

All of the reviews on here are correct. This flask keeps drinks cold all day long. I noticed it kept them cold even with the top off. I like to have a flavored carbonated water at my desk and it tastes terrible room temperature. This thing keeps it cold all day long. Definitely worth the money.

Posted by Chris B on 04/22/2014

5 Star Rating

best ever

I bought the 21 oz and the 40 oz a couple days ago, totally impressed , it held ice and cold water for over 30 hours with absolutely zero/no/ none/nada condensation. I live in Tucson area which is in the high desert valley and it does get hot here, The hydro Flask is a great product, I bought another 21 oz today and plan on getting a couple more 40oz when the local store gets more in... remember to hydrate > drink half your body weight in fluid oz (water) everyday no matter where you live

Posted by Caitlin Parker on 04/18/2014

5 Star Rating

The perfect Water bottle

This water bottle was gifted to me, and has been heaven sent as I live in Maui where the sun always shines, and i'd just gotten used to drinking warm water all the time! It's the perfect size, and keeps your drink the temperature you put it in at for many hours! Awesome!

Posted by sheepdog on 04/03/2014

5 Star Rating


I love this bottle. I got mine from goodwill for $0.50 cents. Keeps warm stuff warm and cold stuff cold. I work in the ice cream department at a distribution center where the temp is -14F. It's nice to have a warm cup of coffee between breaks.

Posted by Jack on 03/15/2014

5 Star Rating

Simply awesome

The Hydro Flask insulated water bottles is the best bottle I have ever used. It keeps my water cold and ice cubes last for well over 8 hours and zero condensation. The mouth is wide enough for ice cubes so I don't have to force them and the smooth edges on the mouth are comfortable to drink from. Some people have complained about a metal taste but I haven't noticed it unlike some of the other bottles that I have used in the past. I also like the coating. I wish there was a flip cap that I could buy though instead of having to unscrew and screw it each time I take a drink but honestly i can live with it like it is.

Posted by Arnold Milstein on 03/13/2014

4 Star Rating

Fantastic Bottle, But what is up with the Sports Top

These are great bottles! I have three plus one 64 oz. I only bought one sports top with my first order, now I want two more. I know they are being redesigned, but how long does that take? Let us have the old style it is better than nothing.

Posted by Disappointed on 03/06/2014

1 Star Rating

Metal taste

My well meaning hubby bought the very large 40 oz bottle and it was way too big for my grip. The people he bought it from wouldn't give him a refund, but let him exchange it for this 21 oz size. I was a little disappointed because there was no pop top to drink from like my Thermos, but no biggie until I drank from it and got that metal taste with my gulp of water. Needless to say that it will be shelved with our other unusable water bottles in the water bottle graveyard under the sink.

Posted by Ajjimenz on 03/01/2014

5 Star Rating

The best Water bottle ever

I bought a hydro flask during the summer at UC Berkeley. I drank a lot of water because of all the hiking and it was hot mid day to like 5. This is the best water bottle I've had in my 15 years of existence.

Posted by Jeff on 02/27/2014

5 Star Rating

21 oz Water Bottle

I bought mine in Hawaii recently and love it. It doesn't sweat so the sand didn't stick to it. It kept my water cold even after hours sitting on the beach in the sun. Loved it so much I bought a 40 oz water bottle as well. Would highly recommend any of the products.

Posted by Katy on 02/20/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Company Award!

Thank you so much. I bought my water bottle at REI and was immediately in love with it. My husband is now in love too. The lid broke. I emailed them. A new one arrived a week later! Thank you so much.

Posted by Alex on 01/08/2014

4 Star Rating

Good. But I don't like the coating.

Nice bottle. But I could scratch off the paint around the mouth. So I worry that the coating can get into my mouth when I drink the water.

Posted by Sandy Hoveskeland on 12/19/2013

3 Star Rating

Standard Mouth Sports Cap

Are these ever coming in? They have been out of stock FOREVER!!!!!!

Posted by Serena W on 12/12/2013

5 Star Rating


It is the best water bottle ever!!!!! It really keeps drinks cold. When I go hiking, I put ice in the bottle and it doesn't melt at all!!!

Posted by Justin on 12/05/2013

1 Star Rating


This flask was a huge rip off. I put coffee in it and it stays WARM for about an hour. I can feel the outside of the bottle getting hot when I pour it in. No way it even comes close to the 12 hour claim.

Posted by Channing on 12/03/2013

4 Star Rating

Where is the other lid?

Great water bottle, I use it daily to keep my drink cold all day, but I have been waiting months for the other lid to come back into stock and still waiting... Why so long of a wait?

Posted by Annette on 11/29/2013

5 Star Rating

Best Bottle Ever!!!

I cannot say enough great things about this bottle. I bought this bottle (Everest Blue) about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. I work 12h shifts, and if I don't have a chance to drink my water until late in the day, no room temp water or yucky taste!--Fresh as when I poured it. My daughter wanted to take it to school, and I told her NO WAY!! It is mine. Looks like I'm going to have to get her one too. I rarely leave the house without it. I may ask for another for hot liquids though, b/c it takes a very long time for hot liquids to reach a drinkable temperature. Perfect size for car too, even fits in door holder.

Posted by Theresa Monroe on 11/11/2013

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask water bottle

I love my water bottles. However, if you don't get the lids in soon, I will be forced to throw them all in the trash and find a different brand. I am sick of going to the site to no avail. This stupid lid has been on back order for months. What gives??????????????????????????

Posted by Una Nelson-White on 04/29/2013

5 Star Rating

Great for bicycle riding in hot sun

21 oz standard mouth bottle w/ sports cap is perfect fit for regular bicycle water bottle holder on bikes. I love the fact it keeps water cold on long hot rides, unlike any other water bottles out there including the so called insulated one with a bear on it. My food coop carries the larger size but I am going to ask them to carry this size for all the bike riders who use the coop.

Posted by Dana A. on 12/03/2012

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask rocks!!!

Received my 21 oz flask/bottle for Christmas 2011. I've taken it up 12 or Colorado's 14,000' mountains this year. Kept my drinks cold during the summer, and kept my hot drinks hot for 12 10-12 hours this fall. Taken a couple tumbles on the peaks, minor paint chipping and dents.

Posted by Lindsey on 10/21/2012

5 Star Rating

Couldn't be happier

As an outdoor professional in Hawaii, I have struggled to find a water bottle that suits my lifestyle and will keep my water cold...until now! I have the 21oz standard and it's perfect! I will be getting more!!!

Posted by Peter on 06/24/2012

5 Star Rating

My Favorite Backcountry Comfort Object!

Got the 21 oz. standard mouth Hydroflask 6 months ago, it's great for hot tea or cocoa when you're snowshoeing, hiking or skiing in winter, a solid pick-me-up when you need a quick warm up to re-energize, keeps drinks hot for a solid 8+ hours outdoors. Now that its summer, I was amazed how cold it keeps drinks, without the ice cubes melting, a real treat to cool off with after a long hot trail run. No problems at all with the black coating, looks like new after a lot of hot and cold weather use and long road trips.

Posted by Lillian on 06/15/2012

5 Star Rating

The Best Bottle I ever have.

This bottle has gone with me everywhere for the last two years. Keeps my fluid cold for ever. I was driving my motorcycle and my bottle fell, I went to get it and was Not damage(only the paint a little). I Really LOVE it!!! The price it's worth it.

Posted by HR on 02/14/2012

5 Star Rating


No bad things really.... This bottle has gone with me everywhere. I love it. Keeps my water cold for ever. I love to amaze my friends by pulling it out of a hot car or after a long hike and say ha! I have refreshing delicious-ness.

Posted by Nic on 01/31/2012

5 Star Rating

Worth the price for those who work outdoors

I never thought I'd spend this much on a bottle, but it's worth it. I work outside through every season and this has yet to disappoint me. It keeps my drink warm/hot even when spending hours in below freezing temps.

Posted by Ty on 01/12/2012

4 Star Rating

Everything but the top

This is a great bottle. Keeps cold things cold and hot things hot, but...the top comes apart. The thread section comes apart from the section with the carabiner and makes it difficult to open. (You may notice they are selling replacement tops in the accessories section.) Also, as mentioned in other reviews the paint does chip some. Overall, good water bottle. Just fix the top design.

Posted by Valerie on 10/06/2011

5 Star Rating

True to its promiss

I have to say I have NEVER had a water bottle this good. My ice stays ice all day and night. You will not be disappointed. Best investment I have made.

Posted by Steve on 07/15/2011

5 Star Rating

Search is over - the best bottle out there

Yes, it lives up to the hype. I ordered a 21oz standard mouth, orange, for a recent trip we were taking. This thing is made exceptionally well. It was also able to keep ice\water cold, real cold, for full days in the 95+ degree weather. I'll be ordering another for an upcoming trip, so we don't have to refill as often. 8-) Note: The standard mouth is a great size for standard size ice cubes. I was worried it would be too large for comfortable drinking, but it is perfect!

Posted by Chris on 05/28/2011

5 Star Rating

Best Bottle Ever

Bought the 21 oz Orange at the Saturday Market in Portland on a recent trip and absolutely love it! I haven't had any issues with the paint chipping. Can't wait to get / try the beer growler!

Posted by JD Scott on 05/26/2011

5 Star Rating

Excellent product

Living in the desert, I have tried various water bottles and none have kept anything cold for very long until the Hydro Flask. It is without a doubt the best I've used. I'll be getting more for the family soon!

Posted by Amby on 05/15/2011

4 Star Rating


this product is awesome, a little pricy, but considering how much other wate bottles are it's a good deal!

Posted by Craig F on 11/20/2010

5 Star Rating

Dimensions and Opinion

Dimensions (not official but according to my tape measure)-- 24 oz. flask: 7.5cm in diameter at base, 3.5cm/diameter internal mouth opening, 27cm height (without cap), 30.5cm with cap. Excellent product, it does keep the ice frozen in water for hours--8hrs, 6 cubes (Conditions: Classroom Teacher). Haven't tried any hot liquids yet. There is no "bottle sweat" or thermal leak to the outside layer of metal. P.S.--The company gives 5% of your purchase price to a charity of your choosing.

Posted by S. Cheng "mrwaste" (Santa Fe, NM) on 11/20/2010

5 Star Rating

Keep it cool

I bought it to replace a cheap one I bought from WalMart. The difference is night and day, even it is much more expensive. The flask is well built with study stainless steel. I like to put the ice water in it. For over 24 hours, it is still cold. It is exactly what is advertised.

Posted by Shlompsen on 11/20/2010

4 Star Rating

Great bottle with one problem

This is a very nice bottle from a good company. I prefer it to the Sigg bottle I had before because of the insulation and the absence of weird chemicals on the inside. The threads between the bottle and the cap are not as well toleranced as the Sigg bottles, but the seal is very good and it never leaks. The main problem I have is that the paint on the outside of the bottle rubs off very easily and it gets all over the other things in my bag, including my computer and my books. So if they could re-engineer the paint and maybe tighten up the tolerance in the screw threads, it would be a perfect bottle. But, as it is, it is still my favorite water bottle.

Posted by F. Jasman (Greenville, SC) on 11/20/2010

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle

This is the third HydroFlask water bottle I've bought. I've only used them for cold liquids, and they really keep liquids cold. I used to take a Tervis tumber with me to work (with ice inside), but since discovering these, they are now what I take with me. They keep ice longer and liquids colder longer than the Tervice tumblers, and are much sturdier. I just wish Amazom carried the caps too, because the HydroFlask sports caps are a very nice accessory to have. Highly recommend any water bottle by HydroFlask, a great product all around.

Posted by Jonathan Manili (Nicaragua) on 11/20/2010

4 Star Rating

Good thermal qualities, paint starts to chip quickly

Works well with hot and cold. I have the evergreen, nice color but the paint starts to chip quickly. Not big chunks but it's noticeable.