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Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth - Coffee & Tea

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Coffee and tea drinkers rejoice - lukewarm drinks are now a thing of the past! The 18 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask with Hydro Flip Lid will keep your coffee and tea steaming hot for up to 12 hours, or your cold beverage icy cold for up to 24 hours.

The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous, meaning no residual bacteria buildup and no hints of yesterday's flavored latte. The BPA-free, PP#5 flip lid provides quick and easy one-handed access and the smartly designed rubber stopper plugs the opening and prevents spills when not in use.

Hydro Flask's 18 oz Wide Mouth bottle, like all Hydro Flask products, is made from environmentally friendly materials, is 100% recyclable and toxin free, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you’re getting the market's premium insulating beverage bottle.

Please note that the Hydro Flip Lid is not leak proof.


  • Large (Wide Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish in 8 colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Christine on 05/17/2015

5 Star Rating

A must have

I use this EVERYDAY at my job. I work long shifts as a medic, and i have cold water thoughout the day.

Posted by Shay on 05/16/2015

5 Star Rating


We live in the Aloha state which keeps an average temp of 80 degrees almost everyday. Whenever I get a chance I'm telling people about this bottle! It not only saves me money because I don't have to continuously buy water bottles and water while I'm out, but it keeps my drink ice cold no matter if I'm in the heat or in the air conditioning. I hate drinking water unless it's almost frozen, the hydro flask keeps ice in the bottle overnight and throughout the next day ensuring my water is never warm! Worth every penny. It also promotes drinking more water and less impulsive buying of juice and soda (at checkouts or fast food establishment) in warmer climates. I'm a firm believer in hydro flask and everyone in our home and my sister and her family that lives in Colorado all have one! Great product!

Posted by Faith on 05/11/2015

5 Star Rating

Love it!!

I love my new pint glass-keeps my cider cold without any condensation on the outside. I will be buying a few more soon. Any plans to make more colors? I would love a red one!!

Posted by Ross Somersille on 05/10/2015

5 Star Rating

Beats the Las Vegas heat

I purchased the 64oz bottle as a daily water bottle. My girlfriend was upset that I would spend so much on a bottle. I then bought her the 40oz for her daily water bottle. She regrets telling me how expensive it was and said they are worth their weight in gold. We live in Las Vegas and I personally have left my bottle in the car when it was 112 outside. When I came back to the car the water was still cold. In fact it still had ice cubes from earlier that morning. I'm a full believer in this product line and am proud to say I own 4 Hydro Flasks soon to be 6. I've also noticed how many people have been bringing them to the gym. Don't be a fool, buy one today.

Posted by Lt.Gabe on 05/09/2015

5 Star Rating

own 2, both get heavy use.

Love them, perfect size to take with you for the day to ensure you have a cool drink. The standard cap is bomb proof. I only wish there was a flip cap for this one. If your not on the trail a flip cap is what you need for the car/office. Also would love to see a sturdy nesting stainless steel cup to go with these for trail use. Unless you do something very stupid with it, it should last you years to come.

Posted by on 05/05/2015

5 Star Rating

Love it!

Got an orange one in my monthly Cairn subscription box. Survived being knocked off a counter, and passed the keeping a drink cold in the hot tub test. Read our review on it and the whole Cairn Box here:

Posted by Kassie on 05/03/2015

5 Star Rating

Perfect gift

Bought this as a gift for my brother and he loves it! He would always complain about how he hates his beer tasting differently when he takes it out from the fridge and leave it out for a while, but this pint fixed the problem. I was curious to know how long the pint will keep the beverage cool so I did a small test to find out. I filled the pint with beer and left it out overnight. In the morning the beer was warm. The glass does not insulate over 10 hours but I don't think it takes ten hours for a person to drink a pint of beer.

Posted by B Newton on 04/30/2015

5 Star Rating

My first but not my last

Directed to purchase by a friend who has 3 Hydro Flasks. I can't believe how well it keeps my drinks cold. Left it in the car with direct sunlight on it and the outside was hot, but the water within was ice cold. Love this product and will be purchasing more. Would like to make a suggestion. Any way to make a rubbery casing for the outside of it as I've seen a few people with dents in their flasks. Not that they don't work with dents, but would like to keep it clean. Thank you

Posted by John L on 04/29/2015

5 Star Rating

Great product

I use this 21oz with the flat cap every day. It will keep ice in water for almost a day. I love it. BUT the caps must be made to handle a fall. I have had two different types of hydro flasks and I handle these with care but if you use it daily it's going to drop here and there. The caps have broken on both with small 3' drops. The flat stainless cap needs to be all stainless not just the screw area. I need the durability of a solid cap to go with the perfection of the bottle!

Posted by Amanda on 04/28/2015

5 Star Rating


Love love love this product! Was given to me as a gift, and I appreciate it very much. Going to make additional purchases of other styles!

Posted by Jeff Taylor on 04/27/2015

5 Star Rating

BEST company out there! Replaced broken lid in under a WEEK

So I wrote a review a bit ago stating that the loop on my 64oz Growler had broken after about 5 uses. Yeah, I had a new one ON my door step in under a week! AMAZING I will, with out reservation, continue to buy, use and gift these guys products. This company truly does stand behind their product. Rare these days. BUY & SUPPORT THESE GUYS/GALS!! They are the real deal! And...... their bottles are amazing!

Posted by 10sbetty on 04/27/2015

5 Star Rating

Best Ever!

I agree with everyone's reviews about how GREAT Hydro Flask are. I have 3, as well as purchased them for gifts. My favorite is my 22oz from Dutch Bros. Unfortunately,that size is not available from Hydro Flask. So I am asking, Hydro Flask, that you either make the 32 oz wide mouth amenable to car drink holders, or the 22 oz wide mouth you make for Dutch Bros, in the fun colors! Thanks for a great product!

Posted by Adam Gallion on 04/27/2015

5 Star Rating

I love my HydroFlask

It is almost unbelievable how well these work. Definitely worth ordering!

Posted by Terri on 04/26/2015

5 Star Rating

Love these!

Our family each has one of the 21 ounce hydro flask. We use them for kayaking, fishing, day at the shore, my son uses it for work (he works in a greenhouse). I can't believe by the end of the day after being in the hot sun that ice is still rattling around inside. I wish they came with a drinkable lid that doesn't leak.

Posted by rob on 04/25/2015

5 Star Rating

Simply the best!

You'll finish a hot beverage before it could ever start to cool off. Even if you just sip it for hours.

Posted by Francesdunhour on 04/23/2015

5 Star Rating

Replacement lid

Got 18oz as gift lip on lid is cracked need other

Posted by Shelly L on 04/23/2015

5 Star Rating

Can't express how much I LOVE it!

I came to Hydro Flask by accident... I found it in a tote that my son brought home from college. One morning when all my normal insulated coffee cups were dirty, I grabbed this 18oz flask and discovered how amazing it is! Normally, by the time I get to work my coffee is luke warm, but in the Hydro Flask it stays hot - not warm - HOT, no matter how long it takes me to drink it! I've filled it at 7:30a.m. and, after a busy morning, taken a drink at 2:00p.m. and it is still hot. It's like time stands still inside this amazing bottle. Unfortunately for my son, he's not getting it back, and I'm going to order one for my husband and get rid of my cupboard full of other bottles, cups, etc! I think I'll even buy some for gifts so all my friends can clean out their cupboards also! :) Absolutely amazing product. I love it.

Posted by Paul on 04/22/2015

5 Star Rating


Completely awesome produce. I place the mug in the fridge and can dill with an many bears I can drink and they all stay ice cold.

Posted by Deb on 04/20/2015

5 Star Rating

Works as advertised!

This flask actually works as advertised. I work long hours and am usually on the job for 13-14 hours per day with another hour or more of travel to and from work. I take the 40 oz flask to work filled with iced tea and a few ice cubes. The tea remains icy cold throughout my work day. When I get home there will still be ice cubes.

Posted by Nonnie A on 04/19/2015

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask 18 oz wide mouth

This is the best water bottle EVER!! With kids who play soccer, we have gone through many many water bottles. They would get left at the field, broken when hit by a ball, taken by another player accidently... We found the Hydroflask water bottles and we LOVE them. No other player has the same one, the kids love them and are therefore responsible with them, and they are super durable. I should own stock in the company because I recommend them to EVERYONE. I will never drink from another water bottle!

Posted by Luke on 04/18/2015

5 Star Rating

Firm Believer in Hydro Flask!

Bought my first last summer on vacation in Bend at the urging of the young lady in the rafting office. Glad I made the switch! Used to use Nalgene and will not be going back. Got 4 True Pints, 3 21 oz, 2 40 oz, and the 64 oz beet growler. Extra lids are cheap and make cleaning even easier. I tell all my friends and they are one by one switching as well!

Posted by Ryan on 04/17/2015

5 Star Rating

64oz. Beer Growler

I initially bought a black powder coated 64oz. as my everyday water bottle. I was constantly asked what I think of it (its great, keeps water ice cold all day!) Ended up picking up a 40oz. wide mouth (for water) and another 64oz. to take to the local breweries to fill, as well as a True Pint. I'm completely impressed with their line of products and their warranty policy, not to mention the 5 Percent Back program. I recommend it to anyone looking for a double-walled beverage container.

Posted by Ryan on 04/17/2015

5 Star Rating

32 oz. Wide Mouth

Just picked one up for my Mom. She loves it! Keeps water ice cold all day and just the right size to carry.

Posted by Chris on 04/17/2015

5 Star Rating

16 oz. Pint

This is AWESOME!!!! I had a nice ice cold Pelican Pub beer from start to finish. I put some water with ice cubes in the true pint and even with no lid ice lasted over 8 hours. Really~ so cold it makes your teeth hurt.

Posted by Slick on 04/15/2015

5 Star Rating


This is the only waterbottle i have ever had that keeps ice cubes over 24 hours. AMAZING !!!! LOVE IT

Posted by steve uetrecht on 04/15/2015

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask Owner

This is my 4th Hydro Flask, gave one away as gift to a friend, ran over one with truck by accident, doesn't leak but is to bent to use, and I keep 2 for my use. I think they are the best cup ever. And lifetime warranty (as long as you don't run over it).....I have had to ask for replacement lids which were sent, no questions. Thanks Hydro Flask

Posted by Theresa on 04/11/2015

5 Star Rating

Buy this please

This is the best bottle ever! I love it.Im rough and throw it around and drop it at my job site and it can take it.I work outside in the hottest hot and coldest cold and this bottle never feels either.To whoever reads this for a review, buy it you'll like it and to the company that made this THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.

Posted by Brack on 04/10/2015

5 Star Rating

True Pint

This pint glass is bomber. I love the feel of the glass. Perfect for drinking on hot days. I can't believe how well it maintains the temperature of the beer you pour into it. Enhances your brew for sure.

Posted by Brack on 04/10/2015

5 Star Rating

64oz is perfect beer vessel

This bad boy keeps your beer cold long after you take it out of the fridge or cooler. Took this bad boy camping and left it out of the cooler most of the afternoon and my beer was still cold. Also no sweating at all. Well at least from the Hydro Flask. Lose the glass growler and pick up one of these.

Posted by alan on 04/10/2015

5 Star Rating

How about for Martinis?

I'll bet it should work really awesome! I have two 40 oz one for hot yoga and the other for the car!