Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea and Water Bottle - 18 oz

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Coffee and tea drinkers rejoice - lukewarm drinks are now a thing of the past! The 18 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask with Hydro Flip Lid will keep your coffee and tea steaming hot for up to 12 hours, or your cold beverage icy cold for up to 24 hours.

The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous, meaning no residual bacteria buildup and no hints of yesterday's flavored latte. The BPA-free, PP#5 flip lid provides quick and easy one-handed access and the smartly designed rubber stopper plugs the opening and prevents spills when not in use.

Hydro Flask's 18 oz Wide Mouth bottle, like all Hydro Flask products, is made from environmentally friendly materials, is 100% recyclable and toxin free, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you’re getting the market's premium insulating beverage bottle.

Please note that the Hydro Flip Lid is not leak proof.


  • Large (Wide Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish in 8 colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Diana Correia on 02/18/2015

5 Star Rating

I found the perfect water bottle!

I have been on the quest for a long time,in search for a water bottle that fits my lifestyle. I'm always on the go & when I leave the bottle inside a hot car for a long time it keeps the water/juice cold. I love it. It also does the same for hot coffee. We had many blizzards this year. When there was a threat of a power outage, I would brew my coffee,pour it in the growler and it was still warm the following morning. It was just awesome. Especially when theres no electricity due to these power outages. I used it so much I broke the cap at one point. Just the pice of plastic that attaches it to the growler. As promised, the life time warranty does work. I got my part in the mail with no hassles. Thank you!

Posted by Happy But Disappointed on 02/06/2015

4 Star Rating

Great Insulation But Rust at Welds

I love this product! Drinks stay hot for hours and warm all day. Unfortunately, rust is starting to develop at the weld at the bottom of the flask. I am hoping the company will honor their lifetime guarantee and replace my flask.

Posted by Robyn on 02/04/2015

2 Star Rating

Subpar heat retention

So I've had my 18oz for a while.. I haven't had the coffee stay piping hot for more than 1 hour? Not the 12 hours I was hoping.. at first I thought it was me, but I don't think it is... :( Really disappointed...

Posted by Nick on 01/28/2015

3 Star Rating

Average heat-keeping ability

My experience: Filled with steaming French-press coffee at 7:20 a.m. Didn't open to take a drink until 9:30 a.m. Lid was closed between drinks. Coffee was, by my standards, lukewarm by 10:45 a.m. Not exactly the overwhelming hot beverage experience I was expecting. Model year is 2014

Posted by Richard on 01/26/2015

4 Star Rating

Taking it back for refund

Ad says will keep hot things hot for 12 hours. I purchased an 18 oz for my coffee while playing golf in the early mornings. The hot coffee staye HOT for approximately 1 hour finished the front 9 with Luke warm coffee. Taking it back today

Posted by Coffee lover on 01/24/2015

2 Star Rating

So great...if only it didn't leak!

I had been on the lookout for a new reusable coffee mug. My sister-in-law had given me the 40oz hydro flask and I love it, so when I saw they made an option for coffee I was stoked. Unfortunately from the first use the liquid seeps out from the lid every time I lift it up and take a drink. It doesn't seal properly. I thought maybe I had a unique flaw and even considered buying a new replacement lid, but based on reviews here it looks like the company needs to get on the design flaw.

Posted by Leslie on 01/23/2015

5 Star Rating

18 oz hydro flask wide mouth

I got this for christmas from my son and I absoultely love it!! I love my coffee almost to the boiling state and I can honestly say for me this has worked. The first time i used it I didnt drink my coffee for over 30 minutes after I poured it in the flask, it was still hot, in fact up to a hour or so later it was still very hot. I found out that once hot it stays hot for at least 2 hours from my usage. I would highly recommend this. I have not used it for cold yet but the hot feature has impressed me greatly. The only issue I have come across is that the seal seems to fall out sometimes.

Posted by Jared on 01/14/2015

2 Star Rating

Looks nice but drips from the flip lid and dissipates heat.

Was super excited about this mug but quickly became disappointed after using it. As others have stated, coffee leaks from underneath the flip cap. It's kind of mind boggling how it even happens but I end up with coffee all over my hand. Also, it does not retain heat very well at all, it dissipates and makes your hand sweat if you hold it while filled with a hot beverage. Does not come close to stacking up to the Thermos Nissan mugs I have.

Posted by Vickie on 01/07/2015

2 Star Rating

18 oz hydro flask

I am very disappointed with my 18 oz. Hydro Flask. I have a 40 oz. one that I use for cold beverages and I absolutely love it. It keeps my water cold for days!!! I bought my 18 oz. for hot beverages and it does not keep them warm very long at all. I would say they possibly remain lukewarm for 1 hour max.

Posted by Kevin on 01/04/2015

2 Star Rating

Not buying it

Look like a great product. I was thinking of ordering some but I'm glad I read the reviews. It seems like the old ones made in USA were the good ones and they worked well. Not relly interested in a bottle that leaks or doesnt work well, given that I live in a cold place and enjoy back country skiing.. If the bottle is all stainless and 'BPA free' then why is the wide mouth cap made of plastic??? I certainly dont want my hot boiling drink sitting with that cap for 12 hours and then drinking it..

Posted by Sharon on 01/04/2015

2 Star Rating

So Disappointed that it Leaks

A friend received a Hydro Flask as a gift and I was impressed by its ability to keep drinks hot or cold. I am an inveterate coffee drinker and when I found the Coffee and Tea Flask at a local store, I was delighted. Now I am disappointed. It leaks and drips coffee all the time. Really? What's with that. I think a simple gasket as found in cheaper bottles would fix the problem.

Posted by Michelle on 01/04/2015

5 Star Rating

Best Thermal Bottle!

I bought a couple of Hydro Flask 18 oz bottles for my husband and I. We really like them. They do just as advertised and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. I find it amazing that I can put ice water in my bottle and 8 hours later there is still ice in it. Planning to get more for my family and friends. Great product!

Posted by Sharlett Williams on 12/27/2014

5 Star Rating

Administrative Officer

Purchases my 18 oz flask in Hawaii and it works great. Still had ice the next day.

Posted by Taylor on 12/26/2014

2 Star Rating


I was super excited to get this for Christmas as I appreciate a good travel mug and like the bold red color. I was already envisioning the stickers I would put on it. The flip top design is pretty awful, however. Liquid that doesn't make it into your mouth hole doesn't drain back down the drinking hole and then migrates under the flip lid and eventually drips down the back of the cup leaving coffee rings and coffee hands. Hydro Flask, holler at me if you want some tips. I don't think I will be using your mug until a solution is invented and will stick with my evil Starbucks Corporation tumbler. 303-875-5931

Posted by A.J. SASSO on 12/22/2014

1 Star Rating


This bottle does NOT keep coffee hot for 12 hrs If fact only warm after 4hrs I am returning this bottle.

Posted by K S on 12/21/2014

5 Star Rating

Defies Science

I was working outdoors in -35C in the arctic circle. After 6 hours, with the flip-top lid OPEN to try letting heat out, my hot chocolate was still too hot to drink. I had an infrared thermometer for work and for fun I was measuring the heat loss over time from my Hydroflask. My hot chocolate lost about 3C over 3-4 hours, in a -35C environment. My Hydroflask was nearly 2 years old at the time, now it's 3 years old and still rocking my world. It never leaks, and my drink is always piping hot. If there's any complaint, it's that these work TOO well. I'm addicted, I'll never use anything else.

Posted by Les T on 12/19/2014

3 Star Rating

Not keeping the heat.

Just got this to replace a lost Thermos coffee mug. Main selling point was the "up to 12 hours" for hot beverages. Got the Flip Lid and noticed that my coffee only stays hot up to 5 hours. The lid does get very warm, so I'm guessing the heat is dissipating from the lid. Also, I had the flask in my jacket pocket this morning. Bent over to pick up some paper and the flask fell out and hit the floor. The lid popped off completely and no more coffee. Was very surprised that the lid came off so easily. Going to try it with the screw top and see if there's any difference, but the Flip Lip has issues.

Posted by Kay on 12/18/2014

4 Star Rating

Effective but heavy

I read that it keeps it hot untill 12 hours...well in reality, by 12 hours, it will mostly be warm or room temperature. By 4 hours, my tea is still smoking hot. Overall, I still find that it is very effective at conserving the temperature. The only downfall, is that it is a little heavy. It will add weight to your backpack especially when it is filled up. And last, I love their multiple color selection. I own the purple one!

Posted by awperricelli@gmail.com on 12/17/2014

5 Star Rating

top does not tighten

my top does not thghten .when u thighton it comes loose. need a new one .got it for xmas last year.

Posted by JD on 12/14/2014

2 Star Rating

Nice flask but.....terrible lid

The flask works pretty well but the flip top lid is a horrible design. I went to another brand just to avoid dripping hot coffee all over my hands and lap. Too bad.

Posted by S Stevenson on 12/08/2014

4 Star Rating

It's still hot!!!!!

Wasn't too sure about this purchase, but I'm sure glad I went with it! It seemed a bit price for coffee cup, however four hours later my coffee is still piping hot! My only complaint is that the lid is difficult to drink out of.

Posted by Savannah on 12/04/2014

1 Star Rating


I want to chunk this thing across the room over and over. I have had it for about 2 months (only because I don't have another water bottle because I lost my last one and refuse to waste $25) and tension has been building between us. Any time I want a drink, I can be assured liquid will leak out from the flip top and leave rings of fluid all over my work space. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT. The only redeeming quality of this product is that it does keep my drink very cold. Some might say it doesn't sweat, and it doesn't, but the leaking is even worse than what sweating would be! Ugh so frustrating!

Posted by Masha on 12/02/2014

4 Star Rating

Love it but when is the french press coming?!

it would be even better if you had one with a built-in French coffee press. would save me a step of brewing and pouring it every morning. Just a thought!

Posted by Jason on 11/27/2014

3 Star Rating

Hydro Flask Coffe and Tea

The Hydro Flask is an amazing bottle. I like the design and how well it keeps my tea warm. I am disappointed with the finish quality of the product I received. I am in Canada so I had to order from Amazon. The Hydro Flask that I received had blemished stainless steel on the lip and the inside of the bottle. I am also disappointed in the coffee/tea lid that I purchased. It leaks when closed. If the lid could be improved and I could purchase one that was not blemished I would buy a Hydro Flask again.

Posted by CabinDweller on 11/27/2014

5 Star Rating

Best (coffee) travel mug I've ever used

I've really enjoyed my 32oz wide mouth bottle from Hydroflask. I have a Thermos stainless coffee travel mug that keeps my coffee HOT but it does give it a "mentally" taste. Based on the great experience I've had with my 32oz, I decided to order this coffee mug and give it a try. I have been completed satisfied with this product. It performs very well in all aspects. I think the coffee pours/drinks from this lid better than any other I've ever used.

Posted by Swanky Fork Kitchen Shop on 11/18/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Coffee/Tea Product In The Shop!

Over the past five years of testing travel mugs that would keep coffee and tea drinks ultra hot, I chose to carry the Hydroflask in my kitchen store. I have many, many repeat customers on this product. Another feature we consider is the cap - and, yes, it is leak proof. I've traveled in high altitude mountains and all across Europe - my red can is the best. I use the items I sell in my shop. Better than Zojirushi!

Posted by Selena on 11/14/2014

4 Star Rating


This design truly keeps beverages hot or warm but 1 WISH THIS CAME IN TAHOE BLUE. Hydroflask makers-- PLEASE make this in the light blue! I hate how its that color only for the food flasks. I think it would sell well considering its a best seller

Posted by J on 11/14/2014

5 Star Rating

Love it

This thing is amazing. Keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. Big enough, but not too big.

Posted by GirlattheBeach on 11/08/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Product!

I absolutely love this hydro flask! It keeps my cold drinks cold for hours and does the same for my hot teas and coffees. I have never had a product that didn't make my iced water turn into hot water within an hour and with this product I can go 8+ hours in the hot Hawaii sun and STILL have ice left! I just wish the made this in yellow too!

Posted by Carol on 10/31/2014

4 Star Rating

Purchase a different lid for this one

The hydro flask does keep drinks cold, ice will not melt. But the flip lid only allows a dribble of fluid - very frustrating if you are thirsty. I have to take the lid off to get a normal drink. You will need to purchase the other lid - wish I had

Posted by brenda on 10/31/2014

3 Star Rating

Does not stay hot for 12 or cold for 24 hours

I got myself a 40oz for Hot Yoga and very pleased with it and bought a 24 oz for my daughter. Then I got this size for the car holder but this time it was disappointing. It does not keep my coffee hot longer than 2 hrs and I noticed the difference... The first two products I got did not say made in China and this one does. Go figure... I've looked for other hydro flasks that did not say made in China... Can't find them anymore I guess the company outsourced its production to China.... Really bad decision...

Posted by Lee on 10/30/2014

5 Star Rating


I absolutely love my Hydro Flask! I use it for ice water and it stays cold all day - even into the next day. I keep it on my desk and it doesn't leave water marks - it is the perfect water bottle! I plan to buy several for Christmas gifts this year.

Posted by Gee (AS) on 10/01/2014

5 Star Rating

Love It!

I love this water bottle! I never thought a product existed... but I received one from my cousin in-law that was visiting and been in love with it ever since... It keeps my ice water cold for 24 hours and being on an island that is hot throughout the whole day, it is much needed! Now I'm a big advocate for this product and I'm going to order some more and giveaway for Christmas! Amazing product =) Love Hydro Flask.

Posted by MarkG on 10/01/2014

3 Star Rating

Heat retention capability let down by lid?

I got this as a gift and was pleasantly surprised by the many good reviews it received. I own another thermal/vacuum flask which I use for coffee as well so I expected it function pretty much the same. While "hot" is really subjective and the duration it keeps hot varies (the flask is marketed as being able to keep liquids hot up to 12 hours, but that can mean anything from 1 to 12 hours), the first time I used it I noticed that the lid was warm to touch. I suspected that the heat was escaping through the closed lid, since it isn't made of the same material as the bottle (just plastic). After 2 hours, I would describe the coffee as just warm. If indeed the good technology is let down by just poor material/design of the lid, perhaps Hydro Flask could look to improve on it. I have since ordered a stainless steel cap from a competitor just to compare the difference in its heat retention capability.

Posted by Cindy Benoit on 09/09/2014

5 Star Rating

18 oz Pink

I LOVE my Hydro Flask, both my husband and I have one, of course he has the bigger 40 oz, but I wouldn't trade mine for the world, it keeps my water cold and the ice will last a good 24 hours!! If you don't have one and you are reading this ORDER IT!! Worth the $$ by FAR!!

Posted by Jim on 09/02/2014

5 Star Rating

awesome for coffee

But it's amazing for beer! Do yourself a solid and buy one in your favorite color. Why isn't there a pint glass shaped one of these? Every craft brew joint in the modern world should serve beer in a vacuum insulated vessle such as this. The only reason I can't see it happening is that the flask is opaque. Anyway; if you do end up making a pint glass shaped product, I deserve a cut! For serious, buy one of these, they are great!

Posted by China Trash on 08/31/2014

1 Star Rating

Buy Amarican, Screw CHINA!!!

I was going to buy/try your bottle in my quest for a new water bottle, but after reading that you sold out to China, FORGET ABOUT IT! Nonexistent Quality Control and inferior materials/products is the definition of China the products produced there. A country that allows melamine in baby formula. Melamine is the material they use make countertop and flooring laminates out of. I would bet that the steel in these bottle is part lead or some other carcinogenic material that may not kill you today, but don't bet on being here sick tomorrow. So sad that good products and companies have to go the greed route. I would pay more knowing it was American made, but that means it has to be made in America. Just because it designed here and then actually made in some other third world hole like China doesn't mean we should buy it. China is about the worst. I bet you are asking why America isn't number one anymore - look in the mirror and you will see. Greed => Hydro Flask!

Posted by Not impressed. on 08/30/2014

2 Star Rating

Not impressed... still.

For the price I had paid, I had really hoped to be supporting a product that was ATLEAST made somewhere in the Americas. Won't be buying any more.

Posted by disappointed customer on 08/29/2014

1 Star Rating

higher prices and LOWER quality

Too bad this company lost it's conscience, went greedy, and thinks customers won't notice what JUNK Hydroflask now is. I have had 2 "Hydro-Flip Lids" break within weeks-and not from dropping or any abuse. They just crack and fall apart. For the amount of money Hydroflask charges for their bottles, you'd think they would be smart enough to realize that customers who pay this much won't cringe knowing they're made in China. I don't rave about nor recommend Hydroflask any more, and from the other reviews, I'm not alone in my sentiment.

Posted by Mightycessa on 08/10/2014

5 Star Rating

Amazing flask and technology!

I just returned from a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean and I carried the 18oz flask as well as the 40oz flask with me during my trip. These flasks are amazing and I carried them with me on many different excursions including an all day trip to the beach on Haiti, a 3 hour snorkeling trip on a catamaran in the Cayman Islands and then a 6 hour jeep tour in Cozumel, Mexico. I filled them with water and ice before all of my trips and never once was the water not cold and the flasks never sweated so they are great to carry alongside your clothes in a backpack and not having to worry about anything getting wet. I tested these for more than 24 hours in many cases and they still had ice in them keeping the water cold. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a great flask that will keep everything cold (or hot if you prefer). My only recommendation is to get a larger version that what you think you will need especially if you are going to be out in the heat. I had the 40z with during the entire 7 day cruise and with the heat I still drank more than I thought I would. These make my trips even more enjoyable to just be able to have ice cold water any time I wanted. Thanks Hydro Flask! Amazing product and keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to acquiring more of your products soon!

Posted by Carolyn on 08/06/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Bottle!

once you get past the politics of the Bottle being manufactured in China, it really is a wonderful product. I know a lot of people have given the bottle poor ratings because it is now made in China, but let me tell you I am in the Navy and believe me I put this thing through the wringer it has preformed beautifully. when I am standing watch on fridgid night outside all I can think about is hot coffee and hot tea, this little guy really delivers. everyone on my ship has one and they all swear by it. if you want hot coffee/ Tea for hours, this is your bottle

Posted by TaraMarie on 07/28/2014

2 Star Rating

Easily Dentable

I do sing praises to the other properties of the flask--it indeed keeps my drink cold for 24 hours. I can fill it up at night, go to sleep with it, have cold water when I wake up thirsty, and there's even still ice in the morning the next day. But I realized upon reading the description closer, only the INSIDE is made of steel. I've had stainless steel water canteens/flasks (non-insulated) for years upon years without them ever denting. My hydro flask dented after a month and now doesn't stand without wobbling or toppling over. I don't like that "18/8 Stainless Steel" is printed on the flask as if the entire flask is made out of it. The outer wall is aluminum or something else--depending on the paint color. Engravers have discovered that upon engraving certain pink, red, brown or black bottles, the material underneath is copper-colored. (Don't ever engrave it though, that's just stupid. If you're curious, just google engraving services it to see what I mean.) This is actually why some flasks, you see a silver ring just below where the cap threads onto it, and other flasks, it's completely coated In any case, it's incredibly easily dentable/malleable. Don't ever drop it, not even from 2 feet. It is *not* steel on the outside. No doubt the vacuum seal between the two walls is just beckoning for the thin outer wall to dent inward. With practically any dent, you will end up with cracks in the outer coating. Be careful; one compromise in the coating could lead to it chipping off in bigger amounts with enough time and exposure to liquid between the cracks. In other words, once you dent it, that's not your only problem. The vacuum seal could've been compromised and the coating could crack and start coming off. Sh*t happens and you can only protect it and be safe with it for so long... This is why I think ALL the materials used in the flask should be advertised, to let people know the entire flask is NOT steel; hopefully they'll be extra-extra careful with it (which still kinda sucks that we have to). That the 18/8 is stamped on the flask seems somewhat like false advertising since it doesn't say stainless *interior.* The fact that you have to be extra careful with it kind of lessens the range of use. I take it hiking and most often to workout so it's exposed to a lot of potential hazards. If everyone has to be "gentle" and protective of their flasks to prevent dents (not to mention to protect their $20+ investment!) then everyone probably shouldn't take it out hiking/working out, etc. Which greatly lessens the value to me. I wouldn't have paid $25 for a stay-at-home glorified coffee cup. To each his own though. If you don't mind, just be careful. Know that it isn't steel on the outside; more like thin aluminum and it definitely isn't any degree of "rugged."

Posted by Pseudo-Fed on 07/21/2014

1 Star Rating

Old one=Good; China one=bad

Newer 18 ounce leaks at flip lid base. Stock lid doesn't seal tight unless use much strength, and then difficult to get off. I'm sorry, but I blame China QC. Come on, up the price as necessary and sell a well QC'd, USA made product.

Posted by David McCann on 07/17/2014

1 Star Rating

China Outsource RUINED Quality

Once a great product I swore by and gifted to friends and families. Unfortunately, greed set in and now all the products are made in China. Compare old products to new-night and day. Last three for friends have all had to be returned, many numerous times. You guys are better than this, Hydroflask.

Posted by Mike on 07/16/2014

4 Star Rating

Could be 5 starts but China?

Why, why, why did you fold? I've purchased about 10 of your bottles for my family. They are awesome, just like this bottle, but man you lost a star because you outsourced.

Posted by Amanda on 07/12/2014

5 Star Rating

Can switch drinks up and doesnt have a bad taste. Great quality....wish it was made in US.

I love that I can switch different drinks and there is no left over taste. I was surprised that water stayed cold when i forgot it in my car all weekend. Wish it was made in the US but still an amazing product. Have bought several more. I do wish they figure out how to make coffee lids leak proof.

Posted by lostconsumer on 07/07/2014

1 Star Rating

Poor decisions

I have purchased over 30 of these for myself, family and gifts. I am good with supporting USA companies. Sadly, you went and sourced out to China. The last two flasks for my son and daughter do not hold the cold as long as mine that is older and prior to your china decision. I was a HUGE advocate of Hydro Flask and proud to give these out, no longer. Quality is of utmost importance and I just don't see the same quality as before. Both of the Chinese Flasks have chipping paint and poor finish, not to mention that they don't hold Ice as long.

Posted by a on 06/25/2014

5 Star Rating


David is dumb

Posted by David on 05/26/2014

1 Star Rating


That's all I need too know.

Posted by Erica on 05/15/2014

5 Star Rating


I use this flask for my water at work.. My water stays ICY COLD ALL DAY. I fill up in the morning and drink about 3-4 cups at work. At the end of my shift there is usually some water left and when i get in the next day the water is still there and its STILL ICY COLD. Best Water Bottle Around.. I recommend. I will be ordering one for my mom.

Posted by Lindy on 05/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Product

I first bought one of these hydroflasks for my son's birthday last summer. At first he thought it was weird, but after using it loves it. In fact, his co-workers (in the Navy) all went out and bought the same bottles. Their work environment is sometimes very hot. In March of this year, I bought 4 of these -- 2 sports bottles, one wide mouth 40 oz. and the coffee/tea flange -- although I couldn't get all the preferred colors I wanted. I think it's great to drink ice cold water that doesn't taste like tepid plastic water. The flip top is almost drip proof -- it only has a couple drops if turned sideways. The screw top has a better seal, but is less convenient when on a bike. Both styles fit in the drink holders on my bike. It keeps coffee and tea so HOT that I have to add ice cubes to make it drinking temperature! It really does keep beverages hot or cold for long periods of time. From the other reviews, it seems these used to be made in the US? I would love to see this product made in the US -- that would be even better. I do hope this company gets their supply sorted out to keep up with demand.

Posted by Jeannette bento on 04/23/2014

1 Star Rating

Hydro flask

Mine did not work. Bought it from Columbia store in Las Vegas who said to contact you folks,JUNK product at 24 bucks a piece. called customer service and they were going to give me another, but I don't want another one,want money back.My mom bought for at almost 100.00 of ill advertised product.junk pice of shit!writing to consumer affairs. Don't buy.junk stuff!,,

Posted by Jeannette bento on 04/23/2014

1 Star Rating

Hydro flask

Mine did not work. Bought it from Columbia store in Las Vegas who said to contact you folks,JUNK product at 24 bucks a piece. called customer service and they were going to give me another, but I don't want another one,want money back.My mom bought for at almost 100.00 of ill advertised product.junk pice of shit!writing to consumer affairs. Don't buy.junk stuff!,,

Posted by Kim on 04/18/2014

1 Star Rating

NONE in stock

Not a single 18oz in stock, only 2-40 oz water bottle colors of 9 in stock and no ice trays...the 3 items I came shopping for. Seriously? Where do you go to buy one of these, if not from the company??? OH AMAZON has them. Really! May need to rethink your production levels.

Posted by T-AVL on 04/08/2014

2 Star Rating

Why only 16oz?

Hmm.. No 20oz in the widemouth? 16oz is not a large at your local coffee shop... Come on!! Give us a 20 ouncer widemouth!

Posted by Maggie on 04/04/2014

2 Star Rating

Originally great, more recently their quality has become really questionable

I originally received this product as a gift and loved it. It kept things hot or cold for hours. I used it for my coffee every morning. So, I was really disappointed when I lost the flip to lid. So, I called the company and ordered a new lid. However, it was really difficult to screw on, like it didn't fit the bottle and leaked terribly (from around the bottom of the lid, not the flip top opening). I figured it must be some defect with the threading, so, I called, and they sent me a replacement, but that one also leaked, and seems not to fit the threading of the bottle. I don't know if this is happening because the threading has changed since they have outsourced manufacturing of their products to China, but I am really disappointed in the current quality of this product. And it is such a shame, because it seemed like such a great USA made product.

Posted by beth on 04/01/2014

1 Star Rating

no rating yet

Very upset these are made in China but the bottom line for all these companies is MONEY MONEY MONEY,its ashame they don't care about the American people anymore

Posted by Troy on 03/28/2014

5 Star Rating

Great product

I have a 40oz hydro flask and love it. It is a fantastic product. My only complaint is that the company has been out of stock on the 18oz tea and coffee flask for months.

Posted by Esther on 03/20/2014

4 Star Rating

Super cold water

I love this water bottle as it keeps my water so cold even when I leave the bottle in the hot car! You do have to be careful with the pop up lid because it has come open lots of time for me so that's the negative part of the bottle. I do have a flat top lid but it's not as convenient to drink from especially when driving. I totally recommend this water bottle!

Posted by Jesse on 03/12/2014

5 Star Rating

Keeps coffee too hot.

This hyper-effective insulated vessel works too well. It's been two hours and my coffee is still too hot for my wimpy mouth to drink. Please make products that don't work as well as you say they do, like the rest of the companies on the internet. This is messing with my inveterate distrust of marketing claims.

Posted by Jason on 03/05/2014

5 Star Rating

Cool Bottle

I drink coffee and lots of water at work, this is perfect! The flat cap is the way to go. The flip top could open and leak in your backpack.

Posted by Selena on 02/26/2014

5 Star Rating


I have this flask and I use it every day. Keeps my tea piping hot. I find the lid great also. I usually keep it upright, but times where I've put it in my bag, it didn't leak.

Posted by hydroman on 02/24/2014

2 Star Rating

great bottle but leaky lid

As usual, the stainless bottle is excellent but have had problems with poor quality Hydro-flip lid leaking.

Posted by Don on 02/15/2014

5 Star Rating


It did what it says! For those mystified by less than 12 hours of hot ... before filling with a hot beverage run very hot tap water in first to bring the liner up in temp. It's not rocket science. It works.

Posted by Mona Hatch on 02/03/2014

5 Star Rating

coffee or tea flask

When will this item be in stock?

Posted by Michael Campanello on 01/30/2014

1 Star Rating

Review Follow-Up

I recently posted here about how annoyed I was that you're always out of stock. I wound up buying the two 18 oz. bottles that I needed via a third party retailer. Now I come to find out on the bottom of each bottle that they're now made in China. I checked it next to my older bottle and they have no such stamping on them. What a great product, but between always being out of stock and their country of origin, you can't even imagine how disappointed I am. Who is making these decisions? I hope they replace them before there is no more Hydro Flask.

Posted by Hydrating in the 808 - Island Style on 01/28/2014

5 Star Rating

Great Product, Bad Manufacturing Choice

I love your product. It works great keeping my drinks cold. Many of my family members also have either the 21 oz or 18 oz bottles. I wish the product was made in the good old USA. I would be willing to pay a little more for a product made in the USA than a cheaper price for something made in China. Keep the money in the USA!!! Let's bring great products like yours back to manufacturing plants in the USA. Maybe we won't have to search so hard for accessories or favorite colored bottles. Closer to ship in the US than over the ocean, through customs, on to a truck for delivery, and finally into a store for sale. Get the picture. ;-) ALOHA BRADDAH!!!

Posted by Ruthy on 01/27/2014

4 Star Rating

Y'all need to go on SHARK TANK on TV...

How can you be sold out for so long...get a loan on Shark Tank and expand your business...c'mon....provide us what the consumers want!!! More of these things...get into doing "TO GO BOWLS" or something..so I can take my lunch to work...or drive my food to my family and still have it hot for them...THESE THINGS ROCK!!!

Posted by n8 on 01/20/2014

4 Star Rating

Where is brown?

What the heck! Why isn't there a brown color?!

Posted by Hb on 01/19/2014

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I really wanted PINK

Posted by Hb on 01/19/2014

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coffee tea and water bottle

I love these hydro flask bottles but you out of stock in all my favorite colors . This is very sad.

Posted by Ashley Bean on 01/17/2014

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Colored Hydros

When can I order a pink, blue and green ones?

Posted by I like my 18 oz bottle but was extremely disappointed to discover it was made in China. I will not buy another as I strongly believe in keeping Oregonians and Americans working! on 01/10/2014

1 Star Rating

Great Bottle "Made in China"

I bought my flask back in August and absolutely love it. Recently for Christmas I found a purple one and bought it for my sister as I THOUGHT it was made in Oregon and I always try to support American made. I was very saddened to notice when she opened it and went to use it to see it was made in China. Sadly I will no longer buy them for my friends. I know sometimes it can be difficult for businesses to do well in the US business world but I had been willing to pay more for a quality product that I knew kept Oregonians working. I can buy a “Bubba” mug at Walmart for a third of the price if I didn’t care where it came from. Guess I just wanted to let you know that we as consumers do care where are products are made. I will no longer be touting the wonderful Hydro Flasks that are now made in China. Sad but true. How about giving 5% back to our Oregon economy?

Posted by Michael Campanello on 12/28/2013

1 Star Rating

How Do They Stay In Business???

This company makes the absolute best 5 star rating thermal bottles on the planet. I have purchased over 20 of these bottles in assorted sizes and colors for myself and for giving out as gifts. So why the 1 star rating? They're always out of stock on their own product. When they first came out with the wide mouth, pop-up straw cap, thank goodness I bought four of them. They have been "Out Of Stock" on this item for at least 6 months. They claimed that even they didn't realize what a big hit this cap would be. But come on...if they started to build a new factory for manufacturing these lids on the day they ran out of them, the new factory would be up and running already. And guess what...they're still out of stock, with no arrival date in sight. I realize that other companies such as Amazon.com carry this product, but even they are running out. In the past, I have purchased many of the 18 oz. wide mouth bottles and given them out as gifts to my coffee/tea drinking friends. Sometimes, I've purchased these bottles even though my preferred color was out of stock. I bought them anyway, just because they are such great bottles. Now that I need two more 18 oz. bottles for myself, they've been out of stock in every single color for months. It seems to me that someone at the top is asleep at the wheel. This is a great business with a great product that is being run by somebody that unfortunately seems to be really incompetent. I admit that I have no expertise in business management, but I will tell you this...I don't know how to play the piano either, but I can sure as hell tell if YOU can play one or not. C'mon, folks...You pretty much do only one thing...BOTTLES, and they're the BEST!!! Most businesses with overstocked warehouses could only WISH to enjoy the demand for their products that you guys do. But if you don't start making your products available soon, even your most loyal customers, such as myself, are going to go away.

Posted by Tiffany on 12/10/2013

5 Star Rating


I Love our Hydro Flasks!!! We have the big 64 oz a couple 18 oz and a couple 8 oz. We take them everywhere and they never sweat! We tell friends and family about how GREAT this brand is. We have given many as gifts because we know that weather you drink hot tea, coffee, or cold water, juice, or smoothies you will enjoy this product. The colors are exceptional too! :) Buy one or three you won't regret it.

Posted by Jenifer Clark on 11/28/2013

5 Star Rating

Favorite flask

I purchased mine this summer and it has not left my side since. This is the best at keeping my water cold or my coffee hot for a long time!! I have tried many different types and this is the only one that actually works....and....this is huge for me.....I DOESNT SWEAT!!!!! Can't say enough good things about this product. Run to get yours, don't walk and you won't regret it.

Posted by Brandon on 11/19/2013

5 Star Rating


I just bought mine from Dutch Bros Coffee yes they sell them and then you get a free coffee in it! GREAT BOTTLE keeps my coffee very hot for a long time!!

Posted by Katie Beverly on 11/14/2013

5 Star Rating

Reprographic Tech

I do have an issue with these lol. I made tea for me at about 6:00, and when I went to drink it about 11:00 it was still too hot. I love this, and purchasing them for Christmas Presents :-)

Posted by Taylor on 10/14/2013

5 Star Rating

Best tea mug!!

This is the best tea mug and the last you will ever have to purchase! Keeps hot for longer than you'll need and cold for over 24 hours.

Posted by Java Scott on 10/13/2013

5 Star Rating

Good until after lunch doldrums

I take coffee to work in the morning but don't always finish it by the afternoon. If I am tired after a big lunch, I am happy to find very warm coffee still waiting in my Hydro Flask.

Posted by K.A. Wiegand on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle ever!!

This water bottle is amazing. I work 10 hour shifts and at the end of my shift there was still ice in the flask. It doesn't sweat and the cap fits snugly so no leaks. I like the wide mouth since it makes it easier to fill with ice.

Posted by JC on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

great product

This bottle is wonderful! Easy to use, easy to clean, nice size, and does not leak. Hopefully the cap will last. So far, it holds up well after 1 month of use.

Posted by Linda H. on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Stays cold

IT REALLY DOES STAY COLD ALL DAY!? I enjoy coming to my car after shopping and my water is still cold!

Posted by James Welch on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Absolutely the BEST

I have a cabinet full of these types of vessels. I will be recycling/donating/traching all of them except my Hydro Flasks. Keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot...VERY WELL. Does not leak at all. Once for coffee. One for water. Once for tea. Done, done, and done!

Posted by charlene h chadband on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Great for hot OR cold!

This flask is GREAT for keeping liquids hot OR cold. Ice lasts all day and hot liquids STAY hot for nearly 6 hours. It fits my car cup[holder great and the flip cap keeps all liquids secure even if the flask tips over. I LOVE the pink and the exterior is durable.

Posted by Jane B. on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating


I love love love this drinking bottle. I only drink water and this is the best bottle you will find on the market. It really keeps the water ice cold and the cap closes very tightly. I carry it everywhere and feel lost without it. Love the purple shade. The stainless steel interior is the best and the water has no aftertaste. I highly recommend this bottle. I've tried them all and you cannot go wrong with purchasing this bottle. I'm a big water drinker and I take it to work and refill it with ice and the ice lasts a long time. I bought a red Hydroflask bottle for my husband who thought I was crazy to spend so much money on a bottle but he absolutely loves his. He has the 40 oz size and he takes it everyday with him in the car while traveling with my dog. The quality of the material is top notch and the company stands behind its products. Great gift idea. Enjoy.

Posted by AJT on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Lives up to all the positive reviews!

This is a great water bottle! I fill it about halfway with ice in the morning, top it off with water, and refill throughout the day. The ice lasts all day and even through the night when in my office or at home. I have left it in my car for 6+ hours on a humid, 80+ degree day and still had ice when I got back to the car. I have not tried it with hot beverages, but it works as advertised with cold drinks and the 18oz. fits perfectly in a cup holder. One note for when you order - double check the type of lid that comes with the color you choose to be sure you get the lid you want. I ordered the orange flask for my husband, which came with the flip lid, but the green one that I ordered for myself came with a different lid so I had to order the flip lid separately. This a great product, and well worth the price, plus 5% of your purchase price goes to a charity of your choosing via a code on the sleeve that comes on the flask. Go ahead and order one - you will not be disappointed!

Posted by Marveling Mom on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask with Hydro Flip Cap - Great for Disneyland

I purchased 8 of these for the kids and 2 adults for a trip to Disneyland in the summer. They were perfect. No spills through the flip cap and the drinks stayed cold all day. The size had to be manageable enough for the 4 year olds to hold, and the 18 ounce size accomplished that. The flasks were emptied of their water within about 2 hours of being in the park, but since the ice was still intact, all we had to do was refill with the free water cups provided by the Disneyland restaurants or refill from the Platypus collapsible bottle I brought. The cup didn't suit the 1 year old, since the flip lid didn't have a sippy cup like projection. Our insulated 18 oz stainless steel Thermos bottle with locking lid did the trick for him, but it certainly didn't retain the ice the way the Hydro Flask did. The only drawback, I wish the product was still manufactured in the USA. I delayed making the purchase many times, because of that reason.

Posted by Chris Lytle on 09/23/2013

4 Star Rating

Awesome products

You cannot go wrong with any of the Hydro Flask products - they keep your cold beverages cold and hot products hot. I really like the new flip lids that they have developed for the 18 and 40oz bottle sizes. The 18oz packed with ice does not leave a lot of room for beverage and would like to see HF make a 28-32oz bottle that the flip lid will fit on.

Posted by Scott on 09/04/2013

5 Star Rating

Perfect for all day coffee

I am all over the place in the office all day and often abandon my coffee at my desk. It is great not coming back to cold coffee whenever I do. This is a great product.