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Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask - 12 oz

Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask - 12 oz
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The Food Flask by Hydro Flask is like a mini-fridge that you can actually carry.

Great for transporting food or hearty liquids to and from the office, school or anywhere in-between, our double wall vacuum insulated technology will keep hot foods steaming hot and cold foods chilled and fresh. The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior means non-porous storage with no residual odors or flavors from the previous day’s contents, while our airtight BPA-free, PP#5 lid keeps today's meal as fresh going out as it was going in.

The 12 oz Food Flask is just the right size for snacks and in-between meal temptations. It's also small enough to easily throw into a backpack, book bag or purse. Durable and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Food Flask's 3.25" mouth opening allows for easy access for eating straight out of the container, as well as great pouring ability.

The Food Flask by Hydro Flask will keep contents hot or cold up to 3 hours. Food Flasks are not microwave safe.

Posted by Art C on 08/27/2014

5 Star Rating


I have the 18 oz and it is awesome. Keeps my coffee hot so I dont have to keep dumping it when it gets cold. Highly recommended. Thanks Hydro Flask

Posted by Ed s. on 03/27/2014

3 Star Rating

Hydro flask insulated Tahoe blue

Pros: water tight, solid design, easy to clean & pack Cons: food/beverage doesn't maintain heat for very long

Posted by aaron on 01/23/2014

5 Star Rating

Perfect for cooking oatmeal of nine grain cereal!

I've been using the 18oz and 40oz flasks for tea and liquids for some time and I have been very happy. But.... I had a hunch that this product could cook nine grain cereal effectively with the jar's excellent heat retention. Sure enough I was right! I scoop the desired amount of (dry) nine grain into the jar and add a small amount of hot water from my tea kettle, and in about 10 mins, it is perfect! I've tried to find the best way to cook nine grain in the mornings, and this is by far the fool proof way. Microwaving or cooking on the stove requires too much tending and cajoling. This is the best solution! I plan to use this everyday!

Posted by Jake on 11/20/2013

2 Star Rating

Am I doing something wrong?

Well I bought this little guy after having great luck with the 18 oz Coffee and Tea Flask. I was so excited after buying it that I filled it with some piping hot soup and in a matter of 30 minutes, my soup was cold. Am I doing something wrong? I hand wash it and I've never dropped or damaged it. I've had it exactly a week and bout it brand new from the shop I work at. Please help! -Jake

Posted by Anna on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Really Useful Food Jar

I love this food jar. I've been a big fan of Hydro Flask's drinking flasks for a year so when it was time to get myself some food jars I couldn't resist trying theirs. It has no breakable parts, so it's good for tossing in a backpack, its surface is nice to look at, easy to hold and doesn't sweat, and it keeps hot things hot & cold things cold. I have two of these, the 12oz and the 17oz. The 12oz jar holds 1 and 1/3 cups of food comfortably, and the 17 oz jar holds 2 cups of food comfortably. The lids are interchangeable. I've used both my jars for hot and cold food (lentil soup and yogurt with berries) and they have both performed really well: they keep food hot or cold for about 3 hours so I can have a nice healthy lunch and then after that although the leftovers tend towards room temperature, the insulation seems to keep things from spoiling before evening allows me to rinse the jars out. I haven't had these long enough to forget to clean them at night, but judging from how things work with the drinking flasks, they will be easy to clean so that there are no lingering smells. I've used other food jars before, but I prefer these Hydro Flask ones because they are so stylish & practical and they feel so much more substantial without weighing too much. I'm really happy I invested in them.

Posted by Monique Auchey on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Saves you money & time

Outstanding Product! Using the 8 or 12oz hydro flask (we have several) for work lunches has been very convenient and economical. I don't have to go into the office lunchroom and stand in line at the microwave. I simply prepare my meal in the morning and it's the perfect temperature by the lunch hour. I bought two more - for the kids' lunchboxes, and they are a hit - we all have delicious home cooked meals every day of the week. Better for you than fast food - and I have saved a ton of money.... We also have several 21oz Hydro Flask "water bottles" - I am never without mine. Double wall insulated - these are the best! We even have a really big one (beer growler) ....

Posted by S. Abbott on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Fantastic food flask

I heat up soup in the morning and by lunch time, it's still piping hot for me. The other bonus with this flask over all the cheaper plastic ones out there is that I can't break it. I often drop things (yes, I'm clumsy) and I haven't even dented this one yet! Usage Tip: Since the flask is metal, if it's cold when you fill it with hot food, that will cool down your meal. Filling the flask with hot water for a few minutes will warm it up sufficiently so that you won't loose the warmth of your food once added.

Posted by HotNaz on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Too Cool

Best insulated food container hands down. This is my third hydroflask and probably not by last! I love the colors and the durability.

Posted by Jon "J.Cartagena" on 09/23/2013

4 Star Rating

Still lives to rep

This works just as good as their water bottles, of which I bought 3 more for the rest of my family. This container is very small but it works well for small snacks, soup or deserts.

Posted by Janet B. on 12/09/2011

4 Star Rating

Kids Lunches

My kids love these for their lunches!