Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask - 17 oz

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The Food Flask is like a mini-fridge that you can actually carry.

Great for transporting food or hearty liquids to and from the office, school or anywhere in between, our double wall vacuum seal technology will keep hot foods steaming hot and cold foods chilled and fresh.

The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior means non-porous storage with no residual odors or flavors from the previous day’s contents, while our airtight, BPA-free PP#5 lid keeps today's meal as fresh going out as it was going in.

The 17 oz Food Flask has ample room for a ready-to-eat meal or for bulk items from the grocery store. Durable and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Food Flask’s wide mouth opening allows for easy access for eating straight out of the container, as well as easy pouring.

The Food Flask will keep contents hot or cold up to 3 hours.

Posted by Jason on 02/09/2015

2 Star Rating

Good size, easy to use, not well insulated.

It's a perfect size for a nice sized lunch. Very easy to eat of with a spoon due to it's size and shape. Even with pre-heating, my boiling hot food is warm to lukewarm by lunchtime. I believe that the cap is the weak link in the thermal system. I'd gladly pay a bit more for a better cap. With all that said, I'd prefer my food warm to cold, so it's still useful to me.

Posted by Gail on 01/11/2015

1 Star Rating

Love Other Products But Food Flask Diappointment

I LOVE my Hydroflask beverage flask which truely does keep hot beverages hot and ice cubes intact for hours. However, I'm disappointed with the food flask purchased for my husband's lunches, which he packs about 4 hours ahead. Soup was lukewarm by lunchtime even with boiling water added ahead of filling with soup. Had I looked at the website, I would have seen that this flask only keeps things hot up to 3 hours, however those specs were not on the label. I'll be returning this to the retailer.

Posted by Lynn on 01/07/2015

1 Star Rating

Disappointing for a Hydroflask

As a major fan of my 21 oz regular Hydroflask, I bought this so I could take hot food to school and not have to stand in line to use the microwave in the teachers' lounge. My food was too-hot-to-handle when I put it in the Hydroflask at 7 AM. When noon rolled around, the food was barely warm. How disappointing. I realize the description, at the bottom, says three hours. Considering the stellar performance of my original Hydroflask, I was expecting my food to be at least warm enough to eat. Lukewarm green beans are just not appetizing.

Posted by Hydro Flask Fan on 11/29/2014

1 Star Rating

Warm is not hot and that isn't cool!

I have several Hydro Flask products. I bought both the 17oz and 12oz food flasks to carry hot and cold lunch items for work. The smaller one, which I use to keep cold items in, like fruit or yogurt, does keep these things cold for several hours. The larger flask, which I use for hot items is another story. I have tried EVERYTHING to help this flask keep my food hot, to no avail. I have heated the flask with hot water while I microwave my food. This did not keep the blazing hot food even CLOSE to warm, just 4 hours later! Mind you, I kept my "Hot" flask and my cold flask in separate bags, in an effort to keep that "Hot" food hot. No luck. My "Hot" food is consistently barely warm. So, I started putting the heated flask with hell hot food into TWO insulated lunch bags, doubled together. Four hours later, that hot food was barely warm. So, considering Hydro Flask's claims, using these flasks with the intention of keeping food hot for any length of time is inaccurate at best. I'm very disappointed, as these flasks pack nicely and are very convenient to use (with cold items only).

Posted by Jacqueline on 10/20/2014

5 Star Rating


This food flask is awesome. I have spend SO much in search for a thermos container for my kids for lunch and have not been successful until now. I am a walking advertiser for this company and their products, I go around telling all, especially those lunch packers to buy it, its well worth it!

Posted by Ross N on 02/05/2014

4 Star Rating

Great product.

Bought my food flask at beginning of winter to pack soup when getting off the river from kayaking . This is a great product I use it probaly 2-3 times a week in the winter just for lunches. The only complaint I have is that I wish it was bigger . Sometimes hard to fit all my soup in at one shot. If they would would make a 23oz or 24oz that would be perfect. But for now it will do , also I bought there 21oz bottle for hot chocolate works great. I recomend all your products to my kayaking buddies.

Posted by John Tompkins on 10/13/2013

5 Star Rating

Perfect for school

My kids love these for their school lunches. We whip something up for them in the morning before school and by the time their lunch rolls around, it's still warm. Great product.

Posted by Mary on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Great product!

This was for my son, second size he has had and he loves them beyond words. They work great, a product that does what it says it will do!

Posted by Consolacio Pangan on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Very happy with this purchase

I bought this jar long time ago and never had the chance to use it. I bought the 21oz. bottle for my hot yoga and I am so very satisfied keeping the water cold for long hours even after my yoga. Now I tried this food jar to keep my oatmeal warm and took it to work. Hours later, I was surprised it kept warm. It exceeded my expectation. I will purchase again and this time, it will be the 17 oz.

Posted by Anna on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Really Useful Food Jar

I love this food jar. I've been a big fan of Hydro Flask's drinking flasks for a year so when it was time to get myself some food jars I couldn't resist trying theirs. It has no breakable parts, so it's good for tossing in a backpack, its surface is nice to look at, easy to hold and doesn't sweat, and it keeps hot things hot & cold things cold. I have two of these, the 12oz and the 17oz. The 12oz jar holds 1 and 1/3 cups of food comfortably, and the 17 oz jar holds 2 cups of food comfortably. The lids are interchangeable. I've used both my jars for hot and cold food (lentil soup and yogurt with berries) and they have both performed really well: they keep food hot or cold for about 3 hours so I can have a nice healthy lunch and then after that although the leftovers tend towards room temperature, the insulation seems to keep things from spoiling before evening allows me to rinse the jars out. I haven't had these long enough to forget to clean them at night, but judging from how things work with the drinking flasks, they will be easy to clean so that there are no lingering smells. I've used other food jars before, but I prefer these Hydro Flask ones because they are so stylish & practical and they feel so much more substantial without weighing too much. I'm really happy I invested in them.

Posted by Celmira on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Insulated Food container review

The insulated food flask is very good. Nothing extraordinary, just good enough for my purposes which is to carry hot food to work. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a container that size.

Posted by Contents were HOT! on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Bella's Mama

I purchased this and a Thermos brand of similar size for work. This one held the heat better and did not leak.

Posted by Sedwards on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

great container

Perfect container for single serving juice drinks out of the blender or juicer to bring to the office for the day. Can drink straight out of the container or transfer. Contents stay cold for at least 8-10 hours in my experience. Imparts no metallic taste to juices.