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Hydro Flask Insulated Tactical Bottle - 21 oz

Hydro Flask Insulated Tactical Bottle - 21 oz
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Featuring color tones perfect for a day out in the field or deep in the brush, the 21 oz Tactical Line Hydro Flasks are the ideal choice for those looking for a neutral colored flask that will blend in easily with the surrounding environment.

The Hydro Flask Tactical Line is available in four colors: Nite Ops Black, Foilage Green, Desert Tan and Coyote Brown. The colors are specified to the exact pantones used by military and service organizations and include a tone-on-tone Hydro Flask logo.

The 21 oz Tactical Line Hydro Flasks feature the same great technology as all other Hydro Flask lines. Cast from double wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel, the flasks keep contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. Each flask is BPA-free, resistant to bacteria and odors, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Look for the silver ring on the neck of every Narrow Mouth and Standard Mouth Hydro Flask to ensure you're getting the best performing water bottle on the market.


  • Patented Standard Mouth Size
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Matte Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Gary on 12/02/2013

3 Star Rating

Not Great For Hot Drinks

I bought mine for hot coffee while duck hunting. My first experience was not great so I tested it. I preheated the bottle for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then I ran hot tap water (140 deg) in the bottle. I came back 4 hours later and the water temp in the bottle had dropped 10 degrees to 130 deg. The bottle had not been opened in the first 4 hours. If it had been opened the drop in temp would have been greater. The bottle is very durable and the colors are great, but keeping drinks hot was dissapointing.

Posted by Chizz Fitness on 12/01/2013

5 Star Rating

This is what I'm talking about

I ran an 8 hour test on my hot chocolate and when I drank it, it burnt my tongue. It's better than what had previously where my hands got burned holding it then in 20 minutes it was as cold as the room. Originally I was on the Klean Kanteen campaign but this definatley got my switch over. I still have respect for Klean though cause of their different styles but as of now I'm down with the hydro crew.

Posted by Trent on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Love mine - way better than the Klean Kanteen Version

I purchased this in red about 6 months ago when looking for an insulated water bottle. I love the Hyrdoflask! Shortly after I bought it my wife used it and loved it, and wanted one for herself. When I was shopping at REI I found the Klean Kanteen version Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle - Night Sky 20 oz. on sale and so decided to give it to my wife for Christmas. This review covers a comparison between the two. The short story? I think this HydroFlask is *way* better. I posted this same review under the Klean Kanteen and gave that 3 stars. Here's why the Hydroflask is better: * It keeps liquids hotter! I think this may be due to the larger mouth on the Klean Kanteen and poorer insulation in the lid. When we used the Klean Kanteen to hold hot water when skiing this weekend the water was luke-warm after only about 6 hours in the car (25 degrees F ambient temperature), while a Stanley thermos and Hyroflask were still piping hot. To test this I took boiled water and filled both bottles, and then measured the temperature of the water with an electronic temperature probe I have. I left the bottles in our house so the ambient air wasn't really cold, but here's the results: After 3.5 hours: Hydroflask 179, Kleen Kanteen 164 After 14 Hours (Overnight): Hydroflask 127, Kleen Kanteen 108 After 18 hours: Hyroflask 112, Kleen Kanteen 97. So, over an 18 hour period in a 72 degree environment, the Hyroflask was 15% warmer than the Klean Kanteen. Based on what we saw when skiing I think it's actually less than that by far when the environment is colder. In my testing I noticed the top of the Klean Kanteen was a lot warmer than the top of the Hyroflask, and so I assume it's losing heat through the lid. * The Klean Kanteen is much wider in diameter than the Hydroflask, so doesn't fit into cup holders, side pockets, etc as well. * The wideer mouth of the Klean Kanteen may be better for cleaning, but it makes it harder to drink out of without spilling. It also makes it lose heat faster, and I haven't had an issue cleaning the Hydroflask. * The lid of the Klean Kanteen seems to be less precisely manufacturered than the Hydroflask. It doesn't go on perfectly smoothly as does the Hydroflask. so, if you are in the market for an insulated water bottle, know that the Hydroflask is better at insulation, hands down. I also like the finish on the red--it seems tougher than the Klean Kanteen.

Posted by Michelle Bungay on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

The Perfect Sippy Bottle

I have used Hydro Flask bottles for years and recently bought these for my kids who are starting preschool in Costa Rica next month where it is hard to keep water cool. I bought the Klean Kanteen sippy adaptor ( and the Avent sippy spouts ( as noted in a previous review and they work together perfectly! I really like that the liquids stay cold, the bottles are BPA free, and don't leave your water tasking like the bottle. I also like that the tops don't pop off like some of the plastic cups - no devastating spills. I recommend this sippy combo to all of my mom friends.

Posted by Duffy Hawes on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

A must-have in Florida!

Tired of hot water and sweating stainless steel (this wasn't an issue in the Great White North!), we read the reviews for all the insulated bottles and chose these, in red and blue. We're so glad we did! Despite being labelled "standard mouth" this bottle easily accommodates ice from our freezer. It keeps drinks cold all day, even when left in the car for several hours in the hot Tampa sun. Plus, no more sweating all over the place. And no leaks, even when it lays on it's side. These are great for use around the house, too. Drinks out by the lanai can get pretty warm, so I'll often just pour whatever into my Hydro Flask and know it'll stay chilly. Haven't tried it with a cocktail yet... Really, why are you hesitating? Just buy it.

Posted by H. Marcus on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

excellent product

It's hard to believe, but the stated times for how long this bottle can keep things hot or cold are quite accurate, even when the outside environment is trying to do quite the contrary. I've kept tea in it for hours, even brought it outside in the winter, and if I haven't opened it at all will still be piping hot hours later. This is also very well made, very good looking, and has not leaked ever. Whenever I see anyone else with a hydroflask we rejoice together in our excellent products. I appreciate their philanthropic model as well. In sum: there are so many expensive mugs and water bottles out there, but this one is a good buy and good value because it truly does what it advertises. No leaks. Keeps things hot and cold.

Posted by P. Morris on 09/23/2013

4 Star Rating

good drink bottle

These bottles are real nice. The only comment that I have is if you have a choice between the narrow neck bottle and the standard neck, get the standard neck. It is much easier to put ice into!!!!!!

Posted by Joshua D Maher on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Best bottle ever

Great sized bottle for a daily carry in my uni backpack. Keeps water cold, doesn't leak or sweat over my books and laptop. I would recommend Hydro Flask to anyone.

Posted by Rob on 10/09/2012

4 Star Rating

Best water bottle out there !!!!!!!1

I recently purchased one of your bottles and now I use it every day my water is always cold even when I leave it in a hot car