Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 24 oz

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The 24 oz vacuum insulated Hydro Flask has a smaller mouth opening for better control, allowing for less spills and more hydration. The larger size works for an endless variety of activities, which means the 24 oz Hydro Flask bottle will go with you wherever your imagination takes you.

Like all Hydro Flasks, the 24 oz is designed to keep cold liquids chilled for up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot for up to 12. The double wall 18/8 stainless steel also means no sweating, keeping your desk, car or backpack free of condensation and moisture.

Hydro Flask is proud that all our products are BPA-free, 100% recyclable and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you’re getting the market's premium insulating beverage bottle.


  • Small (Narrow Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish in 8 colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Betty Ann Kim on 01/04/2015

3 Star Rating

24 oz hydro flask

Like the bottle but it needs a lid making it easier to open and drink from. Why not offer one for this size as well? Received this as a gift but had I gone out to purchase one it would definitely be one with a lid. Disappointed. How's about bringing one in and let the customers decide whether or not to purchase it? Don't just sit on these suggestions from myself and others! Take action!

Posted by Mahinaloa on 12/30/2014

4 Star Rating

Perfect except...

A sports lid or straw is preferred, please make some for us narrow mouthed bottle people

Posted by Dylan on 12/29/2014

3 Star Rating


I want to like hydro flash better than Kleen Kanteen but not having an all stainless narrow mouth lid is disappointing because Kleen Kanteen manufactures one for their model in comparison... I am a "buy one thing and use it for the rest of my life" kind of person and the fact that there is plastic in the lid it is more susceptible to mold. I would have gave it 5 stars but right now the competitor puts out more accessories and better quality accessories. An all stainless steel lid would make this product superior to the competition.

Posted by Kimberly on 12/27/2014

1 Star Rating

So sad!

I am so sad to have to give my new Hydro Flask only one star. My husband bought me the 24oz bottle for Christmas as an upgrade to the 18oz bottle he got me a couple of years ago for my birthday. I was SO excited!! Put ice in it and filled it with water to take to work. First thing I noticed is the bottle is cold to the touch, which never happens with my 18oz bottle. The most disappointing thing, less than four hours later, all of the ice is melted! My 18oz bottle kept ice until the next day! I don't know what happened, but the quality of this new bottle is nowhere near that of my older, smaller bottle and definitely not worth the price. We gave four of the bottles to family members as Christmas gifts and are frustrated that they could have the same experience, especially after gushing about how much we love our older Hydro Flasks.

Posted by T Moffitt on 12/26/2014

5 Star Rating

Best size

The 24oz is the best, I have several of the 21oz bottles and decided to try the narrow mouth. I like the narrow mouth better and the additional 3oz helps!

Posted by FAB on 12/23/2014

4 Star Rating

Super Drink Bottle

Bottle is excellent. Retains cold or hot beverages beyond expectation. Only down side is lack of a sports cap. It was great when you offered one, but a huge disadvantage without it. Bring back the Narrow Mouth Sports Cap ASAP. Do not change the bottle though.

Posted by Chris van Raap on 09/15/2014

4 Star Rating

Sport lid PLEASE, SOON!

We own several models. LOVE them! However, living and playing in temps of Arizona (104+) we really want a bottle that can go in our bike water bottle holders AND have easy access to drink. Can't take the time or effort to twist off a lid while riding. Hopefully we will see it a sport lid option soon!

Posted by Bill on 07/17/2014

5 Star Rating

larger mouth

I love the hydro flask!!! But how I would love to see the 24 oz bottle with a mid sized mouth!!!

Posted by Jay Huynh on 07/15/2014

3 Star Rating

No sport cap

Great water bottle for cooled/heated drinks. Only flaw is that there are no accessories that are sports-oriented. Sports cap/Pull cap would make this product a 5 star.

Posted by Tracey on 07/09/2014

3 Star Rating

extra sport lid

great bottle...but if you want one with the sport lid don't get this one...pay the extra for the larger one. Great product I just think they didn't anticipate the popularity and cannot handle production. But best BOTTLE EVER...keeps water at temperature you desire!!!

Posted by Laura Bell on 06/25/2014

5 Star Rating

love the bottle

you really need a sport top for this water bottle

Posted by Miss Aloha on 05/29/2014

4 Star Rating

Try Not To Drop

I had my hydro flask since Christmas. I think I dropped it too many times and now it don't keep cold or hot. Also it started to smell like mildew. I do wash every day and still the smell. Before all the damage it worked well. The best I ever had. I will be back for another one and this time I will try not to drop.

Posted by Rebecca on 05/22/2014

5 Star Rating


OK... HAPPIER if i could just order a YELLOW!!! PLEASE BRING YELLOW INTO THE MIX OF COLORS!!! thanks :)

Posted by Bob Petrovski on 05/14/2014

3 Star Rating

Great bottle -poor cap and options

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 24oz Hydro Flask. In fact we've got FIVE in our household and we all love them and don't leave home without them. However, we have patiently waited for over a year for a sport top. Every time I contact them I get a sorry excuse and that they're working on it. Come on, a YEAR plus? The twist off top is a pain, and quite frankly, can be an unsafe distraction if you're driving. I shouldn't have to pull over to take a drink of water. COME ON HYDRO FLASK -- get us a sport top for our 24's, or better yet, give us another 24 oz'r with a medium top so we can get a sport top plus have room to get an ice cube in. Thanks from a grateful but frustrated customer.

Posted by Danny Mulkey on 04/08/2014

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 24 oz

I'm not necessarily a big review writer, but I just had to kick in my opinion of this water bottle. FANTASTIC! I've had it for about a month now. I got it because I'm trying to discipline myself to drink more water every day. I've tried this before, but the bottles I've had were either too small (20 oz max.) or they didn't keep the water ice cold. I just really can't handle room temperature water. This bottle is 24 oz, so I'm not constantly having to refill it. I put some ice in it every morning, and even after a few refills during the day with cold water, the ice is still there the next morning. I also like the shape, color (blue), and the opening which you drink from. All around, this is BY FAR the best water bottle around. I wish there was a 30 oz, and I'd go for it, too.

Posted by James Pata on 03/22/2014

4 Star Rating

Love the product, but I received mine dented :(

I absolutely love this water bottle but unfortunately for me, my water bottle arrived in the mail and was damaged. There is a dent at the bottom corner of my water bottle and the paint has chipped away because of the dent. I know Hydro Flask WILL replace my bottle for free, but because the dent doesn't prevent the bottle for standing upright and it didn't compromise the vacuum, I decided just to keep the one I have. The dent gives it character and honestly I think the bottle would get dented up from my everyday use anyways. 4 out of 5 stars, but only because of the dent.

Posted by Happy! on 01/07/2014

5 Star Rating

Great for Disney!

This bottle is fantastic. I use it every time I go to Disney. It's the only bottle that will keep my water cold in the Florida heat! I just refill it in the parks with cups of water with ice from any quick service and you save more than the price of the bottle in water! It will keep your water cold and keep the ice in it while you're outdoors in the Florida heat for HOURS! AMAZING!

Posted by Jim S on 11/27/2013

5 Star Rating

Field Engineer

Wansn't sure the flask would do the job until it sat in the car for 15 hours and only warmed up 5 degrees or so. The car was hot in the sun all day! I check temperature profiles for a living. This is the first bottle that really lives up to the advertisements. I will be getting another bottle soon, in 40 oz. this time.

Posted by Angela on 12/08/2012

5 Star Rating


I own 5 of these, all 24 oz stainless steel, in blue- silver- orange- pink- and white! I swear by these and absolutely refuse to use anything else. My husband bought me a cute Hello Kitty flask, the thought was nice BUT it just sits in the cabinet collecting dust. Nothing comes close to my Hydro Flasks! The longest they have kept my water ice cold is 26 hours & that's cuz I ran out of water! And I tell you what, we get some extremely hot summers here, up in 100-119, and these flasks are literally lifesavers! Even in those tempatures, it keeps your beverage (tea, water, etc.) COLD! I can't say enough positive things about these but I do HIGHLY recommend them....even if you start off with a smaller one. I guarantee you'll be back to order more!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Personally couldn't live without mine!

Posted by JKL1234 on 09/01/2012

5 Star Rating


I love my hydroflask! I tested it once by putting an ice cube in a normal flask and one in the hydroflask and left it for an hour. The ice in the normal flask melted, and the one in the hydroflask didn't melt at ALL. The inventor deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by Tyrome on 05/21/2012

5 Star Rating


Purchased at the 2012 overland expo from the gentleman there. Put ice in at 3:30pm Sunday and 5:30pm monday after sitting in the sun in 110 degrees in Phoenix AZ all day it still has ice in it and is on hour 28 with ICE cubes.

Posted by Valerie Winterholler on 03/19/2012

5 Star Rating

I don't write product reviews...

But I Loooove my hydro flask that much! My husband lost mine for a few days and I was seriously angry. It keeps the water so perfect, it tastes great! I just love it .... Now I'm shopping for some to give as wedding gifts. Who doesn't love great tasting water in fancy, fantastic looking bottles? Also, if you tap two together they make a lovely , deep ringing sound....

Posted by Tim Schuette on 09/25/2011

5 Star Rating

As advertised

Works as good or better than advertised! I love mine so much I've talked multiple people into buying them! It's hard to think you could be so impressed by a water bottle, but these things are simply unbelievable. I actually just bought 2 more today and will be giving these out as Christmas gifts this year. I highly recommend the sport caps if you are on the go...much easier than unscrewing and screwing the lid back on each time you want a drink.

Posted by James Spencer on 08/29/2011

5 Star Rating

It really works

I left my flask in the car cupholder during a 104 degree heatwave. The outside of the flask was hot to the touch, but the water inside was nice and cool. I'm going to buy a couple more for sure.

Posted by TeaSqueeze on 05/06/2011

4 Star Rating

Love It! ! !

These bottles are amazing! Just this morning, made some tea (in my 24oz.) around 7am. Its now almost 2pm and my tea is not just warm but HOT! And I when i switch to water, it tastes like water! Great product and cant wait to get my next one.

Posted by Michael Douglas on 03/15/2011

5 Star Rating

Does what it says

This water bottle does what it says it will do and better. Well worth the price paid!

Posted by Matthew Huff on 03/13/2011

5 Star Rating


I bought one of these before my second trip to China and I loved it. While on the great wall... I had ice and my friends were SO jealous. When I got back I bought 2 more for Christmas gifts then got my mom, dad, and brother one. They are GREAT for ANY reason. Thanks Hydro Flask!

Posted by Jacob Simpson on 02/09/2011

5 Star Rating

Red Hot!

I've wanted a bigger Lychee Hydro Flask for months, and now I have it! Thanks Hydro Flask!

Posted by Janet Smith on 02/08/2011

5 Star Rating

A Love-Hate Story

I hate cold coffee and lukewarm water. So does Hydro Flask. I love my Hydro Flask. The End.

Posted by Danielle Upton on 01/16/2011

5 Star Rating

Worth the money!

I thought spending $27.99 was a little pricey, but I've heard such great things about this bottle that I decided to go for it. I'm so glad i did! It's not even comparable to any other water bottle I've ever had. I will only be buying Hydro Flask from now on.

Posted by C. Hewell on 01/15/2011

5 Star Rating

Alien Technology

This bottle is from another planet. It can keep ice for days if you just let it sit unopened. I was personally a little freaked out about how good this worked when I first purchased it. Since then, I have bought a few more for gifts and such. Customer service is great too! My friend had the rubber seal on the lid break, but they shipped him a new one for free. The paint scratches pretty easily, but I kind of like that feature....kind of gives it a rustic look. If your worried about the scratches, just order the stainless steel. It actually looks pretty cool compared to the other plain stainless steel bottles out there. It keeps things warm well too....almost too warm. I tried using this for coffee, but after an hour of sitting, I would still find the coffee as hot as it was when it first came out of the machine. Go ahead and buy this one! Save the planet and kick cancer causing BPA's! You'll love this alien device :)

Posted by Marc Johnson on 01/11/2011

5 Star Rating

Hot stays Hot!

So I think Hydro Flask is the best bottle out there, but I wanted to share something I just figured out. If you are going to put some thing hot in your bottle first pre-heat it with some hot water for a couple minutes then pour in your hot drink or soup. It stays Hot much longer!

Posted by Troy on 01/10/2011

5 Star Rating

Great water bottle

This is my favorite water bottle. Fill it full of ice and it will keep cold all day. You can also order a sport bottle top for it. Even when full of ice this bottle will not sweat on the outside.

Posted by Cleo Chai on 01/10/2011

5 Star Rating

Does it's job

Upon receiving this in the mail, I was extremely disappointed to find that it had been "Made in China". China is notorious for manufacturing cheap quality products with most likely cancerous chemicals on them. My immediate reaction was to throw this away. However I could not help but think about the reviews it was given on Amazon. I finally made use of it (after very thoroughly cleaning it) since I am sick with the fever and a cough and needed hot honey water by my side 24/7. It certainly kept my drink hot for the 12 hrs it said it would and helped me survive through my nights of coughing. Although I still do not like the fact that it was made in China, I appreciate the fact that the quality of the product indeed fits the standards I expected.

Posted by Mikey on 01/07/2011

5 Star Rating

Very satisfied purchase

Overall, this is a great product. I purchased three of them: two for gifts and one for myself. They truly do keep things hot or cold for a long time (over 24 hrs. for cold and 14-18 for hot). After reading some of the other reviews, I purchased the classic stainless bottles so as to not worry about the paint chipping off. They easily fit nicely in the car cup holders. We have used these for only a couple of weeks. I have used mine for hot coffee, rinsed it out with water, and put cold water back in it. After a few hours of waiting, I drank some cold water. There was absolutely NO coffee flavor in the water. This bottle is rugged, and at the same time is light weight. It seals very well. I have only one possible suggestion for the manufacturer. With it keeping hot stuff hot for so long, it would be nice if there were some way to affix a cup to the top, so it wouldn't quite as easy for someone to burn their lips or mouth drinking straight from the bottle. I realize that the design of the current stopper and the smaller mouth on the bottle are what make this bottle insulate so well (compared to other makers of vacuum insulated double wall vessels). For drinking cold things, there is no problem at all. I will attempt to update this review in a few months, after I have used it in more applications.

Posted by Matina Lowes on 01/02/2011

5 Star Rating

Absolutely the best!!!

My son bought me one for Christmas last year and I carried it religiously. After a year of toting it around, it was time for a new one (although the first one still works like a charm - just a little dented). My family does tend to try to steal them. I have not found anything that compares to your bottles. We had some scorching hot days last summer and after 8 hours in a hot vehicle, it still had ice. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

Posted by Tracy Miller on 01/01/2011

5 Star Rating


In my oh so humble opinion, and for what it's worth, I think that drinking hot coffee and other hot liquids is easier out of this style mouth than the larger ones, that...I think are better for ice cubes and cold drinks. For what it's worth :)

Posted by Kris Lome on 12/30/2010

5 Star Rating

24 oz

If you are contemplating what size bottle to get, I say the 24 is the way to go. Ice cubes do fit in the top.

Posted by Katheryn Wagner Mills on 12/28/2010

5 Star Rating

Original Mouth

I have one of the original bottle from 2009 that is this size and it still works like it did on day one. I think that the paint on the outside is now better than it was back then. Mine has a few "bumps and bruises" but is still as insulated as ever. The paint on the Hydro Flask has dented in with the bottle which is nice, unlike my Klean Kanteen that the paint just fell off when it dented. I really can't say enough about this product, except that you should really buy more than one as they tend to get stolen by friends and family.

Posted by Sarah Wagner on 12/26/2010

5 Star Rating

Three day old ice

I received four from my dad for Christmas and I honestly still have ice in one (from three days ago!).

Posted by Sam Kenson on 12/26/2010

5 Star Rating


I saw Trevor from Team Farsight in Oregon on the PCT and he couldn't stop bragging about your bottles. I bought four. Yes, he's correct. They are the best on the market hands down!

Posted by Ingrid on 12/26/2010

5 Star Rating

Zen and the art of weight loss

I went down the Deschutes this weekend with Jeff from HF. I think he's the owners brother? He turned me on to these amazing little things, and my life has never been the same since. I am down about 12 lbs from drinking five (24oz Green Zen's) Hydro Flasks per day. And can realistically say that I feel less groggy at 3pm. I now recommend these bottles for my whole family, and they are also starting to have similar "results".

Posted by Evil Knot on 12/26/2010

5 Star Rating

I liked it so much, I bought 2!

Keeps drinks cold for much longer than I would have thought. I will regularly leave it in my car going into work, and water will be cold when I get out of work.

Posted by Miller's Funny Farm! on 12/24/2010

5 Star Rating

Laser Heaven!

How special that today is Christmas and our entire family (26 members strong) all received laser engraved flasks and then donated to 15 different charities through their charity organization 5 percent. Brought us together for a good cause. Thank you for that.

Posted by Jessica Mitchell Wilkinson on 12/21/2010

5 Star Rating

I Love My Hydro Flask!

Cold for us here in Louisiana! But I had hot chocolate all day!

Posted by Jojo on 11/20/2010

5 Star Rating

Very Impressed

I bought the 24 oz bottle and I am very impressed. Not only did the ice I had in it not melt after being in my car for 6 hours on a hot day; it did not sweat all over my car. I bought single wall bottles a few months ago but stopped using them because of the condensation issues with having ice water in it. Great job Hydro Flask

Posted by Daniel A. Brewster on 11/20/2010

5 Star Rating

Holy crap that's hot

I purchased a bunch of hydroflasks as promotional items for my business...I kept one for myself and one morning decided to put some coffee in it before a day of skiing...Got back to the car at the end of the day and burnt the hell out of my mouth when I took a gulp....Amazing product...just watch yourself

Posted by Casey E Barrows on 09/13/2010

5 Star Rating

Crazy About This Bottle

I love my black HydroFlask. It has never been far out of arms reach since I bought it this spring. No spouts, hoses, flip-slide-twist-squeeze crap. Just bottle and stopper. Simple, elegant, perfect. It is not suprising to me that when struck just right, it is probably one of the most beautiful SOUNDING things I have ever heard. Sometimes I just walk around tapping it to hear it ring. Yes I am crazy. Snow I put in at the top of a mountain pass was still solid after 36 hours exposed to outdoor temps ranging from 50 to 80+ degrees, often in full sun. Absolutely no liquid would come out until I checked again at around 48 hours. I actually wished it would melt a little faster so I could have my water bottle back. It just might blow your mind to drink ice cold water out of bottle that is almost too hot to hold. I have used it for hot stuff a few times, and it will keep it hot until you pour most of it out, then it starts to loose the heat somewhat more quickly. You really can't drink hot beverages directly from it. That's why thermoses always come with a cup on top. It never holds flavors, I've had iced tea, chai-spiced tea, sodas and coffee in it, and the next filling always tastes good after a simple rinse. If you use a water bottle, or are looking to kick the disposable can/bottle habit, you'd be crazy not to get a HydroFlask.

Posted by Rick Delaney on 07/15/2010

5 Star Rating

Great Performance

Works great...does not retain any odor from fluid stored in previously. Love the Hydro Flask!

Posted by Sheri L. Oshea on 06/04/2010

5 Star Rating

Best Product Ever!

This Hydro flask is wonderful. I put ice and cold water into the flask first thing in the morning and the water is ice cold all day. Even my kids come home from school and ask to drink from it because of how cold it stays. I even put it out in the direct sun when I was reading on the deck for at least 8 hours and it was still ice cold. I havent tried keeping anything hot yet in it, but from the cold results I'm sure there will be no problem. I highly recomment this product.

Posted by Nicodemus "the rat" on 05/10/2010

5 Star Rating

Quality Thermos

This is This is actually a surprisingly good product. I got mine recently since I was looking for an insulated flask to carry hot tea on my commute. Found this one and bought it, even though it was a bit pricier than some of the other options. I am glad I did, though, as it has worked terrifically. THERMAL PERFORMANCE This flask really does insulate effectively. I think it's a proper vacuum flask, though they aren't advertising that. What I can say is that I filled it with hot tea when I left the house in the morning. On my evening commute home, the (remaining) tea from that morning was still warm. DURABILITY The outer wall has a nice feel, with something like a powder-coated metal surface. It does remain cool to the touch even when the flask is holding boiling water. I clip this bottle to my pack for work so it gets banged around on corners and door frames; so far, it's proven pretty durable, without any major dents or scratches. INTEGRATED RING I appreciate the fact that there's a clip ring built into the top. I use a carabiner to attach this to my bag by hooking through the bottle's top. I prefer this design to other bottles that have a plastic strap connected to a removable cap; I've lost one of those because the cap popped off and then it's no longer a loop. Overall, definitely recommend this, particularly if you're looking at carrying hot/cold drinks. actually a surprisingly good product. I got mine recently since I was looking for an insulated flask to carry hot tea on my commute. Found this one and bought it, even though it was a bit pricier than some of the other options. I am glad I did, though, as it has worked terrifically.

Posted by A. M. Smith on 05/04/2010

5 Star Rating


This bottle will keep ice and beverage cold for at least 24 hours. I just wish I could find the sports top for it. It is well worth the money.