Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 32 oz

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The 32 oz insulated Hydro Flask takes the most sought-after water bottle size in the outdoor industry to the next level.

This classic size has long been the most popular among outdoor enthusiasts due to its ideal capacity for people on the go. Now with Hydro Flaskā€™s double wall vacuum insulation technology, drinks will stay cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12.

The 32 oz Hydro Flask is compatible with accessories such as the Hydro Flip Lid and the Straw Lid, adding versatility and making it a great option for one-handed drinking. The industry-standard mouth opening also makes it compatible with many third party water filters. The bottle is available in 9 powder coated colors and Classic Stainless. Like all Hydro Flask products, it's backed by our lifetime warranty.


  • Large (Wide Mouth) opening
  • Compatible with the Hydro Flip Lid and Straw Lid
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Hawaii on 03/01/2015

5 Star Rating


I got a hydro flask in recent months I can honestly say there is nothing like it. I go to school that is far from where I live so when I walk I need some refreshing water. So I decided to get myself a hydro flask. Best choice I have ever made. Why did I wait so long

Posted by Monroe Charles on 02/26/2015

5 Star Rating

Christmas Year Round

Got one of these for Christmas & it's like winter year round! I live in Hawaii, so warm to hot water is very normal if you leave your bottle in the car or even just sitting on a desk near a window. I was using a rival product & it was good, but the Hydro Flask is better! It's also a bit more manageable in size than my previous bottle. All up, definitely a fan for life. I use it every day now! Plus, Bend company! <3 Oregon.

Posted by Rob on 02/26/2015

5 Star Rating

Awesome Flask, excellent customer service

I bought this flask about 8 months ago and use it daily for work, among other things, always water. Keeps water cold all day with no problem. The best part? Although the cap ring broke, I submitted the warranty form and within minutes I received a notification that my replacement was being processed... awesome!

Posted by Fantasha English on 02/19/2015

1 Star Rating

32 oz

I've had mines for only 3 days. And my water is NOT staying cold. Ic melts fast. This is so not what I was expecting. Very disappointed.

Posted by Jeremy on 02/14/2015

5 Star Rating

Best Bottle Ever

I live in the tropics of North Queensland Australia. I've had the 32oz wide-mouth for 2 months (during the peak of a hot and humid summer) and it is definitely the best water bottle I've ever had. Keeps cold a long time and doesn't sweat! The straw lid (which I use without the straw) makes it perfect!

Posted by Ben Jenkins on 02/12/2015

5 Star Rating

Best Bottle Around

I have tried hundreds of bottles and hydroflasks are the best around hands down. I work at a sporting goods store and we recently started stocking them. First I got the 32oz water bottle and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't believe how long the ice would last in the bottle. I like to stay hydrated and having to fill up the bottle 5+ times a day with water was beginning to be a hassle so I went ahead and got the growler. Yes this bottle is expensive but well worth the money. I found that with the growler it would keep the ice in there for even longer. I tested the 64oz growler by filling it to the brim with ice and water and let it sit capped on my blacktop driveway in 93+ degree weather too see how long the ice would stay frozen. Mind you this is the black growler as well. After 24 hours the ice had barely melted! After 72 hours there was still about the equivelant to a cube floating around in there. I have been using these two for about 3 months now and have found that they are large and heavy they are still the best bottle around. I recently also bought the 18oz wide mouth for hot tea and coffee this one is not near as good for cold items but perfect for keeping your coffee hot well through lunch. 18oz for hot beverages. 32oz for soda, juice, tea, mixed drinks or whatever, and 64oz for ice cold water for days. The perfect combo. Hydro4lyfe.

Posted by Adam R. on 02/07/2015

5 Star Rating

Hydro Flask is Awesome!!!

Bought my Hydro Flask because my girlfriend has one and loves how it keeps her water icy cold for hours on end. I have to say this is the best water bottle I have ever had of any brand! It definitely keeps my water with fresh lemon wedges ice cold, exactly the way I like it. Definitely makes it easier for me to make sure I drink enough water every day. I have not yet tried putting hot tea or coffee in it, but I definitely will as I know it will stay piping hot just as well as it keeps my water cold. Great product Hydro Flask!

Posted by Libby on 01/09/2015

5 Star Rating


I have never written a review for a product before. But I had to write one for my Hydroflask. I honestly do not like water unless it is ice cold and has some flavoring. So, I hardly ever drink it. I set myself a goal to start drinking water IF I could find something to keep it cold all day. So, after some research I purchased my first Hydroflask before Christmas. I was skeptical, but that didn't last long. I decided to test it to see how long ice would stay frozen. Much to my surprise, 27 hours after I put ice in my bottle, it still had ice. Of course it had melted some, but still having ice after 27 hours was remarkable!!! I take my Hydroflask to work every day. And I am happy to say that I am drinking ice cold water every day all day long! I like it so well, that I purchased another 18oz for when I am in my car. You can not go wrong with purchasing a Hydroflask! I am a skeptic no more!

Posted by Luke on 01/07/2015

5 Star Rating


Couldn't be happier with the manufacturing, fit + finish, quality, durability, insulation, texture, and incredible insulation of this flask. I fully expect it will last me a decade or more. And huge kudos on the 5% Back program.

Posted by Jay on 12/29/2014

5 Star Rating

Love this mug

diameter of mug is perfect for autos...drinks stay hot...I'm reading some people complaining about the lid, but I think that's actually what's great about the mug. So many lids are too hard to clean (they swivel, rotate, etc.) and STILL leak. I don't need a leakproof lid...but this lid is pretty leakproof to me...just a simple lid that is easy to drink from...I have two and have bought 6+ for gifts and those people love them as well...don't change a thing!

Posted by Tyler on 12/11/2014

5 Star Rating

Great product

I love this bottle. I backpack a lot and fill up my water at springs. This bottle keeps it good and cold for days! Even when it is really hot out its in the sun. Could not be happier with this product. Worth the money!!!! Great, durable container.

Posted by v on 12/01/2014

4 Star Rating


what is the different between the beer flask and a regular flask,

Posted by Danna on 11/28/2014

5 Star Rating

Love love love

My hubby bought this for me for my birthday. He knows I hate drinking out of plastic bottles but I bring water with me everywhere I go. This was the perfect bottle for me? This summer the outside of it could be hot to the touch and the water inside was still cold. I am going to buy everyone on my 'coffee mug' Christmas list one of the coffee mug flasks, I know they will keep their coffee hot until the last drop!

Posted by Wes on 11/17/2014

5 Star Rating


Keeps cold the coldest, keeps hot the hottest, and does it all day long! I recommend buying the different tops for it, the one that it comes with is hard to drink out of if you have ice. It may be a bit of an investment when you buy both the tops, but it will last and will pay for itself in quality and use.

Posted by Brian Tompkins on 11/11/2014

5 Star Rating

Still contains Ice at the end of the day!

There is no water bottle that competes. There is still ice in the Hydro Flask at the end of the day which is simply amazing!

Posted by kylie f. on 11/11/2014

5 Star Rating


this water bottle is amazing! My brothers got one and i just needed to have one so now i have it plus with track and volleyball i needed a water bottle like this!:)

Posted by Hilary Pieper on 11/05/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle Ever!!

I heard about Hydro Flasks from a friend about the same time my daughter told me she needed a good water bottle to take to her nursing school clinicals. She wouldn't be able to fill it often or add ice. We ordered a 32oz Hydro Flask and were truly amazed at how long the iced stayed in it. The first weekend she had it, sat in her car full of ice for 5 hours, it was 100 degrees that day. When she got back in her car the ice had barely melted. Since August we have order 4 for gifts and plan on ordering a few more for Christmas. It's a great gift, especially for those who are hard to by for.

Posted by DJ Wells on 11/03/2014

5 Star Rating


Use my flask for disc golfing. During the heat of the summer the cold water stays cold and now that the colder air is coming in the hot coffee is staying hot... Yes!

Posted by Sean K on 10/16/2014

5 Star Rating

Love it!

I love this size ! I think it's the perfect size for me because when I'm in P.E class, I don't want to have to carry around a larger size or not have enough water to last me until class (last period of the day) The ice cubes I put in at around 6:45 in the morning does not melt even at 12-1 in the afternoon and it's amazing! Even when the ice cubes do melt, my water is ice cold. I bought the purple one and love the color of it. Thank you hydroflask!

Posted by Joseph on 10/14/2014

5 Star Rating

2nd one because of the first one.

My wife got me the 64oz growler for wedding anniversary. I liked it so much I got the 32oz for my daily water intake. The are a solid product and not a disappointment at all. (except for made in china). Now that I also got the optional lid with straw.. they seem to have forgotten this product for cutting info on the straw.. so that is a lid issue not this bottle.

Posted by CabinDweller on 10/13/2014

5 Star Rating

Great product!

I have been very impressed with this product. It has met or exceeded all of my expectations. Like others have mentioned, I was disappointed to see that it is made in China. I would have paid more for a product made in the U.S.

Posted by New Hampshire on 09/13/2014

3 Star Rating

Size of 32 oz

Please redesign the 32oz bottle to use the same width of the 180z bottle so that it fits standard automobile cup holders. Thanks,

Posted by Jessica on 09/08/2014

4 Star Rating

So far, so good!

I just bought this water bottle the other day under the suggestion of a friend and so far, it has proved it's worth! While I was apprehensive about the hefty price tag ($30+ for a re-usable water bottle is a itty bit unreasonable), this bottle really keeps your liquids cool! Haven't tried out the hot feature yet, but I'm sure I'll get the same results. The only thing I wish this thing had is a rubber grip around the bottle. At any water fountain, I'd have to tilt the bottle in order for the water to make it in there. The smooth surface of the bottle is a little hard to grip, especially when full thus a grip would be really helpful. Otherwise, you'll definitely get my money again, Hydroflask! :)

Posted by Mary on 09/08/2014

2 Star Rating

Rust on bottom of flask after one use

After one use of the hydro flask, there is a rust spot on the bottom of the flask.

Posted by Kellie Budde on 09/04/2014

5 Star Rating


I'D PAY 500.00 $$$$ FOR THIS BOTTLE!!!! If this bottle was 500 bucks, I would STILL buy it!!!! No lie! I have a condition where I have to have liquids with me at all times. I had been using plastic ("double walled" so they wouldn't sweat) bottles and they would crack and then the "double wall /n o sweating" would fail due to the continuing use of the bottles. NOT ONLY, did the ice not melt in my HYDRO FLASK (after 24 hours & spending part of that time in a car at 120 degrees for several hours) I also had to put far less ice in the bottle simply because it didn't melt and I wouldn't have any liquid to drink because it still was just ice. This bottle is so fantastic, I have purchased several more for friends and family!!!! You won't regret your decision to purchase this bottle. Seriously I would pay 500 bucks for it !!!! I would just have to take insurance out on it if I accidentally lost it. lol Kellie Budde P.S. Do yourself a favor and buy the lid with the straw... you will need it.

Posted by Kellie Budde on 09/04/2014

5 Star Rating

I'd PAY 500.00 $$$$$ FOR THIS BOTTLE

I'D PAY 500.00 $$$$ FOR THIS BOTTLE!!!! By Debbie Budde on August 27, 2014 If this bottle was 500 bucks, I would STILL buy it!!!! No lie! I have a condition where I have to have liquids with me at all times. I had been using plastic ("double walled" so they wouldn't sweat) bottles and they would crack and then the "double wall /n o sweating" would fail due to the continuing use of the bottles. NOT ONLY, did the ice not melt in my HYDRO FLASK (after 24 hours & spending part of that time in a car at 120 degrees for several hours) I also had to put far less ice in the bottle simply because it didn't melt and I wouldn't have any liquid to drink because it still was just ice. This bottle is so fantastic, I have purchased several more for friends and family!!!! You won't regret your decision to purchase this bottle. Seriously I would pay 500 bucks for it !!!! I would just have to take insurance out on it if I accidentally lost it. lol Kellie Budde

Posted by Jim on 09/02/2014

4 Star Rating

great product but...

This is a great bottle, I own the eighteen oz. As well and love them both. But... My guyot design splashguard that I use on my nalgene bottles doesn't fit. The mouth is slightly too large. If they were compatible with the splash guards I'd give five stars. Obviously, I wasn't put off enough to not purchase the flask

Posted by chris on 08/27/2014

5 Star Rating

need tactical colors

Love this size, works very well for hot & cold drinks but wish tactical colors was offered in this size. I would buy another!!

Posted by Manuel on 08/18/2014

5 Star Rating

Worth every cent

I work in the Kingdom of Bahrain and purchased the 40oz and let just say this puppy works as advertised. I put in water and ice for my 97 degree average work day, and it stays cool and never fails me even while let it stand in the sun. This had me so happy with it, I purchased two 21oz for my wife and daughter to have and they are also very happy with them. I like a company that says it good, it works, and they stand by their product. I would like to see a large vehicle cup holder version for coffee or tea and some decals would be awesome. But I'm gonna buy more and recommend them to my freinds. Thanks again

Posted by Jen on 08/13/2014

2 Star Rating

Need to resize to fit in car cup holders!!!

The technology is amazing! But I need something that can fit in my car's cup holder. Was hoping the 32oz would, since the 40oz does not, and disappointed to see that they are the same width. Redesign, please?! 21oz is not big enough - I am in my car a lot and love 32oz capacity...

Posted by Ron S. on 08/10/2014

5 Star Rating

GREAT Customer Service!!!

I purchased a 64 oz. wide mouth flask with a Hydro Flask Straw Lid- Wide Mouth a couple of months ago. I loved it!! I decided I wanted a smaller one for my lunch cooler so I bought a 32 oz. flask also with the Hydro Flask Straw Lid- Wide Mouth. To my dismay, the straw lid sucked air instead of liquid. I e-mailed the company. BAM, I got an imediate response within hours. I received a new straw lid within 2 days. I would buy from this company again and again! Oh, by the way, these are the best bottles on Earth and beyond! Still ice in it at the end of the day! What else could you ask for?

Posted by Happy Customer on 08/07/2014

5 Star Rating

Absolutely Awesome

I love this. I picked one up at a local store the other day, and have been just THRILLED with it! I always carry water, and thought I'd just have to suck it up when it came to drinking hours-old, lukewarm water if there were no refill options around. Now, it stays cold all day AND the ice stays frozen, which means that I can top it off with room-temperature water and have it chilled with a few shakes. This an excellent product, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase it. Nearly $40 is a lot for a water bottle, granted, but to me, it's worth every cent.

Posted by Megan on 08/03/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle EVER

Left my Hydro Flask out over night and it still had ice the next morning. Even when the ice has melted, the water continues to stay icy cold. Since I only like to drink ice cold water, this flask is perfect for me and encourages me to keep hydrated. Buy this, you won't be disappointed.

Posted by Russell on 07/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Amazing Technology

Bought the 40 oz. and found it too big but the 32 oz is perfect for me. I like the width of the bottle and wish the auto industry would change the diameter of cup holders to accommodate the flask. A work around for me is the black and green Chico shoulder sling bag. They cost $7-8 and are well worth it. I picked one up at REI. In this manner my body becomes the cup holder so to speak. ;-) On my first run with the bottle I put a whole tray of ice in the Hydro Flask and filled it with water and was surprised that 16 hours later there are still ice chunks in the container. This is amazing vacuum technology. When I was a kid vacuum bottles were very big and bulky. This bottle is a welcome advancement. I enjoy the insulated screw top and would like to see if there is an insert I can place in the mouth of the bottle to use while driving, i.e. make it more spill proof. My goal is to hydrate myself more and find it challenging to motivate myself to drink enough water in a day. With the Hydro Flask 32 ouncer drinking cold water is really fun and I hope it remains this way. Yesterday I was able to easily drink 2 full bottles (64 oz). I will be working at consuming three bottles a day and maybe even 4. I plan on taking my bottle with me on my upcoming trip to Greece and wherever else I travel. Never before have I taken a bottle with me on trips but this bottle is really something different. I is nothing short of magic.

Posted by DMarieM on 07/08/2014

4 Star Rating


My son ordered this for me since he wanted my old one(18oz). We didn't realize it wouldn't fit in a cup holder. It is a wide base like the 40 oz. Still a great product if you don't need it to fit. I am glad they are getting some mid-sized out in the wide mouth. This is our 4th flask and we had one that didn't hold the cold and Hydroflask replaced it with no hassles. Ice water is ice water all day and all night!

Posted by CJ on 07/03/2014

3 Star Rating


Doesn't fit in standard car cup holder.

Posted by m on 06/22/2014

3 Star Rating

almost there

In my opinion, 32oz is the perfect size - not to big, not too small. However, I would have preferred to see this in a 3" diameter so that it could fit a standard automotive cup holder. 3" diameter is also easier and more comfortable to hold in one's hand (less likely to be dropped) than the current 3.5" diameter.