Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 40 oz

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - 40 oz
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Drop the shorty and go with the 40! The Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth stainless steel water bottle is made for serious hydration and liquid storage. Whether you're walking into an intense workout or simply trying to get through a day in the office, the 40 oz water bottle will do the job.

The larger mouth opening makes the 40 oz a great option for mixing sports drinks or storing smoothies, and our double wall vacuum insulation ensures that cold liquids will stay cold for up to 24 hours while hot liquids remain hot for up to 12.

The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous, meaning no residual bacteria buildup and no hints of yesterday's beverage. Our insulated Wide Mouth Flat Cap further protects your liquid cargo from the elements, and is made from 100% recyclable BPA-free PP#5, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for the H-guy and Hydro Flask logo to ensure you're getting the market's premium insulating beverage bottle.


  • Large (Wide Mouth) opening
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
  • Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Signature Powder Coat Finish in 8 colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Posted by Joan on 04/10/2014

5 Star Rating

Best I've ever owned

This bottle is unbelievably great. I play golf in Arizona and today it reached triple digits in the temperature and I still had ice in my Hydro flask after 18 holes of golf and about 5 hours of pretty hot temps. I love this bottle!!!

Posted by Brandi on 04/09/2014

5 Star Rating

Awesome Customer Service!!

I purchased 2 of these bottles and while one kept water ice cold for over 24 hours, the other did not...and on top of that it would sweat too! But thank goodness for the lifetime warranty I was able to get a replacement fast with the help of the best customer service EVER! Not only were they quick in responding to the problem, but they were also quick in sending a replacement. Loving Hydro Flask!

Posted by Mangotiff on 03/19/2014

5 Star Rating

Hot Yoga Savior

This is by far the greatest water bottle that I have ever owned! I do hot yoga a few times a week and the bottle keeps my water super cold and refreshing in the 105 degree room. It's honestly the only way I get through the 90 minute class! Thank you so much for the great bottle-I'll sing your praises to everyone!

Posted by Nanker Phelge on 03/17/2014

3 Star Rating


the good: holds lots of water, doesn't sweat, ice cube friendly, twist lid doesn't leak and seals well, light weight. the bad: noticed a waxy film on the inside, started to smell gross after a few uses (only water has been used), water started to have a metallic/rust taste to it, claims of keeping your water cold are not entirely true, it'll keep it cool but not for the entire day (still better than other bottles though). I had high hopes due to all the overly hyped reviews, but overall it's just an ok water bottle. Some of these people are ridiculous the way they act like this bottle is some sort of scientific breakthrough. I assure you it's not very revolutionary. Cost more than it should but the donation thing is a good cause. I hope the smell and taste go away after washing it with their recommended methods. I'd probably still buy another one since it does hold water nicely and looks cool doing it.

Posted by Shannon on 03/14/2014

5 Star Rating

Worth every penny

Exceptional product. My experience is limited to cold drinks, but what I can say is that it keeps ice far longer then they tell you and liquid wonderfully cold well after the ice is gone. Additionally, not only can I go back to it 2 or 3 days later, and find cool water, but the taste of the water is still superb! My wife nearly fell over when I told her what I paid. 1 month later, we've purchased 2 more. And by we, I mean her... I'm still waiting for the, "you were right dear"... at least I will have cold water to drink while I wait. Buy one!

Posted by R. Taylor on 03/14/2014

5 Star Rating

Amazing quality, great function

This is the best water bottle I have ever owned. The quality is amazing; so well built. It is quite lightweight considering the steel construction. The best part is the vacuum-sealed insulation. It keeps my water ice cold all day long at work. I plan on getting a smaller size for greater portability soon. I can't remember being this excited about a new product in a long time, especially something as "boring" as a water bottle! So glad that I bit the bullet and paid the $35 at REI. It seemed expensive at the time but I now feel it was worth every single penny! Thanks for building an awesome, high quality product.

Posted by Olen Pepple on 02/24/2014

5 Star Rating

40 oz Water Bottle

This is the best water bottle I have ever owned. The straw lid does a great job, very easy to drink from in the car or at my desk. Totally seals, leak free. Wish I had stumbled onto Hydro Flask a few years ago before I invested in all the other bottles that either broke, leaked or didn't work well at all. I would also like to say that the customer support at Hydro Flask is some of the best you will ever deal with, their goal is to make the customer happy and they do, they are polite, cheerful and courteous, a pleasure to deal with and they stand behind their produce 110%.

Posted by Gretchen on 02/06/2014

5 Star Rating

Best Water Bottle Ever, regardless of cap!

I received the 40 oz. bottle for Christmas and have bought two more since. I fill it with ice and water at 7am and still have ice at 7 am the next morning! This bottle doesn't sweat and with all of that ice, it doesn't even get cold on the outside. Will never buy any other type of water bottle. The cap's strap that holds it to the bottle is the only problem, as it is splitting, but will not stop me from buying this product again. LOVE IT!!!!

Posted by Steve on 01/31/2014

1 Star Rating


Alright so I bought this because of the subzero weather in the Chicago area and the supposed time frame this kept things hot/cold. I can put the hottest coffee imaginable in this thing and within 2 1/2 hours, without opening, it is already cold. That is nearly 10 hours less than they claim. My hydroflask isn't left outside in the cold but you would think it was. TERRIBLE

Posted by Sarah on 01/13/2014

4 Star Rating

AMAZING water bottle, horrible lids!!!

I bought a 40 oz for my husband and one for myself as well! They don't sweat, they stay cold pretty much forever and I've never had an issue with it. Love love love!!! Now... the caps, really need to be redone in my opinion. My husband's strap broke on his cap within a week of him having it. Mine broke within a month of having it :( I ordered 2 replacements and am also expecting to get 2 more for free because of the lifetime warranty! If you want to have a back up for caps, order it NOW so you will get it a month or a month and a half later. I ordered ours on 12/24, it is now 1/12 and we are expecting to get them tomorrow. Yes, there were holidays in there, but I ordered something a week AFTER that and still got it way before these caps. Their shipping is horrid, as well as the caps but I will never buy anything else!!! THE best water bottles on the market.

Posted by Jenn on 01/03/2014

5 Star Rating


Well I am a self proclaimed waterbottleaholic! For the 40oz hydro flasks! Long story short I got it I am so in love with it in the 2 weeks after Christmas I have already had 3 friends order one! They are great! So great that I am no longer a waterbottleaholic I gave away all 23 of my water bottles! I am now a Hydroflaskaholic!!! Get it you won't regret it!

Posted by Michael Campanello on 12/28/2013

1 Star Rating

How Do They Stay In Business???

This company makes the absolute best 5 star rating thermal bottles on the planet. I have purchased over 20 of these bottles for myself and for giving as gifts. So why the 1 star rating? They're always out of stock on their own product. When they first came out with the wide mouth, pop-up straw cap, thank goodness I bought four of them. They have been "Out Of Stock" on this item for at least 6 months. They claimed that even they didn't realize what a big hit this cap would be. But come on...if they started to build a new factory for manufacturing lids on the day they ran out of them, the new factory would be built already. I realize that other companies such as Amazon.com carries this product, but even they are running out. In the past, I have purchased many of the 18 oz. wide mouth bottles and given them out as gifts to my coffee/tea drinking friends. Sometimes, I've even bought the bottles in colors that I didn't like because my preferred color was out of stock...just because they are such great bottles. Now that I need two more, they've been out of them in every single color for months. There seems to me that someone at the top is asleep at the wheel. This is a great business with a great product that is being run by somebody that seems to be really incompetent. I may have no expertise in business management, but I will tell you this...I don't know how to play the piano either, but I can sure as hell tell if you can play one or not. C'mon, folks...Most businesses with overstocked warehouses could only wish to have the demand for their products that you guys enjoy. But if you don't start filling orders, eventually even your most loyal customers, such as myself, are going to go away.

Posted by Fran Gonzaga on 12/24/2013

3 Star Rating

Sweats when it say Does not.

I got my first Hydro flask 2 months ago and loved it. It was the 64 oz. Loved that it kept my cold drinks cold for long period of time and my coffee hot for almost as long. But it was to heavy to carry all the time so my husband bought me a 40 oz classic stainless wide mouth. My coffee only stays hot for a couple of hours and my cold drinks it sweats after 2 hours. My husband took it with him hiking up Haleakala Maui and was disappointed for he had sweat/wet his backpack and was not as cold as he thought it would be. On hot days my cold drinks get hot and watery for the ice melts pretty fast.

Posted by David Dean on 12/23/2013

5 Star Rating


I volunteer with Teton County Idaho SAR and I take the 40oz bottle with me on every call out. This is the best water bottle I have used, and believe me I am a gearhead of the third order. I have a bone yard of bladders and assorted water bottles. NEED TO HAVE A YARD SALE!!!. This bottle works as advertised, keeps thing HOT and keeps things cold. What else can I say, and I am not a PAID spokeperson!!. EXCELLENT PRODUCT

Posted by Natalia Martinez on 12/11/2013

2 Star Rating

Flat cap didn't last

I bought for my husband's B/day one of this bottles. He is a Zumba instructor, so I wanted a long lasting product for him. I gave the bottle to him on nov 22, and the holder of the flat cap did not last even a month!

Posted by Eden on 12/05/2013

5 Star Rating

BEST Water Bottle EVER!!!!!!

You may think this is an exaggeration...but I LOVE this water bottle and could not be happier with it. I am one of those "water snobs" who needs to have my water ice cold to drink it. I have a desk job so usually I am transferring my waterbottles in and out of the freezer all day...and just when I go to drink it I realize it's warm....UGH!!! Well, that NEVER happens with the Hydroflask. I fill it about 3/4 of the way full with water, put icecubes the rest of the way up at 7 am and even if I refill my Hyrdoflask the ice cubes are still there....and when I checked again at 5 pm...still icecubes!!! Maybe a little smaller than before but not fully melted! I was shocked and in awe!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I also bought the 18 oz tea hydroflask and it keept my tea piping hot from when I put it in at 7 until I finally was able to take of sip of it at 11. BEST WATER BOTTLES EVER!!!!!!

Posted by JJ on 11/26/2013

5 Star Rating

My first

The 40oz was my first Hydroflask. I now own three and am always looking to add to my collection. I tell everyone I know about Hydroflask. I've been known to show them off to strangers. Thank you Hydroflask for making my life complete with regards to hydration and caffination!

Posted by Mark, CA on 11/18/2013

3 Star Rating

Excellent product, but poor cap

Outstanding product except for the cap. Dropped mine today (and was bummed!)and destroyed the cap. I understand that one isn't supposed to drop them, but in real life, things happen. I work in some high heat places and this keeps water cool on the hottest days. The replacement cost of the cap is reasonable, but if the cap were built as well as the container, you would never consider another product after trying this one. So, dear Hydro Flask, please consider a better design for the cap!

Posted by cf on 11/08/2013

4 Star Rating

almost the perfect bottle

overall this is a great bottle, but just shy of perfect. in my experience it only keeps liquids hot for about 6-8hrs, not the 12hrs listed on the product description. i've put boiling water in it in the evening so that i could have warm water to drink first thing in the morning without having to wait for the kettle but after 8hrs the water was back to room temperature. if opening the bottle to drink frequently, it naturally holds the temperature for even less time. the cap could also use some improvements. the plastic ring attaching the cap to the bottle broke within a few days of purchase, and then snapped off entirely a few weeks later. after about three months the rubber grip around the cap began to stretch and slip out of it's groove.

Posted by PortlandHiker on 11/07/2013

4 Star Rating

cap is definitely the weak point of a great bottle

I purchased 2 40oz wide mouth insulated bottles and absolutely am sold--wonderful product. However, in 3 months I've gone through 2 caps. On one, the lanyard snapped for no apparent reason and the other cracked after what I would consider to be a fairly mild drop. For comparison, I know my Nalgene lid wouldn't have broken under the same stress. Still a great product--just redesign with a better lid system and we'll be good to go.

Posted by Larry Turner on 11/03/2013

5 Star Rating

Do you Bikram?

Do you bikram? You NEED the 40oz HydroFlask! Awesome!

Posted by Cathy Ramous on 10/15/2013

5 Star Rating

Bring It Anywhere

I take my 40 oz everywhere! It's great for taking to the office, gym, yoga - wherever. And the straw lid for one handed access!

Posted by Art on 10/10/2013

5 Star Rating

Love it

This is the best flask ever!

Posted by SSG John T. on 07/07/2013

5 Star Rating

Its military tough...

I've had my 40oz for a couple years, and the last 8 months of that time has been spent in southern Iraq and northern Kuwait on my second deployment. It reaches 125' F here on a regular basis during the day, and 100'F at night. A regular plastic bottle of water only stays cold(ish) for about 10 minutes. Not the Hydroflask. I can fill it up with ice top it off with gatorade and head out on patrol. 5 hours later, and there's still some ice left floating even with it sitting in direct sunlight. Its really a nice piece of gear to have and really makes a difference on long combat patrols. Thanks Hydroflask for a solid piece of equipment that will last for many years to come. (Side note: the paint will scratch off, and the sides will dent, but even bouncing around the inside of a HMMWV for a couple hours doesn't hurt this thing too much.)

Posted by April Govednik on 06/26/2013

5 Star Rating

10 Reasons Why I Love my HydroFlask

1. Doesn't sweat so there is no mess 2. Ice Ice Baby! Ice still present after 16 hours 3. 40 ounces! Holy moly, that's a lot of water 4. Orange Zest is a fun color that I've yet to see anywhere else 5. Super durable! I've dropped my HydroFlask a couple of times and you'd never know it! (Unlike the Nalgene that took a tumble down a mountain) 6. Great company that gives back 7. Bottom doesn't bow outward like other (cheap) stainless steel bottles 8. Cap options- love the cap that comes with the bottle but will be purchasing the straw lid soon, which is a great price 9. Easy to clean and doesn't get a weird taste like the Nalgene did 10. Lifetime Warranty that truly is for a lifetime

Posted by Robert5 on 05/29/2013

5 Star Rating

Perfect Thermos for Denali Expedition

Confession: This spring, I spent waaaaaaaay too much time comparing thermoses (even going so far as to doing temperature testing with a thermometer and freezer one day). But in the process, I discovered that Hydroflask had far and away the best product on the market, keeping my drinks hotter for longer. The definitive proof came on Denali this spring. On summit day, I filled my Hydroflask with hot water, carried it up to the base of Pig Hill, and left it in my backpack for a few hours while I summited. The temperature, with wind chill, was -40F. When I came back, I still had warm water!

Posted by Dexx on 03/19/2013

4 Star Rating

Proof is always in the pudding!

I'm on my second 40oz. flask not because something is wrong with the first one but because my wife "adopted" it! I live in Arizona, it's f/n hot most of the time. I am a photographer that carries 20-30lbs. of extra gear on hikes, climbs, singletrack, and regularly escape the heat into below freezing alpine conditions. Suffice to say water is no good to me if it spills from a broken container along the way. The pile of non functional bottles I've left in my wake is neither cheap nor sustainable. The build quality is clean and logical, no silly features that were thought up to market the product. The "features" of this bottle are that it works, and takes a beating if need be. Thanks, much love!

Posted by LeAnn on 01/28/2013

5 Star Rating

The Best Ever

I read about this water bottle from a friend who posted it on Facebook. He spoke his water still being as cold as when he filled the bottle 7 hours later. I thought there was no possible way and had to try for myself. This is the best water and coffee bottle hands down. I can not beleve the water is still as cold 10 hours later when I drink in no matter what the weather is outside. The coffee stays the same way. The other thing when you drink out of the stainless steel water bottle is does not taste like you are drinking a bottle of metal. I can not say enough about this water bottle. I am so impressed, I have more then one. On top of this they stick true to their customer service and replaced a broken top I had with out question. What a great product and and super company based in the USA.

Posted by RL on 01/28/2013

4 Star Rating

Ideal for a variety of settings!

I got the 40oz bottle as a present and am extremely impressed with its performance. I loaded it up at 7am with hot cocoa, and after ice climbing in 0 degree temps for 10 hours, the contents of the hydroflask were just as warm as in the morning! More heat is lost while drinking for 30 seconds than in 3 hours of sitting around closed. Couldn't have asked for a better thermos!

Posted by bourbour on 01/04/2013

5 Star Rating

Most Amazing Water Bottle You'll Ever Find

This has to be the most fantastic water bottle on the market. The exterior coating allows for no sweating during transportation. I fill this bottle with ice and water around 6:30 in the morning, and by 8:30 pm there is still ice left so I can replenish with water. Brightly toned, and eco-friendly this is a definite to insist on for your must-have-list.

Posted by B on 08/10/2012

5 Star Rating

BEST Water Bottle EVER

I've purchase soooo many water bottles and the last one I had was a 32 ounce camelbak with a sport spout which I loved. Only problem? Condensation when filled with ice and water getting warm on hot days. Problem solved with the hydro flask. I remember seeing it at Saturday Market in Portland and decided to purchase one during the hottest day this year. Absolutely LOVE it. I got the 40 ounce steel one and it does keep things cold even when left in a hot car. I can even use the sport cap on my camelbak on this one so I don't need to open and close a lid which is super convenient and I haven't notice a temperature problem because I'm usually needing a refill by the time I get home.

Posted by B on 08/10/2012

5 Star Rating

BEST Water Bottle EVER

I've purchase soooo many water bottles and the last one I had was a 32 ounce camelbak with a sport spout which I loved. Only problem? Condensation when filled with ice and water getting warm on hot days. Problem solved with the hydro flask. I remember seeing it at Saturday Market in Portland and decided to purchase one during the hottest day this year. Absolutely LOVE it. I got the 40 ounce steel one and it does keep things cold even when left in a hot car. I can even use the sport cap on my camelbak on this one so I don't need to open and close a lid which is super convenient and I haven't notice a temperature problem because I'm usually needing a refill by the time I get home.

Posted by Elle Jones on 07/20/2012

4 Star Rating

Best Flask ever minus the top

I stole this flask from my husband months ago and I have had it ever since! I love the way that I can have ice still in the flask from the time that I fill it in the morning, and I don't need special ice cubes for it! The tops can't take the abuse, but I will definitely be purchasing a new one....I may even replace the one I boosted from my hubby!

Posted by LC on 07/11/2012

3 Star Rating

Broken Cap-

Awesome canteen / thermos -- Dropped it from 2' (full of water) cap cracked :( Replacement seems cheap enough-- but come on guys-- beef up your caps!

Posted by Bryce F on 06/27/2012

4 Star Rating

Love their products but they need tops that are a bombproof as the bottles

I have owned 7 hydro's in the past 4 years and love everyone of them, but i have broken 2 of the 400z widemouth tops and 1 of the 24 narrow mouth tops, Im may just be hard on my gear, but I'd love to see them come out with stainless tops as well

Posted by Tom Sadley on 04/03/2012

5 Star Rating

Eco conscious awesome product!

I seldom write any product reviews, but I love my 40oz. Hydroflask so much I had to tell you how much I am loving it. I am a student and I used to lug water bottles around which turned warm by mid-day. That is until I got my Hydroflask. It is wonderful how cold it keeps my water throughout the day. I also love how eco-conscious your company is, and how the bottle is BPA free. Thanks for a great product! It is one of my best quality purchases in a long time.

Posted by Claudia on 02/22/2012

5 Star Rating

Great Bottle! Great Performance!

Ok, I bought the 40 oz. Wide Mouth in Acai Purple, and thought I would test it out for myself. What a product! Performed better then expected! I did the test with hot liquids because it seems most people have tested the performance of cold and not hot. To give some examples to compare to, the bottle sat in a room that was 20 degrees celsius (68F). When I make tea or coffee, it starts at a temperature of 62.7 degrees celsius (145F). Start 2:20 pm: 95.5C (204F) 6 hours and 23 min later at 8:43pm: 71C (160F) 9 hours and 13 min later at 11:33pm: 63.8C (147F) 16 hours and 51 min later at 6:51am: 50C (122F) So after 9 hours the water in the bottle was still warmer then any coffee or tea that I would consume! Even the next day, 16 hours later, the water was still very warm! Can't wait to take it up skiing!

Posted by R B on 02/14/2012

5 Star Rating


Went through a ton of bottles before i heard about this one. My water stays icy cold in the heat of the bikram hot yoga and doesn't leave a big sweat puddle either. It still has ice the next day to, can't say enough about these amazing bottles.

Posted by R B on 02/14/2012

5 Star Rating


Been through every bottle on the market when a teacher told me about this. Got one on a trip to the US and couldn't believe it. My water stayed icy cold in 104 degree heat for hours and didn't leave a big sweat stain on the floor either. And still has ice in it the next day. LOVE it! Can't say enough about these amazing bottles.

Posted by C. Durkin on 01/13/2012

5 Star Rating

Great for athletes!

As an athlete, I've received or bought enough water bottles to fill a whole cupboard, and now all I need is this one Hydro Flask. It holds enough water for my practices and day-to-day hydrating! With its lifetime guarantee, I'll be able to make more room in kitchen and get rid of all of my old bottles.

Posted by Adam the Ukiltitarian on 09/06/2011

4 Star Rating

Finally a big enough bottle

After dealing with hard plastic bottles and hydration packs, I desired something with a man-sized capacity while still good for general use. After owning a 24 oz I was very happy with this, but I still wanted a larger size. This 40 oz in classic steel was the answer!

Posted by D. C. on 08/07/2011

5 Star Rating

Best water bottle EVER!

I am so glad that the folks at EMS brought this bottle to my attention! I've used several different kinds of water bottles in the past but this is by far the best. It is big enough to hold plenty of water to get me through my work day, and by adding ice in the morning it stays refrigerator cold! At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but it has been worth every penny. I don't leave home without it!

Posted by Clinton on 07/27/2011

5 Star Rating

Does exactly what it's suppose to do.

Finally received my 40oz hydro flask yesterday. I put water and ice in it at around 4:30 PM. The next day at 4:00 PM and there is still ice in it. The temperature where I work was 96 degrees today and the flask was with me the whole time I was working in the heat. I am very impressed with this product and highly recommend it.

Posted by Sarah Durban on 04/07/2011

5 Star Rating

I love this bottle!

My new 40oz Black bottle was delivered to my front door yesterday, and I'm so excited! I love my smaller Hydro Flasks but i think this is my new favorite. I'm gonna put it to the test this weekend, but it's already doing everything I could ask of it. My water has been ice cold since yesterday!