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Designed for everyday use, as well as the rigors of the outdoors, our Wide Mouth Flat Caps are insulated to aide in keeping your Hydro Flask contents cold or hot and at the optimal temperature.

The Wide Mouth Flat Cap fits our wide 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks. Please note that the Insulated Flat Cap does not fit on the older style Wide Mouth flasks. To find out which style flask you have and whether the Hydro Straw Lid will fit yours, check out the Wide Mouth Fit Guide.

Posted by James Gomez DeMolina on 02/11/2015

3 Star Rating

short lived

My cap didn't leak on me. but I did drop it on a sidewalk from my hip and the cap shattered. I would have hoped for a cap that was more robust, for a drop that was less than 2 and a half feet.

Posted by Jake S on 02/03/2015

1 Star Rating

Cracked Lid

Just bought my bottle. Love the bottle, but the lid cracked when it slipped out of my pack and hit the ground.

Posted by Jay Garcia on 02/01/2015

5 Star Rating

So Far So Good

I have been using my 40oz Hydroflask for a year now and so far everything on it is perfect. I have keep it strapped to my backpack with a carabiner from day one and it has lasted through plane flights, backpacking, constant daily use and misuse.

Posted by Priscilla on 01/31/2015

1 Star Rating

Great bottle, not so great cap

I absolutely love my 32 oz hydroflask, but since I got it, the wide flat cap has ALWAYS leaked on me - no matter how tight it was screwed on. Id have my hydroflask in the passenger seat in my car on some newspapers and after a few minutes the newspapers would be wet. I'd like to be able to have my bottle anywhere, on it's side, upside down and not worry about it leaking. After 3 months of the bottle leaking, I finally went on the hydroflask website to fill out a warranty form because the cap cracked! I waited 3 months because I used my hydroflask all day every day and just dealt with the leakage. Hopefully hydroflask will design a cap more durable soon!

Posted by Todd on 01/26/2015

1 Star Rating

Burly bottle, wimpy lid

I've taken my 40oz bottle on countless adventures and it takes a beating. However, the other day it fell out of the car door when I opened it and cracked the lid. This is clearly the weak point in the bottle.

Posted by Sam on 01/24/2015

4 Star Rating

Great bottle design, questionable cap design

Like a lot of other reviewers, I love my hydro flask. I take it everywhere to the oit people ask me where it is when they see me without it (its usually in my bag or something, literally take it everywhere). But I've had several caps break and crack now, mostly from being dropped from 2ft or less.

Posted by Deedie Lagala on 01/20/2015

5 Star Rating

Lid defect on wide mouth bottle 18oz

We have had 2 of the lids that are the wide mouth flat top and they have both broken off of the part that attaches to the bottle and holds the lid on.

Posted by GreenAcresGal on 01/15/2015

1 Star Rating

Funny smell

I've had the 40 oz flask for 4 months now, and the lid smells like cigarette smoke. Since no one in my family smokes, and I haven't left the flask where it could be exposed to cigarettes, I'm stumped. Tried cleaning it every which way, including using bleach, but no success - it smells so bad that I'm replacing the lid. Really weird.

Posted by Chris on 01/11/2015

1 Star Rating

crap strap on cap

a crack developed, the strap broke, the bottle fell. Now the bottle has a big ding, losing integrity? I protect the bottle, but I shouldn't have to hold it like a football. My Nalgene used to swing off it's strap for countless miles.

Posted by BJH on 01/11/2015

2 Star Rating

Thread Closure is Junk

I bought my water bottles and think it is awesome. However, like the majority of the reviews, the cap SUCKS. my 40oz fell while full about 2ft and the cap cracked along the threads. my second cap broke while carrying it by the loop, where the plastic retainer strap broke off from the metal screw. I spent too much money on these flask to deal with these types of silly failures. this design should have been tested out before hitting the market. they are not cheap bottles. get it resolved or what was a great product will be mediocre at best.

Posted by EO on 01/11/2015

2 Star Rating

Plastic lids

I concur with a lot of the reviews on these lids -- while I love the water bottle, I dropped mine (once), landing on the lid, and it immediately split and broke. I get that a 40-ounce water bottle is heavy when full, and that the forces in play are challenging. But I'd highly recommend taking a look at other plastics and/or designs. Build a cap designed for a waist-height fall, for, say, 2-3 falls before failure. Gravity and water weight are constants -- deal with them in design, and I'll gladly pay an extra buck or two :-) Bottle, great. Lid, notsomuch.

Posted by E on 01/09/2015

2 Star Rating

Cap is poorly made

Cap is garbage. Shattered after it slipped out of a pack and dropped 3 feet.

Posted by David on 01/08/2015

1 Star Rating

cap broke after only 3 weeks

I baught this water bottle and thought it was awesome at first. But then the bottle fell off my bag. Maybe 2 ft off the ground and the cap cracked and all of my cold water came gushing out. Excellent water bottle terrible cap design.

Posted by Herb on 01/06/2015

4 Star Rating

Fixing the vacuum seal problem.

So far I've been careful with my cap and it works like a charm. I see that some have been struggling with the lid sometimes not opening. This happens when there's too much liquid in the bottle. You'll notice that when there's too much liquid in the bottle and you try to unscrew it, one side will fall back down first, then after a bit more twisting, the other side will fall down. This can be fixed by unscrewing it all the way until right before the first side of the cap falls down. Without twisting it, get a good leverage on both sides of the cap and pull up. With a bit of exertion, you'll raise it up. Great cap!

Posted by Frustrated on 12/23/2014

1 Star Rating

Cheap Plastic

Folks- these aren't exactly inexpensive flasks. How about looking into better quality materials for your caps? Both the flip top and flat cap plastic cracks or shatters when subjected to minor impact. I've had to replace 3 flat caps and 2 flip tops and now I need to order them again.

Posted by Rich on 12/16/2014

2 Star Rating

First fall, first broken cap.

I've had my 64 oz. bottle for almost 2 years. Brought it back and forth to work, a few fishing trips, with nothing but good things to say. Maybe I'm a little cautious with my possessions, but until now it has never fallen. Well, after being knocked off a 12" packing box with less than an inch of water in it, I was more than surprised to see water pouring out of the now broken cap. After reading all of these reviews, I guess I shouldn't be.

Posted by SofaKing on 12/12/2014

2 Star Rating

The weakest link of the hydroflask water bottle

I have had a hydroflask for over two years and I have gone through way too many of these lids. The bottle itself is great and indestructible. But the lid will break over time. They need to redesign the lid so that it does not break under normal usage. Things that go wrong with the lid: carrying loop breaks because it gets carried too much, rubber ring becomes too loose and makes it difficult to open lid, the system that secures the loop to the lid can also become loose and break off over time, and finally the entire lid is too easy to break should the bottle fall and land on the lid.

Posted by Chris on 12/09/2014

4 Star Rating

Yep, creates a vacuum. but wait..

Yes, these lids create a vacuum. But I've found it only does it when you fill the liquid level up to where it meets the depth of this cap. So leave a little space in there and it's not a problem. Flasks are awesome.

Posted by Pacific Northwest on 12/05/2014

1 Star Rating

Creates vacuum and cap won't come off

Same as another reviewer. I have only used it with cold coffee so far but it often creates a vacuum and keeps the cap from unscrewing all the way. I have to forcefully pull the cap up to open. They are replacing the cap but after so much feedback about cap issues they better get a better one out asap because they are great flasks, but useless if the cap always needs replaced.

Posted by Essence on 11/22/2014

1 Star Rating

Complications - a what!!!!

These caps are great at first. Then all of a sudden you can't open your hydro! You keep twisting and the cap slams back into the lowest position. I figure it's the pressure of cold air pulling it closed. What a waste. Cause it truly does keep the ice for an extended time allowing cold beverages when you need it. However, how can you access your cold drink if the damn cap can't release properly!!!

Posted by Andrew on 11/06/2014

1 Star Rating

Great bottle, cap Needs changing

Please change the cap. I would purchase another cap in a heartbeat if it was reinforced and updated but as of now I have to treat this as my baby so the strap doesn't break again and damage my bottle :(

Posted by Jacob Moore on 10/29/2014

1 Star Rating

The only flaw in an otherwise excellent water bottle

I have gone through about 6 of these lids in the lifetime of my 40oz Hydroflask wide mouth water bottle. The thin plastic connecting the lid to the bottle breaks very easily from normal use. I had one lid in which the top piece broke off leaving the two other pieces disconnected. On one hand, the company has been great about replacing the broken pieces for free and in a timely manor. But on the other hand, it's getting very annoying having to send it in so often. I use my water bottle daily, but am in no way rough with it. The bottle itself is still in perfect condition. I love the design, except for this one peice. I wish they offered a better replacement part. I'd even pay more money for it...

Posted by Courtney on 10/22/2014

1 Star Rating

Agree with other reviewers

I own several wide mouth Nalgene bottles but I decided to get a Hydro Flask to keep my water cold at work all day. I love that it does what it describes, but I have to agree with other reviewers about the cap. I have dropped my Nalgenes repeatedly from a variety of heights and never had anything more than some scuff marks on the bottle. About ten minutes ago, I dropped my Hydro Flask from a height of no more than 2 feet and the cap cracked in half right down the middle and poured water everywhere. I'll get a replacement because I love the bottle and paid a lot of money for it, but now I'm left wondering how many replacements I'll have to buy in my bottles lifetime? If Nalgene can make a cap that doesn't crack for a much lower price, I don't know why Hydro Flask can't do the same.

Posted by joe on 09/29/2014

1 Star Rating

part 2

ps I have gone through 2 of these lids already. I need my daily work bottle to not be out of action so frequently. I'm going to buy from a different bottle company so that I don't have to put up with having to reorder parts all the time. Not matter how cool I think your product is when it functions, it's worthless to me lidless.

Posted by joe on 09/29/2014

1 Star Rating

this lid sucks

they keep breaking. I want a stainless steel wide mouth lid that's durable. you drop your bottle once, you will most likely need to replace this dumb lid. Unfortunateley, for the wide mouth bottles, you only have plastic lid options so your stuck.

Posted by Will on 09/25/2014

2 Star Rating

Great bottle, junk cap

Just got the 32oz bottle yesterday. AWESOME bottle, kept my water cold all day, even in sweltering Hawai‘i weather. However, after a short drop of about 3-4 feet, the connector strap almost broke in half. It landed flat on the ground, not even hitting an edge, but there is a slice across the strap about halfway through. Very annoying as I use the strap to carry it. Bottle dented very slightly but still holding up. I will probably have to replace the cap. hrrmmmpphhh! Expected more from a $40 bottle!

Posted by javeth velarde on 09/25/2014

1 Star Rating

Wide Mouth Flat Cap

Was really disappointed on how easy the cap broke on my 64oz hydro flask. First the top screw just popped off while it was scrapped on to my backpack. Fell right on the cap and cracked. You would think the 64oz would have a stronger cap, but how wrong I was.

Posted by Scott Little on 09/21/2014

2 Star Rating

Good insulation but not rugged enough

The Wide Mouth Flat Cap works great when new and undamaged. My 64 oz flask has cracked three of them now and the big loop that goes around the flask broke apart once (I carry the flask with one finger using the cap loop). BTW, I made a functional repair to the broken big loop by drilling small holes near the broken ends and wiring the thing back together with fine, galvanized steel wire. In the latest accident the flask tumbled off a table and landed head down right on the cap, which completely shattered the top of the cap. The folks here were good about sending me free replacements but now I think I should buy some myself as probably half of my cap failures were due to abuse. So I'm here on the website ordering three new caps!

Posted by tim Smith on 09/20/2014

1 Star Rating

crap cap.. needs tighter threads

In my opinion hydro flask makes the best flasks and growlers on the market however the lids are inferior. The threads need to have a tighter tolerance and the cap cracks easily when dropped... I own almost every size they make.. please fix this issue....

Posted by Gail on 09/16/2014

1 Star Rating

Lousy Cap !

You guys need to create a durable cap. How lousy that the cap breaks so easily just because you drop it. The caps on the cheaper water containers you can get at Target for example are so much strong and durable and I have yet to see one break !

Posted by Lauren on 09/12/2014

2 Star Rating

Please re-design the lid

The attachment piece broke almost immediately, the gray rubber gasket on the outside stretches and makes opening the cap more difficult, and then after a few months of ownership I dropped the bottle about 4 feet and the cap cracked. Nalgene lids seem to fit and are more durable. Otherwise I like the product a lot.

Posted by Zach in Chicago on 09/10/2014

3 Star Rating

Could be better

Cap seals really well and insulates great. The plastic ring loop thing that attaches it to the bottle broke off in the first month. yesterday the cap smashed when I accidentally dropped it on the cement. Overall its pretty durable but I'm still disappointed that the loop failed so early.

Posted by Fred_A on 09/04/2014

1 Star Rating

substandard design and materials

the cap on this very expensive flask in inferior, it broke while tightening it.

Posted by Glen on 09/03/2014

1 Star Rating

poor quality cap

Wow, $60 for a growler with a poor quality, flimsy cap like this. After owning the product a 22 hours, the growler fell out of the car (at a stop) a full 18" inches smashing the cap and spraying $20 worth of beer everywhere. This tells me the whole product is not the high-end container its marketed (and priced) to be.

Posted by Peter on 08/25/2014

2 Star Rating

Wish it where...

In short I think the positive modifications to this design would be; if it was stainless steel, better insulated and had a more flexible rubber connector. The first thing to break was the rubber connector, the second thing to break was the top its self, Granted it sustained a (3ft) fall. It would be nice if they Itself had the same patented vacuum insulation as well as prevented liquid from coming in contact with plastic, c'est la vie. All in all it works for a while, but is the week part of an otherwise very strong product the ounce widemouth flask.

Posted by FGJolly on 08/22/2014

1 Star Rating

Crappy Cap!

I had the 64 oz Hydro Flask for a week when my soccer player daughter dropped it on the ground. The cap cracked and spilled all the contents. I had to go out and buy water for my soccer player! I would much prefer having a VERY STURDY cap otherwise it makes for a useless product! I am so disappointed -- especially since the Hydro Flask is SO EXPENSIVE! Too much money for such inferior quality. I try not to purchase MIC (Made in China) products as I have found many to have inferior quality. I will go back to my original policy.

Posted by Andy on 08/20/2014

1 Star Rating

crappy strap ruined 2 64 Oz Hydroflasks

The straps broke by themselves on 3 of my 64 oz hydroflask growler while sitting on a shelf. I thought that was strange so I went to the store and bought 3 more lids. That same day I went to my growler fill station to fill up my growlers with the new lids attached. I decided to carry them with my fingers hooked through the strap. Big mistake! Both of them snapped at the same time sending them crashing into the concrete. Denting and scratching the hell out of both of them. The only thing good was my girlfriend was carrying the 3 growler like you would a baby so no damage was done to it or my precious beer.

Posted by Eirk on 08/17/2014

1 Star Rating


my cap cracked while still fairly new. all the people with the same bottle at the construction sites where i work say the retainer tether is the first thing to break. ha. they were wrong in my case.

Posted by Emy on 08/12/2014

3 Star Rating

Seals well

But I gave it only 3 stars because I used my 40oz flask for less than 4 months the plastic the connects the ring to the cap broke. I made the mistake of holding the flask by my finger on the platic loop. I guess this is not sturdy enough to carry the weight of the bottle.

Posted by Jason on 08/04/2014

5 Star Rating

Had to replace mine BUT...

the warranty is amazing! So, the folks at Hydro Flask are mailing me a new one...NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I haven't had any problems with leaks and the plastic strap that connects the lid to the bottle finally snapped after almost a year and a half. Considering I take my 64oz Growler with me everywhere (Rucking, PT, Work) to make sure I have ice cold water with me, I'm really surprised that it lasted that long! I do wish there was a different way to carry the growler, other than that plastic strap, but it works.

Posted by Melissa on 07/31/2014

1 Star Rating

My Cap Broke Also

Same complaint as the others. Under normal use for less than 8 months the part connecting the lid to the bottle has cracked to the point it came apart. Great bottle, horrible lid.

Posted by Petaluma Dude on 07/28/2014

2 Star Rating

Cap problem solved!

Found out that a Kleen Kanteen lid fits the bottles just fine. Tested and confirmed. Very strange that the lid problem is not fixed. Oh well.

Posted by Patrick on 07/25/2014

3 Star Rating

Lid connector strap lasted almost a year.

I got a 40oz flask for christmas last year and it has been great. I've been pretty rough with it and the first thing to wear is the plastic connector on the lid. It started to rip and has two different places where it's almost ripped all the way through. I don't swing it around or abuse the lid so I thought it was maybe because it's hot as all hell in Phoenix, AZ and it doesn't take well to occasionally being left in my car during the summer days. Either way, there are no other options for a strap to hold on to so I have no choice but to replace it!

Posted by Jim on 07/25/2014

1 Star Rating

Need a better cap.

In order to get a proper seal (and not have beer foaming out of the side, the whole way back from the brewery), I have to screw the lid extremely tight. This makes opening it at home a real challenge - usually have to run hot water over the lid, before it will even budge. A metal lid or flip lid would be a vast improvement...

Posted by Matt on 07/23/2014

1 Star Rating

lasted 2 weeks

mine broke after two weeks. took a minor fall and cracked in the center. they should redesign this in Bend, Oregon and consider making it there too.

Posted by Toto on 07/22/2014

1 Star Rating

Leaking now ...

Would love if hydroflask just simply create a new durable cap design with new durable material. It will solve the only issue I found in this product. The bottle without the lid covers is more than awesome though!!!

Posted by Matt S on 07/16/2014

1 Star Rating

Cheap. Broke after my kid knocker over the 64 oz hydro flask

Very dissappointed

Posted by dan on 07/08/2014

1 Star Rating

Works, but not very well

I have gone through several caps for my 40oz which I love and use every day, however the cap is not durable at all. The attachment flap becomes very brittle in cold weather and breaks easily with the opening and closing of the bottle. I imagine the cap itself would break easily in cold weather as well if dropped. The small piece holding the attachment flap in place also comes undone on my current cap and does not stay on when screwed back in place. The lid also gets stuck on the bottle and requires a lot of force to pull it off because the sealing washer gets jammed in the threads. I would love it if there was a stainless steel option like that offered for the standard openings. The widemouth also requires some sort of splash guard; the one gyuot makes does not fit, unfortunately.

Posted by KW on 07/07/2014

3 Star Rating

Rubber cap strap doesn't last

Bought my wife a 40 oz. bottle which she loves and uses every day at work. She's had it for about 6 months but does not treat it rough. The rubber cap retainer is already split and in danger of breaking at any time. We are buying a new cap but are surprised it only lasted this long. Otherwise the bottle is awesome and we bought another for me.

Posted by Terrible on 07/07/2014

1 Star Rating

Defective design

The threads or something in this design are defective. The cap alway sticks and is very hard to get off as the threads slip and don't unscrew. I love the bottle, but the cap ruins it. I have to pull with great force to pop the cap off and my drink always spills all over me and all I've the place because I have to pull so hard and the pop when it releases is so violent. Such a shame. Glenn411@hotmail.com

Posted by Brandon on 06/27/2014

1 Star Rating

Change the material already!

First day of use, cracked the cap. . . . Really want to like this product but that is not the way to start out. Came on this website to send in feedback and found a ton of reviews describing this same issue. Come on Hydro Flask, just change the material and you will probably be fine!

Posted by Donald on 06/25/2014

5 Star Rating

No problems here!

Not sure if they improved the twist cap. I've rad all the bad reviews but my wife and I have 2 of the 40oz for water and the 18 oz for coffee. She likes the snap lid for the coffee but I've replaced my snap lip with the twist cap. Never had any problem. I'm pretty tough on these things, as I bring them everywhere, and I haven't had a problem. Had our flasks for about a year now. Was stoked when I bought em... Still stoked now. Cheers.

Posted by Bails on 06/15/2014

1 Star Rating

Crap cap

Use the 64 oz everyday at work. Rolled off a 9" high platform and cracked the cap.

Posted by Courtney on 06/12/2014

1 Star Rating

Wide Mouth Cap

Purchased the new 32 oz bottle with this lid. I have only had the hydro flask FOUR DAYS and the lid has broken! It snapped right next to the ring. I love my hydro flask's but I don't recommend this lid!!!

Posted by Ann on 06/11/2014

1 Star Rating

Poor quality

I must agree with most of you. I am not rough on my flask (which I love by the way) but the cap strap broke with very little use. I lam now forced to buy several just in case. I wish they would look into this because he flask is a great product.

Posted by Rick on 06/06/2014

5 Star Rating

Stronger cap?

I went through 2 caps in about a month. The plastic strap broke quickly because I was carrying it around by it. For the longest time they were unavailable on the website. Finally they came back in stock so I ordered another one, and it's been three months of putting it through the ringer, and it's still holding strong. I'm thinking they're using a stronger plastic or something to reinforce, but I'm not positive. Anyway, I'm happy!

Posted by Vance V. on 05/30/2014

1 Star Rating

Cap is poor quality, flask is great

This is the third cap to break in less than a year. less than 2 ft drop cap cracked, strap broke, top portion of cap where strap is attached came unscrewed, cap cracked again when I screded the lid on. I have only broken one nalgene lid on the same bottle i've had for 7 years. If I am going to pay 40 dollars for a water bottle it should hold up. the lid needs to be redesigned to that similar of a nalgene material. if not for the lifetime warranty I would have demanded a refund. at this rate I may still if these caps keep breaking.

Posted by Tricia on 05/21/2014

1 Star Rating

Flat Cap Lid w/strap

Seriously.... this had trouble written all over it. It is not just a screw on lid, strap broke. Plus it awkward when you first use the lid because the strap is stiff.

Posted by Jim on 05/03/2014

2 Star Rating


Love to flask however I was disappointed that the cap cracked in a drop less than 2 feet. I had just filled the flask, laid on the floor of my truck and I open the door and the flask rolled out landing on the side. The flask has a small dent and a cracked cap. I will replace the lid but have to admit spending 40 bucks on it the expectation would be for the lid to last longer.

Posted by Tyler on 04/25/2014

1 Star Rating

Worst cap

I can't begin to explain how bad these caps are. If it were not for the lifetime guarantee, I would have gone back to my trusty Nalgene and Sigg bottles months ago. These caps are unable to handle everyday use and crack and leak on a whim. My most recent cap cracked while just routinely twisting it back on, not over tightening, just closing it. I am shocked Hydro Flask has yet to revamp these.

Posted by Oscar Flores on 04/24/2014

2 Star Rating


I wish I had something different to say, mine at least lasted a couple months. My question is how would you replace this cap if the ring is fitted to the bottle, its not like it stretches, but that may be the answer, (Hydroflask...patent pending....)

Posted by Rich on 04/19/2014

5 Star Rating

Love it!

I'm not sure what the people complaining about broken lids are doing with their water bottles but I have been using mine for a year or so now, commute to and from work on buses and trains while holding the bottle by the lid strap and have never had an issue. In fact when I first bought my Hydro Flask I thought the strap was going to be a hinderance but now I depend on it! Great products guys and gals!

Posted by mary on 04/12/2014

1 Star Rating

breaks easily

Mine broke within a week. I love the bottle and I am a Nalgene convert...but I could THROW my Nalgene at a brick wall and it would hold up. This lid broke when it rolled out of my car. Offer a replacement metal option, please!

Posted by hiking mom on 03/29/2014

1 Star Rating

expecting more for what you pay

the title says it all.... excellent bottle but this is my fifth lid. Extremely disappointed HydroFlask can't make anything better.

Posted by Hiker/ paddler on 03/18/2014

1 Star Rating

Wide mouth cap

Really disappointed in the cap for my 40oz bottle. The bottle fell out of my pack from bench height and the cap cracked open - luckily the rubber band is mostly holding the cap together still. Then, after a day of hiking and opening/ closing the bottle many times, the plastic circle on top of the cap fell off! So, basically, the entire cap disintegrated after one day of hiking with it. As other reviewers have said, this is really disappointing considering the high quality if the bottle itself.

Posted by Phoebe on 03/10/2014

1 Star Rating

cap review

The thermos is awesome and keeps my ice water icy all day, but I've had to replace this cap three times now. The strap breaks very easily and so does the cap if the bottle drops a certain way.

Posted by Tiffany on 03/09/2014

1 Star Rating


I've had about 6-7 of these lids and either the strap cracks until it breaks or the top part pops off the lid. While I love that it seals perfectly and does keep liquids hot or cold, I can't look past how many times I've had to replace my lid.

Posted by Punk on 02/17/2014

3 Star Rating

Old ones great - new ones are not great

I have used this cap on an 18oz bottle for 16 months with no problems. I take it off the bottle regularly. A couple of times per day. That one is still going strong. A new one purchased with the same style bottle lasted less than 6 weeks. It snapped at the ring as others have reported. Disappointing.

Posted by ipictia on 02/15/2014

1 Star Rating

Awesome Stainless Steel Bottle, CRAP CAP

You've designed a great bomb proof insulated bottle. Stuff stays cold for days. But the cap is really weak. You need to design and offer an indestructible stainless cap

Posted by Matt on 02/14/2014

2 Star Rating


Great bottle but the strap part of the cap snapped in the first month under normal usage. Disappointed that such a nice bottle has such a cheap cap.

Posted by Adam on 02/06/2014

1 Star Rating

I Echo the Rest

So far this is the best bottle I have owned. But the cap is crap. I can't believe it is so fragile for a bottle that seems so robust. This was not on my the hood of my car.... There was no adverse trauma to occur other than a 2ft drop. An indirect hit at 2ft. Not thrown at the ground... It just tipped off a 2ft tall garden wall. SO, I wish there was another more durable option.

Posted by Erin on 02/01/2014

1 Star Rating

This top is terrible

I have had this water bottle for 2 months. Why would you incorporate a plastic top on a stainless steel body? It has broken twice already, and now I have to replace and they offer no better piece. Come on Hydro Flask, please offer us something else!!!

Posted by Bikram Yoga bottle user on 01/30/2014

1 Star Rating

This is a rating of the wide mouth flat cap

This is a rating only of the wide mouth flat cap for the hydro flask. The RING portion of the lid is not durable. I have the 40oz bottle and the 62oz bottle. The ring on the 40 oz bottle snapped 1 month before the ring on the 64 oz bottle snapped. The lid itself is durable and doesn't leak water, but the ring needs improvement. The bottle itself is sleek and can easily slip between hands while carrying so a ring or handle of some sort is helpful to tote the bottle around. Please improve the ring of this lid!

Posted by Mert on 01/28/2014

1 Star Rating

Great bottle but terrible cap

So far the best water bottle I ever had...but they need to improve the cap. Plastic part is not strong enough. Your's will definitely break too...

Posted by Jonathan on 01/20/2014

1 Star Rating

Just like everyone says, awesome bottle, but the lid is junk

I love this bottle, it will keep ice in it way longer than advertised. However any drop on a surface other than carpet from a height of more than 2 feet will shatter the lid if it hits first. You need to figure out a stronger cap. Knowing the tradeoffs required for engineering, I would gladly trade some insulation for some durability. I've never had to replace any Nalgene caps (except one that melted from the dishwasher element). However they will make it right and replace it, but I will be buying a second so that I always have a spare.

Posted by Wide Mouth Lid on 01/19/2014

1 Star Rating

Wide Mouth Lid

The bottles are awesome and well made but these wide mouth caps are terrible. The plastic used for the strap is brittle and tears easily. I have torn threw 2 straps already just using that as a handle to carry the 40oz bottle. They need to use stronger/ more durable plastic for the ring and strap.

Posted by Kdawg on 01/06/2014

1 Star Rating

Awesome bottle, terrible cap.

This 64oz bottle is amazing for anyone! Although, the cap is awful. Just carrying it and the strap broke 6 days in. Awesome 64oz bottle - terrible lid.

Posted by Sam on 12/04/2013

1 Star Rating

Great Bottle, Terrible lid

I have had my 40 oz bottle for little over a year and love it! The lid however not so much I have gone through 4 lids since I got my bottle. The straps breaks or lid shatters if drop from anything above 2 feet. It is major defect thank god for the lifetime warranty.

Posted by Jeanne Niles on 12/01/2013

1 Star Rating

40oz bottle cap

Love the bottle! Hate the cap! This is my 4th cap in 6 months. Leaking, cracking, and strap breaking. Bottle is expensive but it lives up to your advertisements. My water stays ice cold all day. In fact most of the time I still have ice when I get home from work. You should provide free caps until you figure out how to resolve the problems.

Posted by Lani on 11/30/2013

1 Star Rating

check your seal

Check your seal of your cap really before you put it in your bag. I had a slightly defective cap that didn't show any signs of leaking until 20 mins later when I took it out and noticed that many of the contents of my bag were sticky and wet.

Posted by M. Bunker on 11/13/2013

2 Star Rating

Please improve this cap

This cap isn't rugged enough. I've accidentally dropped my insulated Klean Kanteen bottle and it handles the beating well. This cap broke after one drop from a height of 2 feet. A real bummer. Now I want to order a new one and it's out of stock... wonder why

Posted by S. Townsend on 11/12/2013

2 Star Rating


Don't like that I've been through two lids in a few weeks. I bought this great bottle because I work outside in the hot climate. I loved it...until after three weeks the strap that connects the lid to the bottle broke. I took it back and REI gladly gave me a new one. That one broke in two weeks. I have had Nalgene bottles for 5 years that I would even freeze and those have never broken. Don't get me wrong, the bottle is amazing but the lid is sub-par. Really unfortunate.

Posted by cf on 11/08/2013

2 Star Rating

could use some improvements

the plastic ring attaching the cap to the bottle broke within a few days of purchase, and then snapped off entirely a few weeks later. after about three months the rubber grip around the cap began to stretch and slip out of it's groove. otherwise very happy with the bottle in general.

Posted by PortlandHiker on 11/07/2013

2 Star Rating

cap is definitely the weak point of a great bottle

I purchased 2 40oz wide mouth insulated bottles and absolutely am sold--wonderful product. However, in 3 months I've gone through 2 caps. On one, the lanyard snapped for no apparent reason and the other cracked after what I would consider to be a fairly mild drop. For comparison, I know my Nalgene lid wouldn't have broken under the same stress. Still a great product--just redesign with a better lid system and we'll be good to go.

Posted by Daniel Jennings-Kam on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

just what I needed!

This is just what I needed after breaking my lid! Hydro Flasks are seriously the most amazing bottles for keeping hots hot and colds cold.

Posted by PT on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Perfect replacement, easy to install

This was perfect when I broke the cap of my old bottle (it's very durable - I just dropped it on concrete multiple times - and despite being cracked, the grey rubbery seal around it still kept it from leaking). It was easy to remove the old ring and despite how easy it was to slip this one on, it still stays on securely.

Posted by joseph gallegos on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

awesome lid!

Fits like a glove .love it.I like that I can use it on all of my other wide mouth bottles

Posted by tomkat on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

flat cap

super cap just don't leave on top of truck and drive away then you wou't need a replacement cap they realy are strong

Posted by Janet on 06/15/2013

5 Star Rating

love it!

i love this lid! my drink doesnt spill even if i toss it in the diaper bag quickly...no leaks, everything stays hot/cold...LOVE LOVE LOVE i have 5 bottles total, 1 being a wide mouth with this lid

Posted by Jay in PA on 02/27/2013

4 Star Rating

The Perfect Lid...almost!

Just received the new flip lid for my 40oz wide mouth bottle, and it's perfect. I carry this bottle to work every day and have ice cold water all day. The reason my title said "The Perfect Lid...almost" is because the strap on the screw on lid was a perfect handle to carry the bottle by. If you guys could come up with a ring/handle that would work in conjunction with the flip lid, you would have The Perfect Lid! I currently have (2) 21oz bottles, (1) 40oz bottle, (1) 64oz Growler, and (1) 12oz food flask, love them all. They may seem expensive, but in reality they are a great value!