Hydro Flask Narrow Mouth Loop Cap - Narrow Mouth

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Need a replacement lid for your 18 oz or 24 oz Hydro Flask? We have you covered.

The Narrow Mouth Loop Cap is a leak-proof, vented cap that allows hot vapors to escape while closing the lid, ensuring a smooth and easy seal.

Perfect for everyday use, as well as the rigors of the outdoors, our caps aide in keeping your Hydro Flask contents hot or cold. The loop allows you to clip to a backpack or messenger bag and ensures your Hydro Flask stays with you wherever your adventure takes you.

Our patent-pending loop caps are made from polypropylene PP#5 and are BPA-free.

Posted by Justin on 08/28/2014

1 Star Rating

The cap split in half and snapped off

I just got my bottle a few days ago. When I was unscrewing the cap, the top half of the cap snapped off. It took a while to unscrew the bottom half from my bottle.

Posted by arbrick on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Fits perfect

factory replacement, works perfect. The only thing that would improve it wold be for it to not break like the last one did... The covers for these bottles are not rated to drop onto concrete from waist height.

Posted by betty patterson on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Loop caps (hydro-flask)

Great to have extra caps , if one is misplaced you can still use your bottle. These bottle are the greatest, saves on ice, fluid stay cold or hot much longer. Would recommend to everyone, great too keep one hydrated.

Posted by H. W. Sunkler on 09/24/2013

4 Star Rating

Replacement cap

If you need this, you need this. My son has managed to break two already so I hope this one lasts awhile.