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The Hydro Flip Lid is the instant conversion kit for Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks. Coffee, tea and other hot beverages are just a flip away and consuming hot beverages on the go is as easy as can be.

Like all Hydro Flask caps, the Hydro Flip is made out of PP#5 and is BPA-free. The lid features a flip-top opening with rubber stopper to plug the opening and help prevent spills when not in use.

Hydro Flask is now offering Hydro Flip Lids in four new colors along with the original black. The colored flip lids are a perfect opportunity to personalize your Wide Mouth Hydro Flask. New colors include Electric Blue, Banana Yellow, Limeade and Perfect Purple.

The Hydro Flip lid fits our 18 oz Wide Mouth, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz flasks. Please note that the Hydro Flip lid does not fit on the older style Wide Mouth flasks. To find out which style flask you have and whether the Hydro Flip will fit yours, check out the Hydro Flip Fit Guide.

Please note that the Hydro Flip Lid is not leak proof.

Posted by Meggie on 02/23/2015

5 Star Rating

No problems lid is great.

I haven't had any problems with a leaky lid, have dropped my water bottle at least 5 times and it has survived. I totally recommend!

Posted by Kelly Shephard on 02/05/2015

3 Star Rating

Better Than The Screw Top

This top is nice and you can open it without the vacuum buildup on the original style. The only problem with this lid (it's a big one for me) I dropped my bottle and the flip up portion of the cap broke right where it latches to the lid. I would think they could come up with something not so brittle that will still snap down. Until I get a new lid my Hydroflask must sit upright or it leaks water. One drop and the lid breaks. I guess they must not expect that to happen outdoors. The bottle itself though is the best water bottle purchase I have ever made.

Posted by Don on 02/01/2015

5 Star Rating

Sure are a bunch of whiney humans writing reviews..

I've owned and used daily my 18oz flask with a widemouth flip lid for the past year and half. With the 360 days of eternal winter we have in Vermont, it usually has hot tea in it. It has worked better than advertised the entire time. The best part of this cup/lid is that i can fill it up, screw the cap on tight, snap the lid and put it in my bag without worrying about spills. After 540 days of continuous use the snap lid is starting leak a bit when I shake/mix my tea. But i am not complaining, given an understanding of design and material life spans. Hydroflask hit the hot/cold reusable container ball out of the park. In my humble opinion.

Posted by Y0LLIE on 01/23/2015

5 Star Rating


There are plenty of negative comments about the lids. That has not been my experience. Actually I drink water with Crystal Light & ice. I turn my Hydro Flask upside down to shake it. Not once did I have a leak. My advice to those with leaking lids, make sure you have screwed the cap on tight and when you open the flip top to drink it snaps in place. No leaks people.

Posted by Kate on 01/17/2015

1 Star Rating

Lids are awful.

My original lid leaked everywhere - I learned later that the seal had not been included in my cap, and so I ordered a replacement and assumed I just had a lemon. I can't remember the exact number of days, but it took several weeks of waiting for the new lid, only for the flip lid to crack and break within a week of use. It no longer closes (annoying), so I can't use it. I re-ordered a new lid, but don't have a lot of hope for the new one. Bummer, this bottle was expensive. Will not buy again, nor encourage others to buy either. The actual bottle is theoretically nice, but my experience with the lid make the price not worth it.

Posted by Ted on 01/08/2015

2 Star Rating

poor design

Just got a 18 oz flask for coffee for Christmas. Love the bottle and hope warm it keeps my coffee. But I hate this lid. The rubber tip hits my nose unless I align my head perfectly, and when I'm near the end of the cup it's a real pain. The lid just feels too small -- it's upsetting because I like the mug itself so much.

Posted by Shaun on 01/08/2015

1 Star Rating

Please discontinue this lid!

I love the 18oz Hydro Flask I received for Christmas except for this lid! The liquid just pools at the top and eventually ends up all over my hand. This is a lid designed to be on a $4.99 tourist cup you pick up on vacation and is simply not worthy of the Hydro Flask it sits atop. I came to the website to find what other lid options I can get.

Posted by Brody on 01/06/2015

4 Star Rating

Low Liquid Flow and Leakage

I received the hydro flask for Christmas. I was initially disappointed because the lid leaked immediately. I pulled it off removed the gasket and then reseated it pushing it down well. That solved the leakage issue immediately. the next disappointment was that I could barely get enough coffee out of the bottle to wet my tongue. I resorted to initially drinking without the lid but then it is just a cup. I figured out that the air vent on top of the lid was not punched through the cap well enough so I grabbed a paper clip and rounded the vent out a little more. Now it works great, just needs a little better quality control on the lid before distribution.

Posted by JB on 12/29/2014

2 Star Rating


This may be the only questionable product from Hydro-Flask. I have a few Hydro-Flask products, and I am very satisfied with everything, except this lid. I think the main problem is that the lid simply does not allow liquids to flow well. I have used it a few times for coffee, and usually can barely take a sip; also, while attempting to sip, the liquid usually spills a little. I usually just have to remove the entire lid to drink the coffee.

Posted by Kay on 12/18/2014

5 Star Rating

Good enough for me

By reading the reviews, i must admit that it is true that the beverage can leak at the top after drinking. Except mine does not happen ALL THE TIME and the minor leak is not much to bother for. Is it maybe the way I drink carefully? I love it because it is very simple to use. You just pop open the lid, theres no detachment or twisting, it is very simple to clean, it conserves very well the temperature (I burned my tongue plenty of times! Hehe) and last but not least, it does not leak on all of my books in my backpack!

Posted by Anne on 11/24/2014

2 Star Rating

Needs a loop

Great idea but difficult to carry. Needs a loop.

Posted by Mike A on 11/23/2014

1 Star Rating


Love the container but the lid needs to be redesigned. The liquid pools at the top of the lid instead of going back down into the thermos and leaks. It needs to be fixed!

Posted by Colette G on 11/18/2014

1 Star Rating


The lid that came with my wide mouth bottle leaks. It doesn't leak when it is shut, but when you drink the liquid doesn't flow back into the hole and so it gathers in the top and then spills all over. This is not the case for the tops you screw in on the water bottles they are excellent.

Posted by Tina on 11/15/2014

4 Star Rating

love my hydro flask

I've had my first hydro flask with the flip lid since June. It does not leak, unless I don't click it shut. I haven't used it with a hot liquid, but it keeps cold water cold all day and depending on how much ice I put in, the ice stays frozen even when I refill the bottle. I wish they made a 24 oz or even the 21 oz size with the flip lid. I do agree with others that my nose touches it when I drink and does get wet.

Posted by Jenna on 11/14/2014

1 Star Rating

Experiencing Lid Disappointment

Hydro Flask, I love you so much. I've used your water bottles for years. They are indestructible, keep things hot and cold and don't have any after taste. I always recommended them to my friends. I just brought the tea with flip lid and was sorely disappointed. There is no way I can put my tea in my bag without it spilling. This is not a user error as I always try to close the lid. My nose also touches the lid when I drink from it. Please provide a leak proof lid!

Posted by jb2 on 11/11/2014

2 Star Rating

Could be better

I bought the flip cap because of the fact it would be easier to drink out of. I found that since I started using the cap I don't drink as much due to the fact the vent hole is too small preventing water to flow out. The cap is not insulated so hot and cold drink do not keep their respected temperature for as long as the regular cap does. I had my cap for about a month and dropped my flask from about 2 feet up and the cap shattered. I am disappointed because I liked the concept but I think it needs to be reengineered until then I will be going back to the original cap.

Posted by Tangie on 10/22/2014

5 Star Rating

As for those reviews about leaking lids!

When I set out to find the perfect water bottle I started to believe that I might as well be searching for a unicorn at the Humane Society! My goal was a container that held 32 ounces, was insulated, had a stainless steel inner wall, and a mouth lid or straw. Finally, I thought I found my perfect bottle with Hydro Flask, until I read all the reviews posted here. It appeared that my unicorn (Hydro Flask) had a defective horn (lid). Nevertheless, there were no other options, so I settled for a Hydro Flask. I am thrilled to say that I found my perfect water bottle and all those bad reviews about the lids leaking are deceptive, at best. The lid has a rubber gasket that seals perfectly and the flip lid has a double snap that seals the mouth and breather hole with rubber plugs. However, if you don't twist the lid on properly or double snap the seal, it will leak, but that is a user error and not a flaw in the design of these lids. So, if you left the window cracked open on your Mercedes, would you say that it leaked water when it rained? Probably not! As for the comment from the guy that says his nose hits the lid when he takes a drink, try the straw version, but drinking from this lid is no different than drinking from a soda can.

Posted by Mimi on 10/14/2014

4 Star Rating


love these lids . makes life so nice.

Posted by Phillip on 10/14/2014

5 Star Rating

cant be beat

I have an assortment of hydroflask vessels as well as other brands of insulated travel mugs. I have found the flip lid to be thebest lid on the marke. It is essentially leak free, it is not bulky and best of all itscheap keep up the good work hydroflask.

Posted by awc on 10/05/2014

4 Star Rating


This is a great flip lid. It doesn't leak and it's convenient to drink beverage through the opening. However, there are few things to improve hence perfect it. 1) We have six wide mouth flasks. I bought FOUR Classic Stainless ones, worrying other color paint can chip off. Now my family get confused who's bottle it is. Wish the lid comes in different colors. ( Local stores carry only black ones.) 2) It needs a loop, for easier handling and attaching to bags/belt/straps. 3) When I drink, the lid touches my nose and it always makes my nose wet. 4) Overall, great lid but I don't let my kids take these bottles for camping trips. They can easily loose these expensive bottles because there is no loop and they can not attach a carabiner clip to it.

Posted by JoPete Castro on 10/02/2014

3 Star Rating

PLEASE put a loop on this like your straw

I have been through 3 straws now, from cracking, flaking, and just smelling bad. I LOVE your bottles, we actually have about 5 in our family. This we be great with a carrying loop like your straw tops.

Posted by rich7 on 10/01/2014

1 Star Rating


The big mouth with a straw is much better than the 4. 99 flip lid.

Posted by ed on 10/01/2014

1 Star Rating

truck driver

I have bought this lid and also the lid with a straw and returned the one with no straw it leaks and don't keep things hot or cold like the straw lid !!!!!!. The bottom line is you pay for what you get. Hydro flask makes a great product but they dropped the ball on this cheap as lid

Posted by ed on 10/01/2014

1 Star Rating

truck driver

I have bought this lid and also the lid with a straw and returned the one with no straw it leaks and don't keep things hot or cold like the straw lid !!!!!!. The bottom line is you pay for what you get. Hydro flask makes a great product but they dropped the ball on this cheap as lid

Posted by John B. on 09/17/2014

1 Star Rating

Leaks like a sieve!

They do warn you that the lid is not leak-proof... but why bother having a lid if it doesn't prevent leaks? There is no rubber gasket on the inside of the lid as there is on the normal flat screw-top lid, so every time you drink from the flip top, liquid leaks into the threads and eventually runs down the sides of the bottle creating a mess! Also, there should be more of a barrier behind the drinking opening. Drops that don't make it into your mouth and don't run back into the container will roll backwards under the flipped part and run down the side of the bottle.

Posted by Wren on 08/31/2014

4 Star Rating

More colors

I would like to see caps in white, orange, red AND pink!

Posted by Chris on 08/28/2014

2 Star Rating

Air Hole in Bad Location

I own two hydro flasks and love them both. Absolutly no issues with the flasks. The flip lid is a great addition to the hydro flask however the air release hole frequently gets fluid trapped in it making drinking difficult. Hydro Flask should consider redesigning to prevent this from happening.

Posted by Dan B on 08/27/2014

1 Star Rating

Wish they would fire all Hydroflask engineers

All lids leak except the default one don't waste your money until this company gets more experience below its belt... Mean wile look at Starbucks drink containers for quality goods. I personally was much happier...

Posted by Brian on 08/13/2014

5 Star Rating

Flip lid

You should make orange color

Posted by Daniel on 07/30/2014

1 Star Rating


Leaks like a submarine. Don't think about tilting the bottle, at all or you will have a mess.

Posted by David M on 07/22/2014

2 Star Rating

Worked well for about 7 months

I drink mostly water out of my hydro flask and I purchased this flip lid for convenience. For the first 6-7 months, no issues, the lid worked just fine. Now- and I have noted some other reviews mention the same thing- the lid is no longer secure on the top of my hydro flask and liquid leaks out. I noticed that I don't even need to unscrew the lid to take it off now. I can just pop it off in a quick second, with very little effort. I hand washed my flask and lid, never run through a dish washer, so I'm confused how this could have happened. Upon examining the unit, it's most likely a wearing down of the plastic threading on the inside of the flip lid.

Posted by Deborah Wilson on 06/25/2014

5 Star Rating


LOVE mine! I use it everyday and get lots of compliments on the lime green top with my 40 oz purple bottle!

Posted by M on 06/22/2014

2 Star Rating

room for improvement

A few problems... 1) it's not insulated :( 2) when closed with hot beverages it starts to hiss after a few minutes. 3) the drinking edge lip could extend a little more so that one's nose doesn't have to rub against the flip lid when drinking. With hot beverages, the flip lid usually has condensation on it, which then ends up on one's nose. :( It would be nice to have an insulated, leak-resistant (or leak-PROOF) cap that perhaps had a button that you could press when you wanted to sip. The idea being that it would then seal when you are done with each sip. Flip lids are really too primitive for something as high-performing as a Hydroflask.

Posted by Tricia on 05/21/2014

5 Star Rating

Flip lid

Oops miss wrote?? Wish it came in narrow and standard sizes.

Posted by Tricia on 05/21/2014

5 Star Rating

Flip Lid

Works out well! Even my 7yr old likes it, which it came in narrow and wide mouth

Posted by Linda Young on 05/09/2014

3 Star Rating

Flip lids

I have been waiting 2 years for a flip lid for my 24 oz. bottle.? I bought 2 flasks, a 24oz and a 40 oz. Why is it taking so long? I bought my 24oz for use while riding my motorcycle, but it is kind of hard with out a flip lid and handling is impossible while riding.

Posted by am on 04/13/2014

1 Star Rating

Plastic Wears Fast - Lid Spills

I bought a pair of these caps to use with my Hydro Flasks and have used them with only coffee for about six months. And in fact, since I bought two and did a pretty good job of trying to use both, really each only has had about half as much wear in that time. Nevertheless, the plastic on one has worn down so much that the liquid readily rushes right out of the top anytime the bottle is slightly inverted. I don't mean a trickle, I'm talking about just spilling out of the top where the plastic stopper that sits in the spout has worn away. There's several millimeters of wear on both the plastic intended to cover the spout and the second hole for letting air into the bottle when drinking. Totally useless after only a few months of use with coffee, supposedly what it's intended to be used for. Not acceptable by any measure, especially for outdoorsy gear. If my gear can't even last a year, then it's not gear I want to be messing with. Fix this Hydro Flask.

Posted by LauraAZ on 03/17/2014

5 Star Rating

Best sport lid I have found

I recently bought the 40 oz hydroflask with this flip lid. I know the description says it is not leak-proof, but I have been amazed with how well sealed this lid is. The bottle is too big to fit in my car cupholder, so it typically rolls around the passenger seat on my way to work. It hasn't spilled a drop. I can hold the bottle any which way and it hasn't spilled yet. The flip part clicks shut quite nicely. In addition, when I open the flap, it clicks into place on the other side of the bottle. It's very well designed. Great bottle, great lid. I wish they made this lid for the 21 oz bottle.

Posted by Tiffany on 03/09/2014

3 Star Rating

It's okay

This lid is so convenient. I've had no problem with leaking or anything like that but it does not help the flask keep the liquids cold nor hot, like the flat lid does.

Posted by Maylily on 03/02/2014

4 Star Rating

Great lid

My flip lid leaked when I first got it but upon the advice of a friend who had a similar problem, I took a chopstick (a cotton swab or similar object will also work) and ran it around the rubber gasket inside the lid to press it in more snugly. The lid stopped leaking and I have had no further problems with it many months later. Now that it no longer leaks, I really like it.

Posted by Steve on 02/22/2014

5 Star Rating

Happy drinker

One of the best lids out there for my coffee. No issue with leaks and it flows fast! I was looking for a coffee cup that kept my coffee hot and this one does. Thanks

Posted by Flip lid leaks on 02/20/2014

2 Star Rating

Flip Lid Leaks

I have one of these lids that came with the coffee wide mouth bottle. Fits great and the mouth with the lid open is perfect BUT it leaks like crazy. Dont you dare tip it over at all or even think about shaking it unless you wanna wear your beverage. Now my coffee bottle is just collecting dusk in the cabinet since I dont usually enjoy coffee stains on my clothes. HUGE disappointment!

Posted by Marcus on 02/10/2014

3 Star Rating

Convenience at a cost

The flip-top lid is super convenient and I prefer it to any screw top lid. However, this plastic isn't the most durable - I've broken at least 3 of these in the last few months just from dropping them on the ground. I'll keep using these bc they are the most convenient but I really wish they'd make a flip-top lid that matched the quality of the flask itself.

Posted by koiato on 02/06/2014

2 Star Rating

Major Design vs Function Flaw

The lid is very convenient, good concept. However completely defeats the purpose of a Hydro Flask. The bottles are PHENOMENAL: keep hot for 8+ in bellow 0, ice cold for 12+ if left in direct scorching heat. The smaller the Mouth opening is the better insulation. Now, this Wide Mouth bottle lid does not fit & screw INSIDE the mouth opening like all of the original caps. Instead it screws on the outside and it has a thin plastic layer, that as any Hydro Flask owner will agree is simply convenient, but the lack of substance in the design will have your tea/coffee lukewarm in about 2h indoor temp and ice cubes simply melt by the minute.

Posted by Justin M on 01/14/2014

1 Star Rating

Warning: Do Not Buy! Breaks Easily!

I've had my hydroflask for about a month now and i've literally shattered 3 caps from dropping it from a height of no more than a foot or two. Waste of money.

Posted by Brad j on 12/25/2013

5 Star Rating

Great lid

Pretty much leak proof... and the great thing it fits my Klean Kanteen...I like the style of their bottles but hate their twist lid coffee lid and the fact that the hydro flask lids fit saves me from buying a whole new flask.

Posted by Patricia Gordillo on 11/03/2013

3 Star Rating


Are you ever going to have the wide mouth flip lid back in stock? It has been out for months this would be a great stocking stuffer

Posted by chickamonpie on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Best tops ever

My kiddos love these tops. I know they aren't "leakproof" but if you follow the thread to tighten - you'll never had a leak. we've used them for a few months now and they're still perfect. Try it.

Posted by Thaiville on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

More (6) PRO's Than (2)Cons

Bought this to eliminate the screw top removal for easy drinking while working or driving. I bought the 40oz Hydro Flash 40-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle and it does work but with the new designs on the market that are push button to drink while keeping fully sealed by Contigo is design Hydro Flask needs. ***PRO's** *Tight seal *Fits Easily *Price *Shipping (fast and free) *EASY to clean *Works well with Hot and Cold **Cons** *2 hand operation *Design needs update

Posted by sore feet on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Easy to drink from

I like this top better than the straw type. Its very easy to drink from and has a very positive seal when closed which does not leak if the bottle is laid on its side.

Posted by Paula M on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating


Free shipping was super fast (I don't have Prime). I ordered it on Monday afternoon and received it on Wednesday in the mail. This cap works just as I had hoped. It has a smallish hole which prevents splashes while drinking. It is leak-proof as long as the gasket in the cap is seated properly. I'm really happy with this purchase.

Posted by Charles Landess on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Love it

I live Az so you carry water all the time. I bought a large insulated bottle with a wide mouth so I could add ice , it was nice if you didn't mind a bath every time you take a drink. This lid tamed the beast an made getting a cold drink while driving down the road a pleasure .

Posted by Candice Snyder on 09/24/2013

4 Star Rating

Works really well

The flip cap is definitely the way to go with the wide mouth Hydro Flask. It makes it easy to get a drink without having to take the top off. The seal is very tight, so that if the flask rolls over, nothing spills out. The only negative I had was that after trying out the flask and lid with my coffee, I had a really hard time getting the smell of coffee off of the lid. I even tried taking out the seal and using bleach water, but I could still smell the coffee. So if you are going to use your flask for both, I would be tempted to have 2 lids and mark one of them coffee only.

Posted by Jason L. on 09/24/2013

5 Star Rating

Excellent Lid

I have used the Kleen Kanteen bottles for many years and have used their sip lids but have always hated the rotating closure mechanism. This Hydro Flask lid is so much simpler and easier to clean. It also gives a far better liquid flow compared to the Kleen Kanteen one. The fluid will flow out almost as fast as you can drink it. This is not a leak proof lid but it seals very well, again, far better than the Kleen Kanteen lid. Overall this is a great lid unless if you need complete leak proofness. I originally starting using this brand because of the larger bottle sizes available but will probably switch over even my small bottles because of this lid.

Posted by Jay in PA on 09/05/2013

4 Star Rating

The Perfect Lid...almost!

Just received the new flip lid for my 40oz wide mouth bottle, and it's perfect. I carry this bottle to work every day and have ice cold water all day. The reason my title said "The Perfect Lid...almost" is because the strap on the screw on lid was a perfect handle to carry the bottle by. If you guys could come up with a ring/handle that would work in conjunction with the flip lid, you would have The Perfect Lid! I currently have (2) 21oz bottles, (1) 40oz bottle, (1) 64oz Growler, and (1) 12oz food flask, love them all. They may seem expensive, but in reality they are a great value!

Posted by Janet on 09/05/2013

5 Star Rating

love it!

i love this lid! my drink doesn't spill even if i toss it in the diaper bag quickly...no leaks, everything stays hot/cold...LOVE LOVE LOVE i have 5 bottles total, 1 being a wide mouth with this lid