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Customers now have an additional cap option for their Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks.

The new Hydro Flask Straw Lid is an easy to use flip straw designed with a high-flow rate and a durable rubber coating to withstand bite marks. It comes with two separate straws that can be cut to fit your Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks and has a convenient finger loop so you can clip your bottle while on the go. The Straw Lid is top-rack dishwasher safe and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Straw Cut Guide: Remove 2.5" off the straw on the 18 oz wide, 1.5" on the 32 oz, just a hair on the 40 oz, and one inch off for the 64 oz.

Like all Hydro Flask products, the Straw Lid is both BPA and toxin free. The Straw Lid fits the wide 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks. Please note that the Hydro Straw lid does not fit on the older style Wide Mouth flasks. To find out which style flask you have and whether the Hydro Straw Lid will fit yours, check out the Wide Mouth Fit Guide.

Please note that the Wide Mouth Straw Lid is not leak proof.

Posted by Shannon on 01/27/2015

2 Star Rating

Why not sell replacement mouth piece?

I have 2 problems. #1: The product description refers to the mouth piece as "a durable rubber coating to withstand bite marks" which it is NOT. Not only is it not a coating, it is not able to withstand biting. Problem #2: I have a 5 year old boy. I've already bought two of these lids, and he promised not to chew, but that only lasted about a month. So here I am looking for a third replacement. You've got to be *&$#ing joking that you don't sell packs of multiple mouth pieces. Good old America. Just toss it right? I'd rather not, and now I'm going to have a stockpile of parts. Pretty ticked that I need to purchase a whole new set up just for the 25 cent piece :( I mean I love these bottles, don't get me wrong! I'm just in disbelief that I'll be in it $21 for the flippin' lid alone. This one's coming outta his piggy bank, perhaps that will teach him it's not a chew toy?!

Posted by SDR on 01/09/2015

1 Star Rating

Great idea, poorly built.

Short fall to a carpeted floor cracked plastic and now the lead leaks. Love your bottles; please build these better and take care of the customers having problems.

Posted by Jody Plucheck on 01/08/2015

1 Star Rating


I had my straw lid for about a week before the rubber started falling apart leaving pieces everywhere including my mouth. Disgusting!!!!!

Posted by devlynhawaii on 12/30/2014

5 Star Rating

Denture Cleaner for Caps Works

I've had my straw cap for more than a month now and have not had any issues with lingering smell or mold. I actually worried about the mold because I happen to live in a very humid part of Oahu. We own several Hydroflasks and wash/air dry our lids and flasks at least every other day. Also, once a week or so, fill the sink with water and soak all the flasks and lids with several generic denture cleaner tabs (no flavor), making sure to clean each lid's gasket. I follow up with another quick soap and water wash. Given that the denture tabs are antibacterial, I'm sure they help keep mold at bay, but obviously, I can't prove it. But they definitely help with any lingering coffee/latte odors. Hope others can find this useful!

Posted by Lucia on 12/21/2014

1 Star Rating


The idea of this lid was a superb idea but, it didn't fit my 40oz. wide mouth. It does NOT lock on the mouth. If you push just a little more to secure it better, it slides loose having to have to close again not knowing when to stop because I can't tell where to stop turning and I always go past having to re-close again. I thought that because the bottle was secured that I could carry it anyway I wanted to in my backpack but, it leaked in my purse and in my backpack all of the time. The worst part of it is, just when I thought I had it all figured out, I picked up my bottle from the finger post and the bottle went straight down to the floor splashing all the ice-cold water in it on my shoes and my legs causing me a great discomfort and a huge dent on my 40 ouncer. But, guess what....it happened again another day. Another big dent on my 40. However, the original lid that the bottle came with is perfect; never gave me any problems. I had to go back to the original lid. Still, I haven't had a problem with it.

Posted by allie on 12/15/2014

2 Star Rating

Same here....MOLD!

Love this lid but the mold issue and inability to clean it properly are a real bummer :(

Posted by John on 12/11/2014

2 Star Rating

Mold Mold Mold

I love the bottle, but this lid becomes spotted with mold within weeks. They keep replacing it under warranty, but it's impossible to clean due to the rubber design. It must trap moisture or something. We need a better sports lid, please!!!!!!

Posted by Britney on 12/04/2014

4 Star Rating

Great product, bad availability

After purchasing my 40oz bottle, I quickly realized the flat lid just wouldn't work for me as I was dumping more water on myself than actually drinking. (Plus, the loop on the cap broke.) It took quite awhile (several months) for the straw lid to be back in stock. Finally, I was able to buy it and was extremely happy...until I dropped my bottle on the kitchen floor and the lid, though appeared unharmed, would not work. Even after switching the straws, it wouldn't draw water through the actual lid. So here I am again, waiting for the lid to come back in stock.. Very durable water bottles, questionable lids.

Posted by JD on 11/28/2014

1 Star Rating


The mold issue kills this design - as well as Hydro Flask's healthy living mantra. If only there were a way to kill the mold that is extremely difficult - if not impossible - to remove from inside the spout. This lid is definite NOT worth the $6.99 + shipping I paid for it. Does anyone know if the lids are covered by the same warranty that covers the flasks?

Posted by CJ on 11/23/2014

5 Star Rating

Perfect for an iced up Growler

I take two Growlers packed with ice and water to work (I don't have an office job but need to keep hydrated). Before I got the straw lid, I had to lift the Growler up to my face and the ice would shift and cause the water rush out all over my face. Finger loop is also a great addition. Now the straw attachment is so popular that we take it on family outings, which is gross because my kids like to chew on the straw tips. But the lid gets 5 stars.

Posted by Rob on 11/21/2014

2 Star Rating

Functional but not durable

The first straw lid I purchased for my growler made a loud wheezy noise. Everything else was pretty good except for the rubber nub that sits under the straw when it's folded down. That nub would stick to the straw and I ended up losing it. My next lid was a flip-top, but it didn't flow very well with ice and it wasn't good at maintaining temperature (there was always condensation on the lid when filled with ice water. I bought a second straw lid about 2 months ago. This one doesn't make any noises, but it also has problems with condensation and the bottom of the straw seems to be getting moldy and stinky. I only put ice and water in my growler and I clean it often. I have noticed that the more I clean it (gentle cleanse with dish soap), the more it detoriorates. The straw lid worked well when I bought it, but it wasn't long until the rubber started to fail.

Posted by Julia on 11/15/2014

4 Star Rating

Great lid, some issues

I found the normal lid to be inconvenient so I bought this one. I love it!!! It has a couple drawbacks but overall, I drink more water with this than the screw top. Issues: 1. Straw falls off. Occasionally the straw will fall off and you have to put it back on. Sometimes ice can clog the straw too but all are easily fixed. 2. This is the biggest drawback. This lid sweats a lot and does not keep drinks as cool as the other lid. With the screw lid, cold is cold for days but with this lid, water is lukewarm by the end of the day. Usually doesn't matter because I drink 3 of these a day, before they get lukewarm. Overall, I love it and the ease of use outweighs the issues.

Posted by YZ on 11/12/2014

2 Star Rating

Only concept is good

The concept and design of this lid is great, with straw lid, drinking water from the 40oz bottle looks not that stupid. But, why not use other plastic material instead of rubber? I mean, seriously? I need to suck a rubber to get water....... Please hydro flask!! Other random branded bottle might not rock as yours, but their straw lids are way better than yours!!!

Posted by army7532 on 11/08/2014

3 Star Rating

Great Lid but

I had this lid for about a month. I like the concept, however, there are a few issues that need to be corrected. FIrst the lid does sweat. Second the little tiny rubber piece in the cap that allows air in the bottle while drinking came out and now the lid is of no use. I did not have any mold issues but if you wash after each use, which you should, there will not be any mold. Come on Hydro Flask fix these issues. This is the best bottle by far, just fix your straw lid.

Posted by PJ on 11/02/2014

5 Star Rating

Keep Good Care

Straw Lid is great! Note, Don't boil for too long, otherwise the flip straw will loosen up allowing you to suck more air than water. Although you can prevent that by pressing down on the straw while drinking, sucking in air wont be a problem. Soak the straw lid in white vinegar to remove odors. In a nutshell, keep caution and keep good care of the straw lid.

Posted by 4m Da HI on 10/22/2014

5 Star Rating


Got myself a 64oz and a 40oz Hydro Flask and it works great !!! I recommend everyone i know to get one.. Ive experienced the "mold" on the inside of the mouthpiece..but RESOLVED THE "MOLD" by boiling my cap and going to buy a straw cleaner from walmart in the baby section to scrub the inside of the mouthpiece.NOW ITS ALWAYS CLEAN !!! Also i am used to biting my straws and i do with my hydroflask but its not going to split or break or fall apart unless your chomping at it or let your kids chomp at it. I got 3 tips that will make it a good experience !!! 1.BUY IT 2.MAINTAIN IT (CLEAN IT THROUGHLY) 3.NO PROBLEMS !!! ENJOY IT !!!

Posted by Rustydog on 10/22/2014

5 Star Rating

Works great

I have not experienced any of the issues people are describing about mold or the mouthpiece coming apart. This bottle is used by my 10 year old everyday at school and home. Everyone know kids are hard on gear. I can only imagine that the problems people are having is due to abuse and neglect. Don't chew on the mouthpiece and empty and rack dry the bottle and lid every night and you should be okay. We have been using the bottle for 4 weeks. Great product we now own 4 bottles.

Posted by dave on 10/20/2014

2 Star Rating


I've had this lid for a while now, but as others have said, great idea minus the mold build up which happens after about a month of use. Please fix this problem. Great concept though.

Posted by Bg on 10/06/2014

1 Star Rating

Mold issue trumps design

First things first. The flip up concept is terrific. It makes drinking from a fully loaded 40oz bottle a breeze. Flow is great, and when you keep your bottle upright, it does not leak. Now to the real issue: the gray rubber compound on the mouthpiece is a breeding ground for black mold. I get that you need to clean your cap, but the inside channel of the mouthpiece does not come clean with a Mini bottle brush or with the use of harsh chemicals....which I should not have to use on a food grade item. I would love to hear the explanation as to why there is a mold issue with these lids. I wash my 3 lids daily and rotate them throughout the week. For reference, I drink only water from the straw Lid.

Posted by Tim on 09/29/2014

2 Star Rating


Con: I left my brand new bottle on the passenger seat in my car and noticed a pool had water accumulated around it. I was shocked. I spent almost $40 on this bottle (bottle + lid) and it leaks! I tried adjusting the lid and experimented with tightening and loosening but nothing worked. I figured this can't be right so I checked out the Hydro Flask website to find out what I needed to do to contact them and inform Hydro Flask of my "defective" product. I was alarmed when I read on the website that the straw lid is not leak proof! Riddle me this....Who in their right mind at Hydro Flask decided that it was okay to make a lid for a "High Performance" bottle that is not leak proof? I can imagine the engineer presenting his design to the marketing team...Engineer: "I have a great design for a lid but the only problem is it leaks." Marketing: "That's okay buddy. Designing a lid is super hard to do. We understand. We'll just advertise it as a leaky lid. People will understand." Pros: First, I like the rubber mouth piece its comfortable and it locks down nicely. The effort to lift the mouth piece up and down is perfect. Second, Hydro Flask provides two extra long straws that you can customize the length. Lastly, the ring handle is comfortable and appears durable.

Posted by Reiana on 09/17/2014

2 Star Rating

It's okay

This is something great to have but, sadly I'm slightly disappointed I find that my Ice Cubes melt quicker and my water doesn't seem to stay cold throughout the day. Fix this bug please?

Posted by Nick on 09/13/2014

4 Star Rating

Rip off the Rubber

I've had my rubber piece and I ended up just ripping it off. I actually prefer it off now that it's easier to clean and I don't have to worry about the rubber peeling off. Everyone complaining about the rubber piece should just rip it off once it starts peeling and splitting.

Posted by Jan on 09/07/2014

2 Star Rating

Straw is not durable

Our son has bitten into his straw in only a month. The rubber piece is soft and a hazard for children. I wouldn't recommend the straw, stick with the screw top lid.

Posted by Wil on 09/06/2014

2 Star Rating

Needs replacement rubber

The rubber piece on mine just started peeling and flaking away. Now I can't use it because I'm not ingesting that plastic. It's a great idea, but the rubber needs to be higher quality or hard plastic or sell replacements. It's great for the office because I don't want to take a shower at the same time I'm drinking out of the 40oz widemouth. C'mon Hyroflask, you can do better. Your bottles rock, don't be dragged down by a cheap piece of rubber.

Posted by Beth on 08/14/2014

1 Star Rating

It does not withstand bite marks as advertised and gets moldy

I really love the idea of the straw lid as it's more convenient when on the go or working out, but this is poorly made. The gray mouthpiece part gets moldy and smelly AND it does NOT withstand bite marks. My kids' own straw lids are full of bite marks/dents and my 2-yr old completely bit off hers within a month! It would have been better if that mouthpiece part is made of hard plastic. This is NOT kid friendly. I love my Hydro flask, but I wish they redesign this straw lid, SOON. Or for now, can we replace just that mouthpiece part?!

Posted by Angelica on 08/12/2014

1 Star Rating


First of all, I would like to say that the bottle (40oz) is awesome. Wide mouth bottle = easy to clean and easy to put ice. Water stays cold for a long time. 5 stars for the bottle. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the straw lid. I have gone through at least 6 straw lids in the past 6 months. the spout gets MOLDY and no matter how hard you try to clean it, it does not come off. Also, since I have purchased numerous straw lids, some of them have an awful rubbery smell/taste. Please, please do something about it. I absolutely love the bottle.

Posted by Brody on 08/06/2014

1 Star Rating

All after market lids

Both the coffee too lid and straw tops never stay on. They are constantly popping off with little pressure. Especially with an active lifestyle or active job. Love the idea of the tops. However they need to be fixed so that they are just as secure and the OEM one the bottles come with.

Posted by Hawaii808 on 07/29/2014

1 Star Rating

Unusable, Tastes like rubber and chemicals.

Waited forever for these to get back in stock. As it is I waited for nothing. The new ones are completely unusable, they taste like nasty rubber and chemicals. Complete fail by Hydro Flask.

Posted by KP on 07/10/2014

3 Star Rating



Posted by kolokoy on 06/24/2014

1 Star Rating

Doesn't insulate well and leaks

I've been using the straw lid for months now and I've noticed that it doesn't insulate well. Ice cold water doesn't stay cold as it was with the regular wide mouth cap and the ice melts right away and it has condensation on top of the straw lid cap. And it also leaks. The water bottle is great but accessory wise it's bad.

Posted by M on 06/22/2014

2 Star Rating

Room For Improvement

Nice idea and I haven't (yet) experienced mold on mine, however there is room for improvement. The rectangular opening is not the most comfortable to drink from. Oval, elliptical, or round would be easier. It might also be a little easier if the spout could go a little past 90 degrees (straight up) more or less. And I've also noticed that this cap doesn't tighten down on the bottles evenly as the other caps do. One side is always a millimeter or two higher than the side opposite. And it isn't insulated. :(

Posted by Char on 06/17/2014

3 Star Rating

Great item just needs a little work

I have three of these covers loved them but like others say it grows mold and starts to have a funny taste in it. I tried baking soda and vinegar to wash but donʻt work I ended up going back to the regular lid. I liked the straw one but canʻt handle the smell from it after a while. Although I love all my Hyrdoflask and I live in Hawaiʻi where it was first thought of by the inventor. Thanks we need these on our beaches!

Posted by Frank on 06/16/2014

1 Star Rating

straw lid

Of course it has a chemical taste... it's made in China and they are trying to kill us, be it economically or physically

Posted by Frank on 06/16/2014

1 Star Rating

straw lid

Of course it has a chemical taste... it's made in China and they are trying to kill us, be it economically or physically

Posted by Justin Crafts on 06/14/2014

3 Star Rating

Taste and Mold!

Absolutely loved the lid when I first received it, but after a couple months the mouthpiece not only has a strange taste to it, but it also has mold. As like the other consumers, I also have tried everything to get the mold out, but with no luck. Please make something that is easily cleanable and the ability to change mouthpieces.

Posted by Jill on 06/09/2014

3 Star Rating

Great - without the straw

I drink more water if I use a straw. Though I bought this lid with my bottle mainly for use at Bikram yoga, I was hoping to use it to get more water consumption all day. But, using it with the straw, I suck more air than water. I thought I had a defective lid but I saw on the reviews here that many people complain of this. So, I use it without the straw at yoga and it's great. Unfortunately, I'm using a different water bottle during the day, with a straw that works.

Posted by Toby on 06/09/2014

2 Star Rating

Mold Build Up

I've been through two of these and totally loved them until MOLD starts to build up. Please come up with a better straw solution that doesn't allow the growth of MOLD!

Posted by William on 05/31/2014

3 Star Rating

It's ok

Lid works pretty well, but sometimes sucks more air than water. (Not sure why, I checked the seal several times.) The biggest problem I have is that it sweats a lot in my bag. The sweating has damaged so many of my books and papers that I will have to discontinue use. The lack of exterior moisture on this bottle was a major selling point for me, so I question the quality and utility of this accessory. This lack of quality is especially disappointing compared to the excellent quality of the bottle.

Posted by SM on 05/31/2014

4 Star Rating

Love it but hope not to have this problem again

I have 3 different hydroflasks, each with a different lid and I love them. But, I did just fill out the warranty form for the wide mouth straw lid because it suddenly started to leak badly. It turns out the little rubber nipple that fits into the breather hole fell off without me noticing, and hence the leak. I hope they will come thru with their lifetime warranty advertising.

Posted by B . Walters on 05/25/2014

5 Star Rating

Best thing ever

I have to say I bought my Hydro Flask via Amazon. My 18 oz wide mouth came with the flip top lid as well as the regular lid. It worked great while at Disney. No leaks, kept water cold all day long. Yet when I got home from vacation the small gray stopper in the straw lid had come off thus causing leaks whenever it was tipped. Not a problem though thanks to the Lifetime Warranty. Contacted Hydro Flask directly and they sent me a brand new one. No problems with this one. I would, and will buy this product again.

Posted by Lyn on 05/23/2014

1 Star Rating

Sucks air

No bad taste. Sucks more air then drink. It's like drinking through a cracked straw. Does everyone have this problem or could mine be defective? I'll be returning it to REI.

Posted by TK on 05/15/2014

1 Star Rating

Bad rubbery chemical taste

YES! Like KS has already stated, there is a terrible taste and smell that I believe is coming from the light grey rubber portion of the sipping part of the lid. I tried washing it several times, even with scalding hot water and it still hasn't gotten any better. Terrible quality control.

Posted by KS on 05/14/2014

1 Star Rating

Chemical/Rubbery Taste & Smell

I bought 2 straw-lids, one for my kid and one for me. After trying it out, there was a very strong chemical/rubbery taste that kind of burned my tongue & lips. You can even smell it. So I soaked it in baking soda and water for a week with no success in getting rid of it. I am returning it. What is the purpose of drinking filtered water if you can taste the chemicals/rubber? With the history of China and the toxic chemicals they add into their products, I am not letting my kid drink from it.

Posted by JP on 05/07/2014

5 Star Rating

Great for a while - Update

The lid I referenced in my previous review must have been defective, because my new lid works great. I thought I'd give this lid another chance due to it's convenience. My new lid doesn't leak, fits perfectly and is everything I hoped it would be when I originally purchased it.

Posted by Amanda on 04/30/2014

5 Star Rating

thankful for straw

My kids have used these bottles daily for school all year. We have had to replace the straw lid but it is crucial. My daughter is in speech therapy and drinking with straws helps strengthen her tongue. The straw also prevents spills and dirty kid hands from trying to unscrew a lid!

Posted by JP on 04/18/2014

2 Star Rating

Great for a while

I was very happy with this lid and the convenience it offered for about 2 weeks. I went to put the lid back on after filling the bottle and noticed that the lid popped off. At the time, I didn't give it a second thought, but began to notice that it would pop off every time I tightened the lid. I babied it for a while, but now it will pop off with the weight of a full bottle.

Posted by MARIA BRAIOTTA on 04/03/2014

4 Star Rating

Great idea, but mouthpiece yurns moldy

We have three flasks with the straw lid. All three are used every day. After a couple of months, all three turn moldy on the outside and inside of the mouthpiece. Scrubbing does no good. Even soaking with bleach does not remove all the mold. It would be great if the mouthpiece were replaceable.

Posted by George T on 03/09/2014

3 Star Rating

I like the ease to hold my bottles with this lid but gets moldy.

I like the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid - Wide Mouth however it seems to get Moldy after a short time of usage. The rubber also seems to start falling apart around the ring where you can hold the lid from. Stainless steel lid in the future?

Posted by Anthony on 03/07/2014

4 Star Rating

Nice cap, but leaks when tipped

Overall, this is a nice cap. I picked up this cap after my flat cap cracked from a drop. I tried it with and without the straw. I like using it without the straw, since I don't need to worry about cleaning issues inside the straw. The only concern I have is the cap leaks through the bottom of the sipper and vent hole opening when the cannister is tipped over. If I use the straw and tip cannister, the vent hole leaks out liquid at a faster rate. I wish I knew this before buying it.

Posted by Racquel on 03/02/2014

4 Star Rating


Finally got my wide mouth caps with straw! This is the best addition to the Hydroflask collection ever! I have 4 flasks (one for each family member, two of which are small kids). Now I don't have to worry that the kid's juices will come back home untouched because it was too heavy to lift to their mouths! Now they pop the flip mouthpiece and drink! Very sturdy too.

Posted by Ali on 02/28/2014

3 Star Rating


Love the finger loop and the fact that I can drink out of it without taking a shower. There is a distinct rubber taste though. If it didn't taste like rubber, I would give it 6 stars!

Posted by Susan L. from Webster, NY on 02/26/2014

5 Star Rating


Just received and used the wide-mouth straw lid. It is perfect! I love my 40 oz bottle, but I have always struggled with drinking out of its wide mouth....(I've also had to replace the wide flat cap two times so far due to breakage...) This makes drinking so easy!...and the "finger loop" seems very sturdy and easy to hold on to. I would highly recommend you try this lid.

Posted by Gregg H on 02/03/2014

5 Star Rating

Icing on the cake (Or Bottle) :)

Seriously, I'm obsessed with my 64 ounce bottle--I go through at least 150 ounces a day. Now, with a straw, I'm elated! This straw is fantastic on my 64 ounce bottle. In the gym I do not want to unscrew the cap and tilt the bottle in between sets--I want quick sips. This straw makes it all possible. You can tell hydro flask has quality products, too. Lifetime warranty says it all. Now, Get your drink on, fellow hydros! ;) Gman

Posted by Selena on 01/26/2014

5 Star Rating

Great lid!

I love the straw lid. It is perfect for use during my workout. The flow is fast and I haven't had any problems with leaking. Great lid!

Posted by Russ J on 01/16/2014

1 Star Rating

Out of Stock & Don't Buy the G2V Version

Someone suggested that the widemouth straw lids from G2V would fit the hydroflask widemouth bottles. They DO NOT FIT! I purchase two lids from G2V and had to return them.

Posted by Disappointed...Still on 01/14/2014

1 Star Rating

Still no straw Lid!

As soon as I find another 40oz insulated bottle with a straw lid I'm getting it and never looking at another HydroFlask again! You have really stressed me out!

Posted by Andrew on 01/14/2014

2 Star Rating

Needs higher quality materials and more precision manufacturing.

This lid has so much potential. Mine worked great for about 2 months and that is when problems started. The little swivel section of the straw had become slightly out of place after many opening/closing cycles. This made it so the section of the swivel ball with the hole, didn't perfectly align with the other hole and air was getting into the mixture. The air greatly reduces the efficiency by only letting a small amount of water reach the top. I bought one for a friend also and the little rubber bit that sits under the mouthpiece to allow air in while drinking fell out within 2 days. I would GLADLY pay more than $6.99 for a higher quality, working lid. This new lid would need to be built with stronger materials that can withstand the opening/closing cycle thousands of times. The mouthpiece should also be removable so that the swivel section can be cleaned properly. As of right now, if you get sand in the swivel area, it's game over for your straw lid. The sand will get in there and grind the area where the holes meet up letting air in the mix again. If you try to pull the mouthpiece out, which I wasn't actually able to do, it will stress the little plastic arms holding it in place and again - this will let air in the mix. This straw lid could be amazing but the design needs to be revisited and better materials need to be used. I think a removable mouthpiece would be wise too for cleaning purposes. I have ordered a few of these to use as semi disposable until something better comes along. I hope Hydro Flask does something soon.

Posted by Ayub on 01/08/2014

5 Star Rating

Thank you, I love it!!!!!!

I received my hydro flask straw and I love it. Thank you

Posted by GPR on 01/03/2014

5 Star Rating

Just have to find it

The straw lid makes the 40 so much more manageable with the loop. Comes with two straws and works great. My new problem is over hydration. I add on thing and that is that the insulation of the straw lid is not the same as the standard wide mouth lid, so ice melts a touch faster. I always have to refill it before that happens so it doesn't really matter. Awesome addition to anyone's 40

Posted by Scott on 12/28/2013

1 Star Rating


Always out of stock! It's like this product doesn't exist anymore.

Posted by hflask4life on 12/24/2013

1 Star Rating


I have heard great things about this lid, but have never been able to purchase and i have been checking weekly. This is frustrating because i have three wide mouth flasks that could use one of these. Get it together hydroflask. We want the lid to be in stock.

Posted by Ayub on 12/23/2013

1 Star Rating


When will the wide straws will be available

Posted by Augusta on 12/15/2013

5 Star Rating

Love this lid!!!

This is the only lid that works great for me. It allows me to get a drink without having to unscrew a lid. Easy one handed access.

Posted by Stu on 12/13/2013

5 Star Rating

Love ours; they can be found

Hydro Flask customer service helped me locate some in August 2013. Call them for help. We bought 3 (for our 3 different wide mouth flasks) and we love them. Great addition to a great product. They are built / constructed just fine and I expect many, many years of service out of them.

Posted by kim on 12/13/2013

1 Star Rating


Still no straw lid? Really? I love my Hydro Flasks and really want the straw lid...So frustrated that I have ordered twice, only to have notice sent that they will not have them. PLEASE get these darn lids!

Posted by imac20051 on 12/10/2013

1 Star Rating

Still not in stock!? What!?

Thanks for the reviewers who mentioned the Camelbak bottles and caps. I've been waiting for months to get this cap! Can't wait any longer, I bought another brand cap but it leaks, I'm willing to try the Camelbak bite straw next since Hydro can't get this in stock...

Posted by Gaylynn on 12/07/2013

1 Star Rating

Will this ever be in stock again???

Wondering if this is ever coming back????

Posted by Heather on 12/06/2013

5 Star Rating

Love this cap!

I love this cap! I'm a teacher, so carrying my water bottle around all day and having to unscrew the traditional cap was a bit of a nuisance, but this lid cap has made it so much more convenient for me. I'm actually waiting for them to be in stock so I can order some for my family that I bought the 40 oz. bottles for.

Posted by Jack on 12/04/2013

1 Star Rating

Double Bogie

This product is poorly manufactured and it shows on the picture. It's no wonder why this product has been hard to get but probably all the better. This is not an easy mechanism to design and some of the better designs for this type of lid can be found from Camelbak and a company called G2V products. Actually, the G2V is far superior of a product but overall the capacity of their bottles is less.

Posted by Bobby on 12/04/2013

1 Star Rating

Wide mouth straw lid out of stock,

To all those who can't wait for the restock of this lid. Just buy the Camelbak, if not the sigg wide mouth straw fits perfectly too. Its actually cheaper to buy the whole bottle for both brands instead of the lid by itself .

Posted by Mark Hadley on 12/02/2013

1 Star Rating

Come On Hydroflask!!!

I purchased several of the 40oz bottles to give as gifts several months ago with the intention of purchasing the straw lid for them before I gave them to my family members! Very disappointed with the customer service regarding this item. I have written several emails, all of them answered the same way, " ...on the way, we had a problem with quality control". Come on guys...GIT 'ER DONE!

Posted by Charles on 12/02/2013

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Very disappointed in HydroFlask

Don't advertise a product that you not only don't have but won't have in stock. I own 5 or 6 Hydro flasks but this is ridiculous. The flip lid and a very long straw works fairly well but isn't a permanent solution. Hydro Flask owes customers an explanation. If you have time to fix your website then you should have time to fix this.

Posted by Sheri Muzzioli on 12/02/2013

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I LOVE my straw lid!!

When the manufacturer gets the design flaw fixed and these come back in stock...RUN, don't walk, and get yourself one. You will LOVE IT too!

Posted by Linda on 11/26/2013

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I LOVE my 40 oz hydroflask, but find it difficult to use while I am driving, without spilling it down the front of me. I have been waiting for 5 months to be able to order the wide-mouth straw lid. Are you going to ever have them in stock again, or have they been discontinued? Please post something on the website about them, as MANY people are waiting for this product. Thank you.

Posted by suckair on 11/25/2013

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running for fun

Very happy with the HydroFlask products until this disaster. I have waited several months for the replacement to the defective one I received in July. Only sucking air through the straw. Still waiting.....

Posted by Jody on 11/24/2013

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Great addition to my 40 oz Flask

For those of you waiting for a straw lid...find a store who sells Hydro Flasks and they may have the lid you want. I got my straw lid at a local groceries store who sells the Flask's. I looked online for one here at Hydro Flask and seen they were out of stock, so I looked up stores who sold their products. Great addition to my Hydro Flask collection.

Posted by Patiently waiting on 11/09/2013

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Straw lid

I too have been waiting for this lid. I also called and was reassured that it would be in shortly. I was advised to check back often. I love Hydroflask bottles. BUT I couldn't be more disappointed. Camelbak straw lids fit the wide mouth bottle....just sayin.

Posted by tienesamoa on 11/07/2013

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Since May

I called once a week for this product since the beginning of May. Every person whom I have spoken with assured me that this product would be arriving in 2-3 weeks. I have called for over 20 weeks and still the product is not available. Are you for real? Will this product EVER come back to be sold.

Posted by montbridge19@aol.com on 11/05/2013

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easy way to get the straw on!

these are great especially for children. so easy to get a quick refresh. and they don't wind up spilling -whatever- all down the front of the shirt. here's a tip - to get the straw on the cap, simply rub an extremely teensy bit of any cooking oil on the spout inside the cap with your finger. no nonsense like bending the straw into a permanent kink . the amount required is so small you really can't feel it on your finger.

Posted by Ross on 11/05/2013

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Never in Stock

I have been asking when this would be back in stock for over 2 (maybe 3) months. The last e-mail received, was the shipment had a defect. That was at least a month ago. Please do not offer if the product is not coming back.

Posted by kristin on 11/02/2013

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out of stalk

i have been tracking this item for almost a month now and they're never in stalk!

Posted by A. Houston on 09/23/2013

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perfect for kids

WE love that Hydroflask doesn't sweat and it keeps water COLD. I used this wide mouth Hydroflask for my kids and bought the straw accessory. The water is still cold at the end of the day after school. They are drinking more as a result. I love this product. The straw is key for kids and especially is a child has speech problems...helps strengthen tongue muscles.

Posted by K. Shaw on 09/23/2013

4 Star Rating

Early quality control problems, but a great addition if you like Hydro Flask bottles

First, the bad. I was one of the first people to order this straw top when it came out, and it shows in the quality of the product that arrived at my door. It's supposed to have two seals- one 'gasket' sealing the lid to the bottle, and another sealing up the vent hole when the straw is closed. My lid had neither, so of course it leaks like a sieve. Also, the fit between the straw and the lid was so tight that I couldn't get the straw all the way on. If this happens to you, shove it on about halfway and leave it overnight to stretch out a bit. The next morning you should be able to slide it on the rest of the way. Lastly, the flow seemed really restrictive (hardly the high flow rate the packaging promises), but it turns out that the flat straw end was simply getting jammed against the bottom of the bottle. And yes, the straw was all the way on. Easy fix, though- I cut a slash tip (basically just a 45 degree angle) into the bottom of the straw. Problem solved. Hydro Flask is a pretty solid company, so I'm sure they'll make it right. They're supposed to send me either a new lid or the needed parts once they get more of these in stock. I'll update here on how it goes. And I have no doubt that they'll get a handle on their quality control problems over in China. Now, the good. When all is working, it's a nice design. And this from a guy who owns a ton of water bottles with straw lids. It's easy to use one hand to open and close the straw top, it's got plenty of flow when drinking (remember that you may need to cut an angle on the straw), and it's got a nice rubbery coating on much of the lid. So it's easy to handle. They even coated the inside of the carry loop, which is a nice touch. Most companies just leave bare plastic everywhere because it's really cheap to do so. Also, remember that this only fits wide mouth Hydro Flasks. So the 18 oz, 40 oz, and the 64 oz growler (is anyone really going to use a growler as a water bottle that they carry around?). A little bit like Goldilocks and the porridge, the 18 oz. is too small for 40 minutes on a treadmill, and the 40 oz. is definitely too big for daily use. If we're lucky, maybe Hydro Flask will come out with a 26 oz. wide mouth bottle for this straw lid, which would be juuuuuust right (hint, hint).

Posted by Mixel Flick on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Works Great!

Lid is especially convenient at the gym when I want to quickly hydrate between sets.. Also works well when I'm in the care and want to grab a quick sip of water without worrying about spilling..

Posted by William Fraunfelder on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Great for any size Hydro Flask

We've used it with both the 64oz and the 18oz Hydro Flasks and are impressed with its' ease of use and washability, as it is in constant use by a big family.

Posted by c. gan on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Love it

Straw makes it so much easier to do drink frim.the 40oz bottle.. I have been trying to order more for family members but they have been Out of stock

Posted by L. Carullo "aako" on 09/23/2013

5 Star Rating

Best Buy I've Made in Years!

Got this for my wife's 60th birthday several months ago ... still being thanked as it goes everywhere with her, Bikram, beach, yard work, bedside ...

Posted by Matthew Hess on 09/23/2013

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Lovin' it!!!

Got mine a few weeks ago and it's great. No issues with leakage. Much better flow than the Camelbak bottles. Comes with two straws. The only thing I noticed, and it's not a major issue for me but, if the bottle is stored laying on it's side (such as in the bottome of a bag) the cap will sweat if you have something cold in it. Not excessively... I'm not talking puddles, but you do get some condensation. I have been drinking powdered "juice" (Crystal Light) and have noticed a little staining in the drinking valve from the liquid. Also not a deal breaker for me, but it's there. I have mine on a 40oz bottle and it's awesome. The straw is long enough to get almost every bit of liquid out of the bottle except for a small sip. Overall I'm super happy they made this and that I got it and the bottle. I had been putting off getting the bottle because it wouldn't fit a Human Gear CapCap, but now I'm probably happier with the straw cap than I would have been with the CapCap anyway. It's that good.