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Episode 1: Surf’s Up. Trash Out.

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When it’s five degrees celsius with relentless wind and rain, most people wouldn’t say it’s beach weather. But if you’re Hugo Tagholm, you say “Let’s Go!”

We joined the Surfers Against Sewage CEO on the coastline of Cornwall, UK, for one of their recent beach cleanups. It was one of over 1,530 organised coastal cleanups the non-profit organisation led in 2019. Throughout their 30 years of activism, SAS has actively campaigned to protect the oceans, beaches and wildlife all over the UK and has diverted more than 90,700 kg of rubbish from our oceans and water supply.

Lizzi Larbalestier and volunteers assisting with beach cleanup in Cornwall, UK.

Inspiring? We think so. That’s why we awarded Surfers Against Sewage with a Parks For All grant in 2019, and again in 2020. We love giving back to groups that celebrate the outdoors and protect the spaces we love.

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Let’s Go

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