Every adventure begins with two simple words: Let’s Go!Every adventure begins with two simple words: Let’s Go!

Every adventure begins with two simple words: Let’s Go!

Kid at the playgroundKid at the playground

Episode 5: Breaking Ground



Residents of Vine City view their West Atlanta neighborhood as a place that transformed history. Once the home of civil rights heroes Martin Luther King Junior, Julian Bond and Walter White, locals have fought to preserve the area’s legacy. When a severe flood devastated the neighborhood in 2002, many lost their homes. But this community took action and made their voices heard.

With the help of The Trust for Public Land, a stretch of vacant blocks was transformed into Atlanta’s newest crown jewel: Cook Park. This stunning outdoor space is more than a community greenway, the park is designed to capture and manage flood water. After spending the day at the park’s ribbon cutting, we were profoundly moved to witness the people of Vine City as they gathered, exercised and played.

Playground“We’re not gonna let the world forget. Because Vine City changed the world.” -Bishop John Lewis, Vine City resident

The Trust for Public Land was founded on the belief that every neighborhood block should have a park within a ten minute walk of home. Hydro Flask was thrilled to award TPL with a grant through our Parks For All program. It’s just part of the $1.9 million we’ve awarded so far.

Celebrate the history and the future of this historic place, and prepare to be inspired.

To learn more about the transformative work the Trust for Public Land is doing, visit https://www.tpl.org

Underwater divingUnderwater diving

Episode 4: Diving In

Florida National Parks Association


Biscayne Bay National Park is home to more than 600 species of fish, including 16 endangered species. It’s just one the things Hans Bockleman finds so rewarding about being a Florida National Parks Association Captain. FLPA protects the state’s marine waterways, while helping residents connect to the aquatic marvels both on and beyond the shoreline.

We joined Hans and an eager local family for a day snorkeling in the 173,000 acre Aquatic Preserve. Experiencing a park that is 95% water was a first for the Cardares family. Our cameras chronicled their deep sea explorations amid the tangled iconic mangroves, and captured the unforgettable beauty of this iconic tropical destination.

boat“It’s not just about providing a home for the fish. It’s about us. Mangroves protect our shoreline.” Captain Hans Bockleman- FNPA

“Being able to take people out there so they can see it, so they understand it and appreciate it, I know it changes people.” says Bockleman. We obviously agree. We awarded FNPA with a grant through our Parks For All program. It’s just part of the $1.9 million we’ve awarded so far to more than 120 nonprofit organizations.

See our grantees in action now. Dive into the film. No snorkel required.

To learn more about all the important work FNPA is doing, visit Florida National Parks Association