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What do you love about your favorite park? Maybe it’s a place to exercise, recreate, or just relax after a long day. Share your photo and story with us! Tag #WeLoveOurParks and #ParksForAll to help us celebrate our parks—big and small.

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Parks represent a place we can all go to recreate, relax, or be inspired. From urban park excursions with our family to national park adventures in the backcountry, parks of all sizes help make us healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. Parks for All is our way of sharing the love we have for green spaces, and ensuring these special places get the attention and protection they deserve.

Parks represent a place we can all go to recreate, relax, or be inspired. From urban park excursions with our family to national park adventures in the backcountry, parks of all sizes help make us healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. Parks for All is our way of sharing the love we have for green spaces, and ensuring these special places get the attention and protection they deserve.
Parks for All provides grants to non-profit organizations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, or providing better access to parks. Check out some of our recent grants below and visit us here if you're interested in learning how Parks for All might be able to support your non-profit.
Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Appalachian Trail is a national treasure and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is dedicated to preserving and protecting it. Hydro Flask supports the ATC with a 2019 grant of $30,000 to fund a vital canoe ferry which moves hikers safely across the rushing and fluctuating Kennebec River in Maine. Additionally, the grant will provide interpretive watershed conservation education in ATC visitor centers. Read more about the ATC.

Latino Outdoors

Parks for All believes all people, regardless of background or lifestyle, should have access to parks. That’s why we granted $27,500 to Latino Outdoors to expand programming, which will empower more members of underrepresented communities to access and enjoy parks and outdoor recreation. Vamos Outdoors (Let’s Go Outdoors)! Learn more about Latino Outdoors.

National Park Trust

In today’s digital age, more than ever, kids need access to parks. A $50,000 Parks for All grant will allow 50 Title I schools to celebrate Kids to Parks Day, impacting over 2,200 students. For many of these students, this will be their first park experience where they will enjoy outdoor recreation and education, creating park stewards for tomorrow. Learn more about the National Park Trust.

Survers Against Sewage Ltd

Beaches provide unique opportunities for recreation based on a truly global resource: the ocean. In all corners of the world, we need communities empowered to take action to protect this incredible resource. To help, Parks for All has granted $50,000 to Surfers Against Sewage in the UK to train and empower dynamic leaders to better care for the coastline. Learn more about Surfers Against Sewage.

The Trust for Public Land

Everyone deserves a park within a ten-minute walk from home. To help make this a reality, Parks for All has granted $50,000 to The Trust for Public Land to develop innovative pop-up parks in Boston that transform vacant land into vibrant, beautiful, and engaging temporary parks. These efforts during 2019 will spur cutting-edge park projects where they are needed most. Learn more about The Trust for Public Land.

Bruce Trail Conservancy

Parks for All celebrates Canadian parks with our $15,000 grant to The Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC), dedicated to the conservation corridor containing a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This grant supports the BTC and the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club in maintaining a very popular 103-mile-long section of trail, keeping it safe and open to the public. Read more about the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Cal-Wood Education Center

One of Parks for All’s goals is to grow diversity amongst people who experience nature. Our $12,000 grant to the Cal-Wood Education Center does just that. Through Latino Family Camps/Capamentos Familiares, Cal-Wood inspires and empowers Latino families to enjoy public land through a weekend of camping skill building, outdoor adventure, and family fun. Learn more about Cal-Wood.

City Parks Foundation

Today’s youth are our future, and Parks for All helps nurture a positive, lifelong relationship with the natural world for our urban youth. Through a $15,000 grant to City Parks Foundation’s Green Girls and Coastal Classroom programs, 500 youth from NYC’s low-income neighborhoods will learn about coastal ecology, urban forestry, water stewardship, and how to protect our ecosystem. Read more about City Parks Foundation.

Continental Divide Trail Coalition

The National Scenic Trails in the U.S. offer unique opportunities to connect communities, so we are helping fund both the Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s (CDTC) Community Ambassador Program and the Celebration of Diversity Along the CDT. Both of these programs will create an inclusive environment in the outdoors and inspire all participants to know and love the Continental Divide Trail. Learn more about CDTC.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

For those who thrive on the excitement of trail riding, you know the importance of well-maintained trails. Parks for All is showing its love for the joys of mountain biking by supporting the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance with $14,361 for its projects to restore two Washington trail networks: Raging River and Tiger Mountain! Read more about the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

Miami Waterkeeper

Parks for All loves our oceans and waterways, which is why Hydro Flask has granted $15,000 to Miami Waterkeeper, which works to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. The Healthy Blue Spaces project improves public access to Miami’s public beaches and waterways through improved water quality monitoring and increased public access to water quality information, among other things. Learn more about Miami Waterkeeper.

Pacific Northwest Trail Association

Trail maintenance doesn’t happen by itself—it takes countless hours of hard work by employees and volunteers of trail-based organizations nationwide. Parks for All shows its love for trail maintenance through a $20,700 grant to the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA), which will increase capacity for recruiting and training employees and volunteers, resulting in more miles maintained and more empowered trail stewards. Learn more about PNTA.

Parks & People Foundation

Gateway Park is a collaborative park creation project in a distressed neighborhood of Baltimore that is revitalizing a vacant site. By creating a high-quality park for community use, Parks & People is using its $15,000 Parks for All grant to set an example for similar disadvantaged sites across the U.S. Read more about Parks & People.

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

We love it when you can do two good things with one project! The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy will use a $15,000 grant to improve the quality of life for the people of Pittsburgh by restoring trails in Emerald View Park while simultaneously providing a workforce development opportunity for adults facing barriers to long-term employment. Learn more about Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Potomac Conservancy

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy clean water recreation. The Potomac Conservancy recognizes the importance of inclusivity, especially for minority communities that have been excluded from outdoor spaces. A $15,000 grant will enable authentic engagement of these communities in fun and educational paddle experiences on the Potomac, truly making parks for all. Read more about the Potomac Conservancy.

The Land Trust for Tennessee

There is nothing more exciting than the possibility of a new park! Parks for All has granted $15,000 to the Land Trust for Tennessee’s Mountain Creek Project, a collaborative initiative to transform 200 acres of forestland in Chattanooga into an outdoor recreation destination. The park will provide opportunities for locals and visitors, including mountain biking, bouldering, and hiking. Read more about the Land Trust for Tennessee.

National Park Foundation

An appreciation for the outdoors starts at an early age. Our $50,000 grant to the National Park Foundation’s Open OutDoors for Kids Initiative creates pathways for kids to enjoy, understand, and connect with nature in our nation’s more than 400 national parks. Learn more about Open OutDoors for Kids.

Trust for Public Land

Parks for All believes parks come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’re working with The Trust for Public Land to transform a vacant 9.25-acre property in Providence, Rhode Island. Hydro Flask’s $50,000 grant will support the creation of a multi-benefit adventure park that connects thousands of urban residents to the outdoors and a variety of untraditional athletic opportunities. Read more about the Woonasquatucket River Adventure Park.


Our coastlines are some of our most treasured natural resources. With a grant of $10,400, Parks for All will support an expansion of Nā Kama Kai’s program to strengthen environmental stewardship of Hawaii’s popular beaches by providing weekly cleaning, clearing, and maintenance of Nene'u Beach and Makua Beach. Learn more about Nā Kama Kai.

CA State Park Foundation

With 280 state parks in California, encompassing more than 1.5 million acres of stunning natural landscapes, the California State Parks Foundation has its hands full! Parks for All contributed $25,000 to their Park Champions volunteer program, to engage 1,500 volunteers in protecting and preserving California’s beautiful landscapes and vibrant wildlife. Read more about Park Champions.

City Parks Foundation

Parks need our support and advocacy, so we partnered with City Parks Foundation’s community building program, Partnerships for Parks. Our $25,000 grant supports and champions a growing network of volunteers dedicated to advocating for their New York parks and improving the surrounding communities. To learn more, visit Partnerships for Parks.


The best trails rely on great volunteers. Parks for All donated $25,000 to fund the PCTA’s Trail Skills College program, which provides stewardship education and training to the hundreds of volunteers who perform the major undertaking of the Pacific Crest Trail’s annual maintenance and reconstruction. To learn more, visit Trail Skills College.

Oregon State Parks Foundation

Parks for All believes spending time in the outdoors leads to healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. The $30,000 grant to the Oregon State Parks Foundation’s Ticket2Ride program will provide the opportunity for elementary and middle school-aged children in minority and low- to moderate-income communities to use the state parks for experiential learning. Learn more about Ticket2Ride.

Applachian Trail Visitor Center

Education keeps trail users safe, informed, and, ultimately, enjoying their surroundings. By funding the $30,000 expansion of the Monson Visitor Center near the ATC’s northern terminus in Maine, Parks for All will enable thru-hikers and day hikers to receive the information needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable final section of the trail. Read more about the Monson Visitor Center.

Pacific Crest Trail Skills College

Hydro Flask donated $25,000 to the PCTA’s Trail Skills College. Join us as we repair and maintain trail near Tahoe, California.