Unsere Geschichte

We make go-anywhere
gear that enables and elevates outdoor adventures.

Let’s Go!™

Outside is


The only thing we love more than spending time in natural places is sharing the experience with others. It’s our purpose and our heartbeat. Whatever you need to help you be outside living your best life, we’re in.

Our roots

Our HQ is nestled in a Pacific Northwest wonderland–Bend, Oregon. We’re ridiculously lucky to have always been surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes. It’s in our DNA. It shapes our products, people, and what we’re about as a company.

Simplicity comes first

Mother Nature is the best designer. It’s intentional, and the inspiration for our design. From product innovation to color, simplicity drives all.

Parks For All

Through our Parks For All program we are constantly finding new ways to get people outdoors and experiencing the positive mental benefits that nature provides.

Refill For Good

#RefillForGood is our rally cry to raise awareness and encourage people to make the switch to reduce single-use plastics.